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domingo, abril 24, 2016

Travesti de 14 anos que estava desparecido é encontrado morto em lago
A Polícia Civil e o Corpo de Bombeiros de Apucarana encontraram corpo de uma travesti no lago municipal de Novo Itacolomi, no fim da tarde desta sexta-feira, 22.
A travesti de 14 anos, conhecida como Luana Biersack, desapareceu no dia 13 de abril. De acordo com o delegado-chefe da 17ª Subdivisão Policial de Apucarana, José Aparecido Jacovós, três suspeitos estão sendo interrogados. "Um deles confirmou que presenciou o assassinato e informou o local em que o corpo estava, mas negou a autoria do crime".
Travesti de 14 anos é morto em Novo Itacolomi
Garoto de 14 anos é assassinado e jogado em represa
Corpo de travesti é encontrado em lago no Norte do Paraná
Corpo de travesti desaparecido é encontrado em lago
Bombeiros retiram corpo de menor travesti desovado em lago

At 12 I grew a beard and had a period
When Alec Butler was born in 1959 it was assumed Alec was female. But after being brought up as a girl, Alec - now an award-winning writer and film-maker - realised they were intersex, someone whose anatomical, hormonal or genetic sex is neither completely male nor female.

Children of any age should be able to change gender, says Green Party
The Green Party has proposed a law which would allow children to change gender, with no lower age limit or medical intervention before the transition.

Meet the four-year-old boy whose mum sends him to school in a girl's uniform
Emma Symonds says she still refers to Logan by his birth name and as her son, but happily obeys his wishes to dress in girls' clothing

[New Zealand]
Transgender New Zealanders face 30-year wait for surgery after only specialist retires
Community ‘desperate’ after departure of country’s sole specialist surgeon, forcing those wanting surgery to face lengthy wait or seek treatment overseas

Ryan refuses comment on N.C., Miss. anti-LGBT laws
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan side-stepped an opportunity Thursday to come out against anti-LGBT laws in North Carolina and Mississippi, although he cited the importance of “religious conscience.”

Transgender bathroom battle rocks Republican race
Cruz pounces after Trump suggests transgender people should be able to use whatever bathroom they want.

Donald Trump's Case for Tolerance
The Republican candidate’s defense of transgender bathroom accommodations shows how his approach to the culture war differs from the standard social-conservative line.
Donald Trump flip-flops on North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law and now says issue should be left up to states
Donald Trump amends stance on North Carolina transgender bathroom law

Conservative group boycotts Target after big-box store announces transgender bathroom policy
One of the country’s biggest retailers is facing a boycott after taking a side in the debate about who can go to the bathroom where.

Dr. Richard Land: Gender Activists ‘Practicing Psychological Child Abuse’ On ‘Our Nation’s Children’
In defending North Carolina's new "bathroom" law, author and theologian Dr. Richard Land said it is psychologically harmful to expose young boys and girls to transgender sexuality, and that "conditioning children" to believe that "chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal" is nothing more than "child abuse."

U.S. State Department Passport Policies “Absurd,” Lambda Legal Tells Court
Lambda Legal today urged the U.S. District Court in Colorado to deny the federal government’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit Lambda Legal filed on behalf of an intersex client, Dana Zzyym. The U.S. State Department denied Dana a passport because Dana refused to lie on the passport application form, and the form does not provide any gender marker designation other than “M” for “male” or “F” for “female.” Some intersex people identify as male or female, and some – like Dana – do not.

Transgender bathroom debate coming to AR?
It has become one of the biggest political fights in the country. And if one group has its way, we may see the battle over transgender rights and public bathrooms coming to Arkansas.

J.B. Hunt set to add anti-bias protections
Investors, directors OK amendment

Truth and transgender at age 70
A couple's journey through gender-affirmation surgery

Marion schools consider transgender bathroom ban
Marion County School Board members on Thursday voted 4-1 to restrict school bathrooms to students based on sex at birth and not gender identity. The resolution will be put on Tuesday's agenda as an emergency item.

Wave of bathroom bills has Florida's transgender community worried it's next
On a recent trip to the hair salon, Shannon McGuire had more than style on her mind.

Charlie Baker says pro-transgender bill activists are ‘really compelling,’ make a ‘strong’ case
"They’re compelling, they’re affecting, and they’re stories are moving. And I said they should continue to make their case, because I believe it's a strong one."
Charlie Baker expresses support for transgender protections

Two LGBT congressional candidates on Md. ballot
Two LGBT Democrats who are running for Congress will be on the ballot in next week’s Maryland primary.

Trans teen ejected from Cruz rally in Md.
A transgender teen was ejected from a Ted Cruz rally in Maryland on Thursday because of his gender identity, according to his account of events.
Transgender teen says he and his mother were removed from Cruz event

MI State Board of Education president urges support for LGBT students
Michigan’s Board of Education president has told policy makers and educators in Dearborn that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students should be acknowledged and embraced in school to help improve learning and life outcomes.

LMSD transgender policy moves forward
The Lower Merion School District moved a step closer to finalizing a new policy this week with a “first reading” with an eye toward the “gender expansive community.”

MontCo school adopts first trans and gender-nonconforming policy
The board of the Springfield Township School District in Montgomery County unanimously adopted a policy April 19 detailing how to make district facilities and services inclusive for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth.

Ambler pursuing LGBT-inclusive antibias law
A Montgomery County borough introduced an ordinance this week that would establish a human relations commission that recognizes 13 protected classes, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Bolivia's First Ever Transsexual Radio Host Talks Struggle, Discrimination
Tamara Nunez Del Prado has launched her own weekly radio show that highlights the problems faced by Bolivia's LGBT community.