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terça-feira, abril 26, 2016

Travesti é assassinado a tiros no Japãozinho em Aracaju
Um travesti foi executado a tiros na tarde desta terça-feira (29/03), o crime foi registrado nas proximidade da Avenida Euclides Figueiredo no Bairro Japãozinho Zona Norte da Capital Sergipana.
Segundo informações, a vítima foi atingida por vários disparos de arma de fogo não resistiu aos ferimentos é morreu no local do crime.

Travestis prostitutas relatam situações de risco à saúde e violência em Maceió
G1 ouviu profissionais do sexo que decidiram buscar trabalho nas ruas.
Preconceito e falta de oportunidade estimulam situação, dizem entidades.

Jovem de 20 anos irá a júri popular por espancar travesti em Porto Alegre
Crime ocorreu em 5 de abril de 2014 na Avenida Bento Gonçalves.
Réu será julgado por tentativa de homicídio duplamente qualificado.

New police appeal after missing Leeds transgender woman is captured on CCTV
Police have made a renewed appeal for information to trace a missing Leeds woman - who also uses a male identity - after she was recently seen in Derbyshire.

This beauty pageant contestant wowed judges while hiding a HUGE secret, can you guess it?
Pammy Rose entered her first beauty contest three years ago.

Assault victim slams ‘poor taste’ Anzac Day event
A trans woman has criticised a hotel for holding an Anzac Day event called 'Tranny Two Up' just metres from where she was violently assaulted.

City agrees to human rights settlement with transgender woman
The City of Hamilton [Ontario] has settled a human rights case involving a transgender woman.

World premiere set in L.A. for film on Mpls. transgender advocate CeCe McDonald
"Free CeCe!" documents McDonald's experience as a black transgender woman who was convicted in Minneapolis of manslaughter and sentenced to a men's prison.

We Tracked Down the Lawyers Behind the Recent Wave of Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills
State lawmakers appear to have copied this group's model legislation, sometimes word for word.

Fox News Doctor Suggests Torturing Trans Children
Fox News medical 'expert' Dr. Keith Ablow appeared on Fox and Friends today to talk about transgender children, going so far as suggesting extremely abusive treatments for trans kids that borders on torture.

Cruz, Kasich Strategies Align with Goal of Beating Trump
Donald Trump's rivals are joining forces to deny him the necessary delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination, the latest display of strife in a convulsive 2016 GOP race.
Cruz spokesman talks transgender issues
Ted Cruz Compared Transgender People To Donald Trump Dressing Like Hillary Clinton

Transgender issues divide the GOP
The National Center for Transgender Equality’s Mara Keisling talks to Alex Witt about the GOP’s reaction to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” – and what she is doing to counter efforts to restrict transgender rights.

Chris Wallace destroys myth of transgender predators: ‘This is a solution in search of a problem’
Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday shot down the conservative argument that anti-transgender bathroom laws were necessary to stop sexual predators from committing crimes in public restrooms.

Conservative group launches boycott of Target over transgender policy
A Christian activist group is calling for a boycott of Target Corp. after the retailer affirmed last week that transgender people are welcome to use store bathrooms that align with their gender identity.
Thousands Boycott Target Over Trans Inclusion

Christian lawyer says she’s taking Glock to Target ladies’ room: ‘It identifies as my bodyguard’
The president of theocratic law group The Liberty Council announced on the social medium Twitter that she plans to carry a gun with her to the women’s restroom at Target stores so that she can shoot anyone she thinks is transgender.

Medical school professor finds lack of transgender research
A medical school professor wants to provide better care for transgender patients.

Portland to introduce travel ban due to discriminatory laws
Officials in Portland, Maine, are going to officially introduce a plan to restrict travel to states that enact legislation that discriminates against the gay and transsexual communities.

‘Bathroom bills’ focus on the trans community but could affect another group more
The political storm around HB2, North Carolina’s sweeping “bathroom bill,” has focused on its implications for transgender individuals, but much less has been written about what it means for the “gender nonconforming.” By that I mean those women and men, girls and boys whose appearance doesn’t fit neatly into traditional male and female boxes — or restrooms. To be blunt: It has been cruel.
Mental health experts call for HB2 repeal
Rallies for, against House Bill 2 set on session's first day
Trans Activist Mara Keisling Arrested at N.C. Protest
Video: Mara Keisling and 53 Others Arrested At NC #HB2 Protest

Pittsburgh school district’s proposed bathroom policy jeopardizes children’s privacy, safety
ADF, letter explains that no law requires letting members of the opposite sex into public school bathrooms

How bathrooms and transgender rights have become a flash point in the GOP race
Cletus Abate was aghast after learning last week that the Pennsylvania legislature is considering a bill that would extend protections to transgender people, including allowing them to use the bathrooms they choose.

GOP Sheriff Candidate Tracy Murphree Threatens Violence On Trans People
Tracy Murphree, a GOP candidate for Denton County sheriff, has faced criticism following a post on his Facebook page, which has subsequently been removed, where he threatened physical violence against transgender people.