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quarta-feira, abril 27, 2016

Morre aos 42 anos Majorie Marchi, militante trans e descobridora de misses
Morreu aos 42 anos a militante trans Majorie Marchi, no Rio de Janeiro. Ela, que era descobridora das mais belas misses nos últimos anos, enfrentava problemas de saúde, reclamava de dores no estômago e sofreu um infarto, segundo familiares, nessa segunda-feira (15).

First transgender candidate Ellen Murray hopes to win North seat
Meet Ellen Murray, the 22-year-old Green Party candidate for West Belfast in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, and the latest and most striking example of how the legacy of the peace process is transforming the political debate there.

Lesbian who 'tricked' female friend into sex by pretending to be a man and using a dildo appeals 8-year jail sentence
Gayle Newland's victim wore a mask whenever they were together, including every time they had sex

Mandurah woman rejected by employers because of 'transgender choice'
A transgender Mandurah woman says she has been refused a job from at least two different employers because of her decision to transition to a woman.

Transgender student comfortable in his own skin
Although Nate Shears had to make the difficult decision to pass on attending this year’s Gay Straight Alliance provincial conference, he has a message for the 230 people expected to attend.

Transgender activists request gender identity and expression included in B.C. Human Rights Code
Transgender rights activists are delivering over 1,000 signed letters to Vancouver-Fraserview constituency offices of B.C. Liberal MLA and Attorney General Suzanne Anton today (April 25).
Trans rights in BC: will fourth bill finally pass?

Hamilton settles human rights complaint with transgender woman
A transgender woman was denied access to the woman's washroom at a city bus terminal

Cruz attack ad on Trump distorts transgender bathroom access issue
Donald Trump wants to let male predators masquerading as women in the same bathrooms as your wife and daughter, according to an ominous black-and-white ad from presidential rival Ted Cruz.
Cruz: Trans women should only use restroom at home
Ted Cruz uses trans bathroom panic to garner votes
Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama is forcing schools to ‘let teenage boys shower with teenage girls’

Social Conservatives Think This Story Justifies Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws. They Are Very Confused.
Numerous right-wing websites have seized on the arrest of James Thomas Shoemaker, a Pennsylvania man caught taking pictures of a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom. The incident, according to these publications, proves that new laws that discriminate against transgender people are justified.

Fox News Doctor Proposes A Harmful New “Treatment” For Transgender Children
Fox News "Medical A Team" member Dr. Keith Ablow speculated wildly about medical care for transgender children, proposing his own harmful treatments that go against scientific evidence and professional standards from mainstream medical associations.

Kim Davis lawyer ‘taking a handgun to women’s toilet’ to scare off transgender ‘perverts’
One of the lawyers who represented Kim Davis is taking a Glock handgun into the women’s toilets, just in case there are any transgender women in there.

AFA: Common-sense safety behind booming boycott
A boycott petition of Target stores has climbed to more than a half-million signatures.

Decatur Public Schools to Accommodate Transgender Student
Decatur Public Schools says it is making accommodations for a transgender elementary school student. Parents were notified last week.

S. Indiana crowd says 'amen' to Ted Cruz talk on transgender bathrooms
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz made a play for conservative evangelical Hoosier voters at a Monday rally in Southern Indiana by reasserting his opposition to transgender people using public bathrooms based on their gender identity.

Transgender Advocate speaks on Kansas restroom bill
House Bill 2737 would make students at public schools and universities use the bathroom that matches their chromosomal identity.

Redneck Revenge: Now North Carolina issues Travel Advisory for Europe!
In a move likely to be seen as thinly disguised retribution against European States warning LGBT travelers of the dangers of visiting North Carolina and Mississipi, North Carolina has today issued its own travel advisory to citizens warning them that in many parts of Europe, LGBT “perversion” is widely tolerated.
Más de 50 arrestos durante protesta LGBT en Carolina del Norte
The Newest Opponents Of North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law: Faith Groups
North Carolina GOP’s careful plan could be in jeopardy
N.C. Gov. Can’t Even Enforce Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Law’ In His Own Building
Trans advocate, others arrested in protest over N.C. law
N.C. Democrats File Bill to Repeal HB 2
54 arrests made in HB2 protest as lawmakers convene
LGBT Debate Spurs Arrests at North Carolina Statehouse
HB2 opponents protest, petition for repeal as NC GA returns for short session
North Carolina LGBT Law Spurs Demonstrations, Repeal Bill
Hundreds rally near NC Legislative Building in Raleigh to support HB2
N.C. legislature convenes amid new calls to repeal anti-LGBT law
Rallies Over N. Carolina LGBT Law Begin as Lawmakers Return
Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Cancel NC Shows
Rep. Chris Millis, HB2 Sponsor: Protections Against Discrimination Don't Cover Transgender People

Montclair High School students advocate for gender neutral bathroom
The Pascack Valley Regional High School Board of Education recently approved a policy allowing transgender students to use restrooms or locker rooms based on their gender identity. And high schools from California to Ohio have bathrooms to accommodate transgender students.

Lawmaker floats anti-transgender bathroom bill
One of Ohio's most conservative lawmakers is looking into requiring transgender people to use unisex or family bathrooms.

Franklin County workers’ gender-transition surgeries now covered by insurance
A Franklin County employee making a gender transition might have saved for months or years before coming up with enough money to pay for a mastectomy or sex reassignment surgery.

Mother of suspended transgender male student wants Horry County Schools to update bathroom policy
Following her transgender son’s suspension from Socastee High School for using the boys’ bathroom, the student’s mother has opted to put him in online school.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Will Never Again Shop at a Transgender-Friendly Target Store
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is apparently so disgusted by Target treating people equally based on gender identity that he is never shopping there again, as he announced in a Facebook post Sunday.

Denton County Sheriff’s Candidate Clarifies Facebook Post On Transgender Community
A candidate for sheriff in Denton County found himself in the middle of a controversy on Monday after making a post some felt encouraged violence against the transgender community.

Superintendent recommends Board hold off on transgender policy
Albany County School District No. 1 Superintendent Jubal Yennie on Saturday recommended the School Board hold off on implementing a policy for transgender and gender non-conforming students but move forward with a first reading of a revised anti-bullying policy at the next board meeting. The National School Boards Association is recommending school districts that haven’t yet adopted policies for transgender students refrain from doing so at this time, Yennie said during a six-hour board retreat.