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quinta-feira, abril 21, 2016

Jovem mata travesti no dia do aniversário de 18 anos
Homofobia em Uberlândia (MG): Jéssica foi executada com duas facadas
A travesti Jéssica Mendes Cavalcanti, de 24 anos, foi cercada por dois jovens em Uberlândia, no Triângulo Mineiro. Um deles puxou uma faca e a matou com dois golpes. A polícia investiga a homofobia: o suspeito teria afirmado que matou porque a vítima era travesti
Jovem mata travesti no dia do aniversário de 18 anos
Jovem mata travesti no dia do aniversário de 18 anos

The UK is now warning people about going to North Carolina and Mississippi over anti-LGBTI laws
Exclusive: Foreign Office policy changes to warn LGBTI tourists of going to the US, giving advice similar to Russia or Turkey

Trans Woman Laxmi Narayan Tripathi Loved at Lakme Fashion Week
Transgender advocate and actress Laxmi Narayan Tripathi graced the runway at India’s Lakme Fashion Week Runway Week 2016. Tripathi and four others stole the show by promoting the idea that inclusion matters using fashion as a medium.

First national survey for young trans people
Australia's first national survey on mental health barriers for young trans people will also speak to parents.

[New Zealand]
Trans star the face of women empowerment campaign
Transgender local personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is featured in the latest Kellogg’s Special K social media campaign, aiming to encourage New Zealand women to acknowledge the diversity and beauty of their bodies.

Alberta to study transgender surgery barriers before tackling years-long waitlists
'The first time my chest is revealed to me, I think I might cry,' says one Albertan waiting for 'top surgery'

ESPN’s Curt Schilling posts offensive anti-transgender graphic on Facebook page
As hard as he tries, Curt Schilling can’t seem to avoid being a bigot.

Civil rights commission says N.C. bathroom law jeopardizes physical safety of transgender people
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights this week criticized controversial laws that were passed recently in North Carolina and Mississippi and considered in other places, describing the measures as discriminatory and potentially dangerous.

Target says transgender people can use bathroom that aligns with their identity
The retailer's statement comes amid debates in legislatures in Minnesota and elsewhere.

After North Carolina’s Law, Trans Suicide Hotline Calls Double
Being denied basic human rights—like bathroom access—has life-threatening consequences.

Pat Robertson: Many Transgender People Are Frauds
Yesterday on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson said he was “simply appalled” by the negative reaction to North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, claiming that the law is “perfectly reasonable” and that it was passed because “we don’t want men going into women’s bathrooms, we don’t want predators going out where little girls are, we don’t want voyeurs having free access to the women’s locker rooms during games when they’re changing clothes.”

NBA needs to take a stand on All-Star Game controversy
Gina Duncan recently changed her cover photo on her Facebook page.

GOP activists push to revive Georgia anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ legislation
The number one thing on the docket at last weekend’s Republican district conventions was selecting delegates to this July’s Republican National Convention, but that wasn’t the only thing on tap. When they weren’t busy censuring Gov. Nathan Deal over his veto of HB 757, the controversial anti-LGBT so-called “religious freedom” bill, GOP activists were also apparently passing resolutions calling on lawmakers to revive the legislation—oh, and sideswiping Deal once more for good measure.

Reality Check: Would A Bathroom Ban Really Protect Women, Children?
Minnesota supporters of a transgender bathroom ban are not likely to get a vote on the bill this year.

Man conquers North Carolina's highest mountain and plants transgender flag on rainbow outhouse
Transgender flag now flying at North Carolina's highest point
ECU Faculty Senate unanimous in vote against House Bill 2
HB2 backer calls opponents 'social terrorists'
HB2 could end up costing NC public schools nearly $900 million
Court ruling deals blow to North Carolina anti-LGBT law
Greensboro Tourism Leaders: City Has Lost $6 Million in HB2 Fallout
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce calls for repeal of HB2
Duke leaders call for repeal of North Carolina’s ‘bathroom law’ on discrimination
No open dialogue on HB2 during Wilmington Legislative Breakfast
UNCW Senate passes HB2 resolution
North Carolina Activist Slams 'Social Terrorists' Opposing Anti-LGBT Law

AVP learns of an anti-transgender hate violence incident in Harlem
AVP has learned of an anti-transgender hate violence incident that occurred on April 16th, 2016 in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. According to multiple blogs, including Lexie Cannes State of Trans, activist Jennifer Louise Lopez was physically attacked by a man who was hitting on her, after that man's friends made transphobic remarks.

As James Dixon Given 12 Years, Islan Nettles’ Family Cries Foul
In an emotional statement in Manhattan Supreme Court, a sister of Islan Nettles said the 12 years that James Dixon will spend in prison for the 2013 assault that led to Nettles’ death was too short a sentence.
James Dixon gets 12 years behind bars for beating transgender woman to death

Transgender students face challenges from Columbia and in the classroom
His name is Luke. He's 16 years old. A sophomore at Ashley Ridge High School, he plays the violin and has a love for animals that he hopes will develop into a career as a wildlife veterinarian. He has all the challenges that go along with being in school — the tests, the homework, but on top of all that, Luke and his fellow transgender students face added worries that can arise anytime in the classroom.

Transgender bathroom bill likely to return in 2017
A South Dakota lawmaker who brought a so-called transgender bathroom bill says he still stands behind the measure and would help author a similar one for 2017.

NBC12 Exclusive: VA transgender teens speaks out after appeals court rules in his favor
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with 16-year-old Gavin Grimm on Tuesday in his case against the Gloucester County school system's bathroom policy.
Parents of trans children hope Title IX ruling leads to restroom victory
Locals react to court's overturn of a school's transgender bathroom rule
4th Circuit Revives Transgender Teen’s Title IX Claim Against Virginia School Board
Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen, says bathroom case can go forward
Appeals court rules in favor of trans student over bathroom policy lawsuit
Federal appeals court rules in favor of trans Va. student
Federal Court Tells Lawmakers To Shut Up And Deal With Trans People In Bathrooms
Federal Court of Appeals Rules In Favor of Transgender Student in Virginia Restroom Access Case
Fourth Circuit Court confirms: Title IX protects trans students from discrimination
Victory! Fourth Circuit Rules to Protect Virginia Transgender High School Student Under Title IX
Victory! Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Student in Restroom Access Case

School board retreat to include discussion of transgender, anti-bullying policies
The Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education is scheduled to discuss a district transgender policy and an updated anti-bullying policy, among other policy items, at a Saturday board retreat open to the public.