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domingo, abril 17, 2016

Bloco apresenta projeto para despatologizar a diversidade de género
O Bloco vai entregar na próxima semana no Parlamento um projeto de lei para que a transexualidade deixe de ser considerada como uma doença mental, reconhecendo, desta forma, o direito à autodeterminação de género.
Novo Projecto de Lei Pretende Despatologizar a Diversidade de Género

Police appeal for help and information about missing UK trans woman
Do you know where this trans woman is?

There’s a scene from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) in which the title character, played by Jim Carrey, is so disgusted with himself that he pukes in the toilet twice and has to empty an entire tube of toothpaste to brush his teeth. He then takes off all his clothes, puts them in a trash can, and burns them, before getting into the shower and weeping as the camera pans out. It’s a clear parody of scenes in dramas involving women who take showers after being sexually assaulted.

Liberty Counsel Admits It's Behind 'Bathroom Bills' Nationwide
The leader of the anti-LGBT legal nonprofit says he “certainly” wants “to push back” on the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling.

Shave the Date
A 2013 news story about a man filming in women's bathrooms was misrepresented as having occurred "last weekend" in 2016.

Cape Coral councilwoman exploring equal protection ordinance
A Cape Coral council member wants the city to expand its protections for employees to include the categories of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Rights ordinance proposal hits bias snag
Hundreds of Valparaiso residents are debating the merits of a proposed ordinance the Human Relations Council is creating.

Students protest transgender bathroom bill at state capitol
A legislative proposal that addresses transgender bathroom issues in state schools and colleges drew protests at the capitol Friday.
Students rally for transgender rights

Despite Dayton's ban, Minn. lawmakers say go to N.C. anyway
Nearly three dozen Minnesota lawmakers sent a letter to North Carolina's governor Thursday saying they support the state's recently passed transgender bathroom law.

Hutchinson schools relatively unaffected by transgender rights debate
A bill that would bar transgender Minnesotans from using restrooms and locker rooms that don’t correspond with the gender on their birth certificates has sparked debate.

Laura Jane Grace, vocalista transgénero dos punks Against Me!, protesta contra leis anti-LGBT da Carolina do Norte... tocando lá
A vocalista dos Against Me! diz que não quer desapontar os seus fãs, vendo o concerto como "uma oportunidade"
Joel McHale Makes Big Donation To Protest Crazy Bathroom Bill
UNC Republicans Threaten Transgender Student on Facebook After Calling Her ‘Mentally-Ill Tranny Freak of Nature’
Protesters Disrupt, Escorted From UNC Board Meeting
Cirque du Soleil Will Snub North Carolina After State Law
Market Boycott Due to LGBT Law Could Hurt State's Economy
Silver: NC Law 'Problematic' To NBA, No Decision On All-Star

As goes Texas, so goes the country?
LGBT rights battles now playing out in statehouses got their start in Texas

High school transgender issue crosses over to Virginia
Most students only need to raise their hand and ask a teacher’s permission to use the restroom. For Gloucester High School teen Gavin Grimm, it’s a bit more complicated than that.