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quinta-feira, abril 07, 2016

Teachers call for more guidance to help transgender pupils
Older staff are reluctant to help transgender students manage this transition Credit: Anna Huix

Supporting transgender students in schools
Schools are finding out how to ease the transition for transgender pupils

You’re rejecting God’s wisdom, deputy minister tells transgenders
Being transgender is equivalent to rejecting God’s wisdom in creating people in their specific genders, a deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs said today.

Coping with life in the wrong body
Mandy Leigh Jones is today living the life she has always wanted to, that of a happy, proud woman, comfortable in her own skin. But it has not come without profound personal loss and years of wrestling with the ghoul of gender dysphoria.

Catholic district makes recommendations on gender policy
The Holy Family Catholic Regional Division will allow some students to use opposite-sex bathrooms and change rooms under a new gender identity policy.

Even Orthodox Jews starting to wrestle with transgender issues
Here’s a riddle: If a transgender Jew shows up at an Orthodox synagogue, on which side of the mechitzah barrier separating the sexes should the person be seated?

Details of State Legislation Seeking Religious Protections
Lawmakers in numerous states have advanced measures this year that would strengthen religious protections for individuals, organizations or some businesses that decline to provide services to same-sex couple based on their religious beliefs.

Watch A Transgender Activist Debunk The "Bathroom Predator" Myth On CNN
Candis Cayne: "There's Been No Cases" Of People Exploiting Transgender Nondiscrimination Protections To Commit Crimes

Freedom for All Americans begins $1M transgender public education project
Today Freedom for All Americans, the national LGBT nondiscrimination campaign, launched the Transgender Freedom Project, a multi-year initiative aimed at building public support for transgender people and transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination protections. The launch comes on the heels of tremendous movement on nondiscrimination legislation often specifically targeted at transgender people: In recent weeks, anti-transgender bills have passed or advanced in North Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, while anti-transgender bills narrowly escaped becoming law in Georgia and Virginia.

Texarkanans to vote on anti-bias measure
Board OKs funds for June election

California Takes Another Step Toward ‘All Gender’ Bathrooms
While LGBT rights advocates play defense in Mississippi and North Carolina, an offensive play sees success in California

SF passes legislation requiring all-gender restrooms in city buildings and businesses
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today unanimously passed legislation that will designate single-user restrooms in the city as all-gender. The law, which was introduced in January by Supervisor David Campos, will go into effect in July. Similar statewide legislation brought by California Assemblymember Phil Ting also cleared a hurdle today, passing out of the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions.

Probation for trans woman in D.C. armed standoff
A D.C. Superior Court judge on March 18 handed down a sentence of 12 months’ probation for a transgender woman arrested last November for repeatedly firing a gun on the roof of a downtown office building that led to a 10-hour standoff with D.C. police.

‘Gender expression’ might gain protection in Hillsborough schools
The Hillsborough County School Board plans to add protections for transgender students and staff to its discrimination and harassment policies. The policy change, one of many discussed Tuesday, won’t be made official until the end of June after a public hearing.
Hillsborough school officials push for staff training on the language of gender identification

Students rally for transgender rights in Sarasota County schools
Transgender students and supporters rallied outside--and briefly inside--the Sarasota County School Board meeting. They're hoping to get the District to grant "trans rights," especially involving access to the restrooms of their choice.
Transgender students protest; board chair says district trying to accommodate everyone

Equality and Fairness Must Prevail in Illinois
Today, the Illinois General Assembly’s Human Services Committee advanced House Bill 6073, a bill that would move Illinois forward as a welcoming place for all people. Illinois House Bill 6073 helps transgender and intersex people get accurate birth certificates. The bill will be scheduled for a full House vote very soon.

Trans birth certificate bill to go to IL House floor
The House Human Services Committee, on April 5, passed a bill 8-6 that would allow transgender Illinoisans to more easily change the gender marker on their birth certificates. The bill now moves to the House floor.

Bosco discusses LGBT ordinance at city commission meeting
During the Manhattan City Commission meeting on Tuesday, commissioners and public attendees spoke of possible amendments to Chapter 10 of the city of Manhattan’s Code of Ordinances, which is about civil rights regarding prohibitions against discrimination.

Proposal would block transgender Kansans from updating birth certificates
Person would need to provide medical records showing gender at time of birth
Policy change comes as state faces lawsuit from transgender woman seeking to change birth certificate
No legislation required to enact policy change

Anti-Gay Hate Group Applauds Mississippi's New License to Discriminate Law
The anti-gay hate group Family Research Council wasted no time in taking a victory lap over the passage of a law in Mississippi that allows public and private businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians in the name of "religious liberty."
For Mississippi law, it's conscience vs. nondiscrimination
White House: Miss. ‘religious freedom’ law seems ‘mean-spirited’
TLDEF Condemns Sweeping New Anti-LGBT Law in Mississippi
Vicious anti-LGBT bill signed into law in Mississippi
Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Service Denial to Gays

North Carolina Just Lost 400 Jobs Because Of Its Anti-LGBT Law
PayPal announced Tuesday morning that it has abandoned its plans for a massive global operations center, which would have brought 400 new jobs to Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was unequivocal that the decision was made because of the state’s passage of HB2, a sweeping law that blocks cities from enacting LGBT nondiscrimination protections and mandates that transgender people use the wrong bathrooms for their gender identities.
PayPal cancels North Carolina expansion over discrimination law
NC Governor: Up to Companies to Deal With New Law
Durham school board to expand non-discrimination policy to include gender identity
Four North Carolina Universities Debunk Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth
Time Warner HB 2 Poll Asks Bad Question, Gets Bad Answers
Interfaith group of Charlotte clergy will work to overturn HB2

Hooksett tackles proposed school transgender policy
The Hooksett School District is the latest to consider a new policy aimed at addressing restroom and locker room accessibility and other needs of transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Governor Cuomo issues travel ban to Mississippi
Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order banning travel to Mississippi following the state's discriminatory law against the LGBT community. The law allows businesses and non- profit groups to refuse service to people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD takes fresh look at ’90s transgender murders in Harlem
Their murders were barely noticed, two transgendered women and a man who dressed as both sexes, slain within 13 months of each other in Harlem in the 1990s.

Rutherford becomes latest North Jersey school district to introduce transgender policy
Without any fanfare or protests, the borough on Monday night became the latest North Jersey school district to introduce a policy that aims to protect the rights of transgender students.

‘Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country’ spotlights gender-fluid athlete from Beaver County
When Abby Scott of Monaca was 2, she told her parents she was a boy. As she grew, she disdained playing with Barbie and learned to play football.

Protect transgender people, stand apart from North Carolina: Gov. Wolf
Gov. Tom Wolf is pressing Pennsylvania lawmakers to pass a stalled bill intended to ensure equal rights regardless of sexual identify or orientation.

Public debate in Pennsylvania flares over LGBT legislation
A fiery public debate is flaring in the state over long-stalled legislation designed to outlaw discrimination based on someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Tourism, TV production leaders criticize bathroom bill
Major players in Tennessee’s burgeoning tourism and television production industries are sounding the alarm about potential lost jobs over state legislation regulating where transgender people can use the bathroom in schools.

Group warns of backlash in Tennessee over transgender restroom bill
A national civil-rights group warned Tuesday that Tennessee could see the same kind of backlash North Carolina is facing if the state enacts legislation requiring transgender students to use bathrooms that match their sex at birth.

Being Transgender in Houston After HERO
When the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance failed at the ballot box last November, it didn’t just kill short-lived protections for LGBT Houstonians (as well as for 14 other protected classes of people vulnerable to discrimination in employment, housing and public spaces). Within Houston’s transgender community, there’s lingering pain from the way hard-right conservatives defeated the non discrimination ordinance – with TV spots of little girls being stalked in public restrooms, the lie that “bathroom predators” could use the ordinance as a cover for criminal acts, and the rallying cry “No Men in Women’s Restrooms.”

Tremper students rally for transgender student’s inclusion
Students at Tremper High School are protesting an administration decision to block a transgender junior from running for prom king.

Eau Claire school board approves policy to protect transgender students
Policies to protect transgender students are in the works for the Eau Claire Area School District.

[Costa Rica]
Letrero por género causa polémica en redes sociales
Un letrero, que en apariencia fue puesto en los servicios sanitarios de la Cadena de Detallistas Heredianos S. A., causa polémica en redes sociales.
En la imagen, se muestra la leyenda “Damas” a lo que se le adjunta un hoja que dice: “Servicio Sanitario solo para mujeres. Estas son las que nacieron con vagina… los hombres y los playos, usen el otro sanitario”.
Ofrecen disculpa pública por letrero polémico