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sexta-feira, abril 15, 2016

Fallece Shangay Lily, artista y activista
Shangay Lily, artista y activista a partes iguales, ha fallecido este lunes, 11 de abril, a los 53 años de edad. Con su muerte desaparece la que era una de las voces más críticas de la escena pública LGTB, con la que se podía estar muy de acuerdo o en franco desacuerdo, pero que sin duda removía conciencias y agitaba pensamientos. No dejaba indiferente a nadie, y para una figura como la suya ese es posiblemente uno de los mejores piropos.

[Middle East]
Should Arab Trans people seek Asylum?
Many Arab countries are suffering from the war, severe political crisis, poverty, and persecution. Consequently, many people are becoming refugees and seeking asylum in a safe country. Increasingly, Arab trans people, a small community in these war torn countries are seeking asylum to get their rights as human beings.

Police spit on trans woman, tie her to a chair for three days
Arrests at police and vigilante checkpoints, gay couple beaten in custody and now face trial for homosexuality

Bashing victim says "Stay safe, even around Newtown"
A young man who was bashed in Sydney’s inner-west suburbs on Saturday night says he was targeted because he was leaving a party wearing a dress and make-up.

Dark Universe album review, an audiobiographical story of transition
Dark Universe is a new album from Australian composer, songwriter, and guitarist, Jaime Page. Jaime recently spoke with Planet Transgender about her music and her transition. It is my honor to share with you a review of the advance copy of her new album today before it hits the shelves. In a word, this album is awesome.
Interview with transgender musician Jaime Page

House passes transgender legislation
In an unusual move, the House of Assembly unanimously passed two pieces of legislation Wednesday relating to transgender people, and gender reassignment.
Reassignment surgery not necessary to change gender markers on N.L. ID

Why The 'Bathroom Predator' Myth Is 'Straight-Up Right-Wing B.S.'
Media experts, law enforcement, and real live trans people explain why the fear of men "pretending" to be trans to attack women and children in bathrooms has no basis in reality.

Fox's Ablow: "Transgenderism" Paves The Way For “People To Declare Their Own Races”
Keith Ablow: “It’s Part Of The Denial Of Reality”

Trans in the Military: How the Face of Service is Changing
Few issues are as weighty as trans people serving in this country's armed forces.

Kasich 'Unfamiliar' With Ohio Trans Teen Suicide, Talks LGBT Rights
During a recent campaign stop in Troy, New York, GOP presidential hopeful John Kasich was asked about Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen from Ohio who made headlines after she took her own life by walking into traffic after her family refused to accept her and wanted her to undergo conversion therapy.

Conservative lawmakers drive backlash against LGBT rights
Year after year, South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright has watched as gays won more rights through legislation and the courts. And as he sees proposals elsewhere in the U.S. aimed at allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that conforms to their identity, he says plenty of people feel just like he does.

Cruz Endorser John Zmirak: LGBT People 'Fundamentally Dissatisfied With The Way God Made Them'
Conservative columnist John Zmirak, whose endorsement Ted Cruz proudly posted on his presidential campaign website last month, reacted last week to a controversial anti-trans law in North Carolina by writing a column titled “There’s a Bearded Trannie in the Stall Next to Your Daughter and You’d Better Learn to Like It.”

Lawsuit accuses 'men's' barbershop of refusing to cut transgender man's hair
An old-timey barbershop chain with locations in Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach has been sued on allegations of refusing to cut a transgender man's hair.

Local transgender woman says Transpo employee discriminated against her
A local transgender woman says she was humiliated and discriminated against at a Transpo bus station.

Transgender restroom bill in Kansas alarms LGBT student advocates
Proposal would require students to use restrooms at public schools that match their gender at birth
One controversial provision amounts to a “bounty” on transgender students, critics say
Legislation isn’t slated for debate this session

Louisiana transgender workers protected in governor's executive order
For the first time ever in Louisiana, a governor took formal action to protect transgender state workers and transgender people seeking state services from discrimination.

Charlie Baker booed off stage at LGBT event by transgender activists
Gov. Charlie Baker was the keynote speaker Wednesday night at an LGBT networking event hosted by Boston Spirit magazine at the Marriott hotel ballroom in Copley Place.

Pssst: Baker won’t veto a transgender rights bill
Business leaders in Massachusetts are turning up the heat on the Legislature to pass a transgender rights bill.
Senate leader wants vote on transgender rights bill

Maryland has a 25 page manual covering how to treat transgender and gender non-conforming students
Maryland teachers have a 25 page manual that covers how to treat transgender and gender non-conforming students.

Funeral home litigation turns on religion, transgender rights
Filings in case turn on how religious one has to be to claim a religious exemption

Transgender Professor: Boss Said My ‘Entire Life Is One Big Lie’ and Fired Me
Charin Davenport alleges in a lawsuit against a Michigan university that her supervisor and one-time friend lost it when she revealed she is transgender.

Dozens speak out on proposed guidance for transgender students, bathroom use
Emotions were high Tuesday when at least two dozen parents, students and educators weighed in on voluntary state guidelines recommending that transgender K-12 students be granted access to restrooms or locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity.
Transgender students beg MDE to stand by controversial proposal

Parents of transgender student file discrimination complaint against Nova Classical Academy
Parents of a transgender child have filed a discrimination complaint against Nova Classical Academy, a St. Paul charter school.
Parents file charge against St. Paul school, saying transgender child not welcome there

MN papers pan MN GOP’s anti-transgender bill
Newspapers around the state have been sharply critical of efforts by Minnesota Republicans to move a bill that would force transgender Minnesotans to use restrooms opposite their gender. At the heart of the debate is Republican notions of transgender people as predators, a false and dangerous idea that Minnesota newspapers took issue with. To date, no newspaper editorial boards have come out in support of the legislation.
Legislators, families take sides as Minnesota, nation debate transgender issues

Sharon Stone Cancels Mississippi Movie Shoot Over Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Law
Sharon Stone has cancelled filming of an upcoming project in Mississippi as a result of the state’s newly passed anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom on steroids’ bill, HB 1523.
The film’s producers informed Mississippi Film Studios president Rick Moore that the law was a deal-breaker for Stone.
Mississippi Gov Bryant: Critics of religious freedom law are “overreacting”

Ringo Starr cancels North Carolina show over 'bathroom law'
First The Boss. Now one of The Beatles. The protest against North Carolina's so-called "bathroom law" has attracted another legendary name in music.
Ringo Starr cancels in North Carolina over law
Laura Jane Grace, champion of transgender voices in punk rock, will protest N.C.’s bill by performing there
LGBT Pride Flags Burned Outside North Carolina Church
NBA urged to move All-Star Game over N.C. anti-LGBT law
Bank Won't Add 250 Jobs in North Carolina Due to Rights Law
More North Carolina Conventions Nixed Over Law
TLC@SONG statement on North Carolina Governor’s executive order
The Devastating Blow of HB 2 Will Not Be Fixed by the Band-Aid of an Executive Order
Family Research Council Statement on Gov. McCrory's Executive Order on H.B. 2
N.C. State Rep. Ken Goodman Stands Behind 'Bathroom' Law
North Carolina Governor Pretends To Fix Anti-LGBT Law With Symbolic Executive Order
McCrory signs executive order under pressure over anti-LGBT law
N.C. Gov. McCrory signs nondiscrimination order — with exceptions
Governor Wants Parts of North Carolina Rights Law Changed
Washington Post: North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Will Not Go Unpunished
Coalition holds meetings on North Carolina transgender law
WRAL News poll: NC voters conflicted over HB2
Birth certificates, bouncers at the bathroom door?
HB2 protestors block traffic in uptown
How Journalists Are Grappling With The Rampant "Bathroom Bill" Misinformation In North Carolina
HB2 Supporter Dismisses Corporate Backlash, Says Companies Have Been Lied To
Center for American Progress: HB 2 Could Cost North Carolina Over $500 Million
Media Document The Economic Cost Of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law
'Don't Be Mean' Beer: 36 N.C. Breweries Sign Up To Sell Brew Aimed At HB2
Asheville City Council calls for HB2 repeal
City Council calls for repeal of HB2, urges other cities to do same

Will religious group really sue NJ school over transgender bathroom policy?
As another New Jersey school district adopts a policy for its transgender students — allowing them to use the bathrooms and locker facilities that match their gender identities, rather than their at-birth sexes —what will be the next step for religious groups that stand in staunch opposition?
Toms River Schools' transgender policy under review

Santa Fe schools quietly adopt transgender rules for students
Santa Fe Public Schools quietly has approved rules to protect transgender students from discrimination, while Albuquerque district administrators are still working on a similar policy amid outcry over bathroom and locker room access.

Transgender culture war hits New York high school
A new front has opened up in the culture wars.

Library board tables transgender issue
The independent board that controls the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County was set to talk about offering insurance that covers gender confirmation surgery at their meeting Tuesday, but Board President Elizabeth Lamacchia tabled the issue when only four of the board's seven members showed up.

SC House leader says no time for transgender bill
Senate hearing on bill Wednesday expected to draw crowds wanting to testify
Spartanburg Chamber joins bathroom bill opposition
Uphold says it is leaving Charleston, but has little public footprint
Capacity crowd mostly blasts South Carolina 'bathroom' bill
Overflow crowd speaks out on transgender bill
Transgender People Say 'Bathroom Bill' Will Single Them Out
SC Transgender Bathroom Bill Draws Crowd of Opponents
Sheriff Wright defends bathroom bill comments
Opponents of S.C. ‘bathroom bill’ include transgender teen from Anderson

White House: Tennessee anti-trans bathroom bill ‘mean-spirited’
Anti-transgender bathroom legislation moving forward in the Tennessee state legislature is just as “mean-spirited” as newly enacted anti-LGBT laws in North Carolina and Mississippi, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday.
The Surprising Sexual Harassment Scandal Accompanying Tennessee’s Anti-Transgender Bill
Transgender Bathroom Bill Delayed Amid Financial Questions
Businesses Ask Tennessee to Kill Bathroom Bill

Transgender woman turns self in for questioning in deaths of 2 in Midtown
With community activist Quanell X by her side, a transgender woman turned herself in for questioning Wednesday in the deaths of two people killed in Midtown over the weekend.