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sábado, abril 23, 2016

Próxima novela de Gloria Perez terá transexualidade como tema
Folhetim deve estrear em abril de 2017 e abordará ainda problemas psicológicos e amores impossíveis

UK Foreign Office Warns LGBT Tourists Travelling To The USA
The UK Foreign Office, which gives advice to British travellers, has issued new warning guidelines to members of the LGBT+ community travelling to the United States.

Nicola Sturgeon: We should help kids make informed choices about their gender and sexual identity
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has underlined the SNP’s commitments to LGBT rights ahead of next month’s elections.

Curt Schilling Fired by ESPN for Transphobic Posting
Curt Schilling denied posting this image quickly deleting it but not before Out Sports published a screen capture of it.
The very next day, NY Times reports (that’s today April 20th 2016) ESPN fired him for it.
ESPN Fires Former Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling as Analyst
Sarah Palin defends former ESPN commentator over vile anti-trans ‘joke’

Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor Of Trans Rights, NC Gov. McCrory Reacts
A true tipping point in trans rights. This could signal the end to the legislative backlash by bigots defeated in the marriage equality battle.

Youtuber Joey Salads Performs Transphobic 'Social Experiment'
A Youtube 'personality' called Joey Salads has caused controversy online following a 'social experiment', in which he dons a bad blonde wig and women's clothing and attempts to enter public bathrooms in an attempt to prove that anti-trans bathroom laws are needed.

Exclusive: Women, young more open on transgender issue in U.S. - Reuters/Ipsos poll
Transgender Americans may find greater acceptance in the future, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll that shows young adults and women more open to people using public bathrooms matching their gender identity.
Georgia State study: Trans students’ suicide risk significantly higher when denied bathroom access

Anti-trans bigots freak out as Target announces bathroom policy it already had
A lot of people are really, really angry with Target after its announcement Tuesday that the store would allow employees and customers to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

[USA] [Commentary]
Drop The T From LGBT
Transgender people have high rates of psychological problems that contribute to their identity expression and victimization. The rest of the LGBT crowd should consider how that reflects on them.

Melee Breaks Out Over Gender-Neutral Bathroom in L.A. School
An anti-LGBT group protesting a gender-neutral bathroom were confronted by angry students on Tuesday.

Transgender attorney gears up for legal battles associated with "bathroom bill" fallout
Lawmakers in several states are passing bills that they say protect people who refuse to serve the LGBT community for religious reasons. This includes the so-called bathroom bill, forcing people to use only the bathroom of their gender by birth.

Wichitans react to Target stores’ transgender-friendly bathroom and fitting-room policy
Target calls LGBT inclusiveness a “core belief” of its business
New policy makes some Wichita Target shoppers uncomfortable
Legislature considering bill requiring transgender students to use facilities for their birth gender at school

Friday night vigil will remember slain transgender woman
Keyonna Blakeney's murder follows on the heels of a year marked by anti-trans violence

'We have to tell this story,' says father of transgendered child
Jacq Kai Tchoryk and Sydney Tchoryk giggled Saturday as they chased each other around the sunny backyard of their family's home in a well-kept cul-de-sac northwest of Ann Arbor.
Schools take steps to address needs of LGBTQ students

Transgender woman speaks out after being denied a gender change on her license at DMV
A local transgender woman is pushing for changes at area DMVs.
Regina Allen was denied a request to change her gender on her driver's license at the Patton Avenue DMV in Asheville on Wednesday.

Trump blasts N.C. anti-trans bathroom law: ‘Unbelievably expensive’
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday that transgender people should be able to use whichever bathroom they choose, voicing opposition to part of a far-reaching North Carolina law that critics says is discriminatory.
Trump on transgender bathroom debate: 'Leave it the way it is'
Trump: Transgender people can use whatever bathroom they want
HB2 protester puts potty on NC's most prominent peak
Stephen Colbert Mocks North Carolina With Civil War Reenactment
NC pediatric specialists say HB2 ‘flawed’ and ‘harmful,’ call for repeal
From beer to concerts, protesters find new ways to oppose HB2
Raleigh Chamber defends call for HB2 repeal despite criticism
NC Democratic party launches website highlighting economic costs of HB2
Why the Charlotte Chamber isn't joining Raleigh, Durham counterparts in calling for HB2 repeal
Ahead of Raleigh protest, Berger says no repeal of HB2
Rockingham County Commissioners hear from supporters of HB2
NC Senate Leader: HB2 will stay in place
NC Gov. Pat McCrory says it’s unfair to compare HB2, religious freedom bills. Critics disagree
Proposed HB2 'loyalty pledge' falls flat
HB2 supporters gather to pray, address Burlington City Council
CoastLine: As Opposition to HB2 Grows, NC Rep. Millis Defends its Intent
Three More Plaintiffs Join Lawsuit Against North Carolina’s Discriminatory HB 2
After transgender ruling, Asheville eyes local LGBT protections
NBA: No All-Star Game for North Carolina If Anti-LGBT Law Isn't Changed
Customers react to Target's stand on transgender bathrooms
Everyone’s talking about North Carolina’s new law (except legislators)
NC Lt. Gov. Complains Of 'Amazing Smear Campaign...Based On A Bunch Of Lies'
Transgender UNC School of the Arts student joins HB2 federal lawsuit
Outer Banks town opposes transgender bathroom law

ADF corrects Tennessee AG Herbert Slatery on transgender bathrooms, student privacy laws
Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery released an erroneous opinion Monday which stated that HB 2414, a bill that protects students’ physical privacy in public school restrooms, violates federal law and puts Tennessee public schools’ federal funding at risk. In a newly released document, Alliance Defending Freedom shows that bills like HB 2414 do not violate Title IX, a law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools that receive federal funding but that specifically says separate restrooms based on biological sex are allowed.

Man arrested in death of Houston transgender woman, friend
A Galena Park man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of a transgender woman and a man in Midtown earlier this month.

Va. Republican demands opinion on transgender issues from attorney general
A conservative Republican lawmaker from northern Virginia is suing Attorney General Mark Herring (D) to try to force him to fulfill his request for an opinion related to the volatile issue of transgender rights.

Lawmaker files suit against Herring to compel opinion on transgender discrimination
A state lawmaker who filed a bill this year to more clearly exclude transgender people from Virginia’s anti-discrimination laws has asked a court to force Attorney General Mark R. Herring to respond to a request for legal clarity on the term “sex.”

Transgender Law Center Demands that Wisconsin School District Reverse Discriminatory Policy
Transgender student Ash Whitaker won initial battle with school over prom king run, but still barred from using restrooms matching his gender identity