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segunda-feira, abril 18, 2016

Impatience grows as Pentagon lags on trans military review
Transgender advocates are growing impatient with the ongoing review of the U.S. military’s ban on openly trans service, which continues to lag at the Pentagon.

Big business beginning to understand bottom line, support for transgender rights are linked: Teitel
Jennifer Pritzker — military veteran, philanthropist and transgender billionaire — recently donated $2 million to the University of Victoria to establish a chair of transgender studies, the first in the world.

How Transgender Bathroom Bans Are Rooted in the History of American Restroom Segregation
North Carolina became the first state to mandate discrimination against transgender people, including banning them from using bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity. The law guts other protections for LGBT persons. However, the bathroom segregation law in particular is rooted in troublesome fears about bathroom violence that manifest whenever America is on the cusp of social change.

Los Angeles Bans Official Travel to North Carolina, Mississippi
"We have seen both of these states pass legislation that betray the basic rights to equal protection and self-expression that all Americans are guaranteed by the Constitution," says Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Rauner meets with trans-bill advocates
Gov. Bruce Rauner, on April 13, met with advocates from Equality Illinois and AIDS Foundation of Chicago to advance a pro-LGBT equality agenda, especially with regards to two current pieces of transgender-related legislation.

Political strategists charged in Maryland robocall against openly gay candidate
Robocall highlighted Democrat Patrick Armstrong's sexual orientation and tied him to pro-transgender law

Bay City to support anti-discrimination ordinance, despite concerns
Despite concerns from parts of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that Bay City's proposed anti-discrimination ordinance lacks specific language and "best practices," the city is moving forward with its version that officials say protects all people equally.

Sunday Heartwarming: One Trans Man’s flight in fear from NC
Given all the awfulness of NC’s HB2, it’s hard to imagine that something good could result from all that hate.
ABC Spotlights A Transgender Man's Story In The Wake Of North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law
What It Feels Like to Be a Young Transgender Man in the Shadow of North Carolina's 'Bathroom Law'

Concord, other districts look ahead to potential transgender student policies
As a national debate about transgender rights unfolds in response to North Carolina’s recently passed anti-discrimination laws, a smaller conversation is starting to take place in New Hampshire’s school communities.

Harlem Transgender Woman Beaten Unconscious
Late last night on April 16, 2016, I (Transgender Woman, Jennifer Louise Lopez) was attacked by a person who had been making advances over my pretty appearance and wanting personal information about me. When the persons friend realized that I was a transgender woman, the friend started teasing the guy talking to me. The guy talking to me then balled up his hand into a fist and punched me in my left eye, sending me the ground face first. I was also stabbed during the attack.

Sex-change battle behind bars: Local killer wants the state to help with transformation into a woman
Katheryn Brown has been locked behind bars for 13 years for the murder of a Charleston woman, with little hope of ever going free. But she says her real prison is the male body she has been trapped in since birth.

33 El Paso businesses sign LGBT support pledge
More than 30 El Paso businesses and the El Paso chamber have signed a Texas group's pledge to keep Texas businesses open and welcoming to gay, bisexual and transgender people.