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sábado, abril 30, 2016

Júlia, a primeira transexual dirigente de um partido português: “O medo de ser assassinada acompanha-me"
Júlia Pereira tinha apenas 15 anos quando a transexual Gisberta foi assassinada no Porto por um grupo de rapazes. Foi há dez anos. Demorou tempo a digerir, mas o que sentiu foi sobretudo medo. Os assassinos de Gisberta eram um grupo de jovens adolescentes, com mais ou menos a sua idade. Podiam ser os seus colegas de turma, os que a insultavam, lhe chamavam nomes, cuspiam para cima, atiravam pedras por ser diferente, por ser uma menina apesar de ter nascido com corpo de menino.

Transexuais e travestis poderão usar nome social no serviço público federal
Nome social é o nome por meio do qual uma pessoa quer ser reconhecida.
Até então, permissão só era concedida em alguns órgãos do governo.

UK grants asylum to Singaporean trans-woman afraid to serve in military as man
In a landmark ruling, two British judges have granted a Singaporean transgender woman sanctuary, allowing her to remain in the UK and absolving her from having to return to her home country to carry out compulsory military service.

The UK has privately warned North Carolina over their transphobic bathroom law
The UK is not just warning tourists about North Carolina, but they're using official channels to condemn HB2

Woman cleared of sexual assault charges in unprecedented ruling
In an unexpected turn of events, the High Court on Tuesday (April 12) cleared a woman of six charges of sexual penetration of a minor after ruling that only a man can be guilty of the offences.

Pastor Speaks Out After Transgender Call For Rights
Pastor Lyall Bethel yesterday questioned if someone coached members of Bahamas Transgender Intersex United (BTIU) to appear ambivalent about the outcome of the gender equality referendum so as to not shed light on the “hidden agendas” of the fourth constitutional amendment.

Target’s bathroom policy: ‘These freaks will get us all killed’
On Monday, rabidly right-wing wingnut and radio host Rick Wiles dedicated a large chunk of his “Trunews” program to a spooky rant about Target‘s new bathroom policy, which lets transgender people use whatever restroom best matches their gender identity.
'These Freaks Are Going To Get Us All Killed': Rick Wiles Warns Target Restroom Policy Will Spark Nuclear War

How do the new bathroom laws affect kids with special needs?
I’m a mom who lives in suburban Virginia with four sons, a husband, and no pets. Our oldest son is artsy, our second son is fun-loving, our fourth son is very rules conscious, and our third son is both on the autism spectrum and also intellectually impaired.

The imaginary predator in America's transgender bathroom war
You have to pee.
If you're like 99% of America, you look at pictograms, predictable gender binaries, to guide you toward the appropriate toilet. A person in pants on the left. A person in a dress on the right. If you're a woman, it's irrelevant that you have a vagina, are wearing jeans and can't recall the last time you donned a triangle dress to a dinner party. You know to hang a right, while men go left. The signage isn't literal, it reveals how culture wants your gender to look. It reveals what door it wants you to walk through.

Fox's Cavuto Asks Anti-LGBT Pastor About "Confused," “Troubled” Transgender People
Neil Cavuto: What Do You Say To "Transgenders" Who Say "You Are Slighting Me, I'm Troubled And Not Knowing Whether I'm A Man Or A Woman, I'm Confused?"

Fight for transgender rights growing
Activists are pushing for more protections after the landmark same-sex marriage ruling last year.

Shonda Rhimes Blasts 'Dumbass' Anti-Trans Bills
The Grey's Anatomy creator had a message for the "dumbasses" who support "bathroom bills."

NCAA adds nondiscrimination requirement for potential host cities
Requirement for hosting tournaments, conferences and other events will be incorporated into bidding process

Alabama Chief Justice: Trans People Have a "Mental Disorder"
Chief Justice Roy Moore called a trans protester a "known transvestite."

Transgender restroom ordinance discussed
City leaders here discussed tonight a controversial ordinance recently approved in Oxford which would require individuals to use public restrooms based on their biological sex or face penalties.

Oxford parent of transgender teen expresses fear, concern over bathroom law
"I cried. I felt disgusted. I felt like my son was personally attacked."

Target bathroom debate reaches Clovis
Target stores now allow transgender customers to use the bathroom and fitting room that best aligns with their gender identity. While there is support for the decision, some people believe it is a dangerous and flawed policy. On Thursday, protesters on both sides of the issue took to the Target location at Herndon and Willow in Clovis.
Locals Protest Target over Store's New Transgender-Friendly Bathroom Policy

Members divided about Planet Fitness transgender policy
Members of a Planet Fitness gym in Cape Coral are divided about whether transgendered clients should be allowed to use facilities based on the gender they identify with or not. A concerned viewer reached out to Four in Your Corner after she says no one told her about the policy. She says she'll be cancelling her membership.

Transgender bathroom policy
Bathroom access for transgender people is a controversial topic in the country recently leading to protests, economic losses and equality and privacy rights.

Cheerleading Squad accepts 1st transgender teen
It was just another Wednesday with the girls for Carlo Rolan. She was hanging out, having a good time after hearing some great news: she made the cheerleading squad.

MN Rep. Abigail Whelan: ‘Evil’ gender fluidity is ‘one of the biggest problems’
In an interview on Friday, Apr. 22, with religious right broadcaster AM 980 KKMS, Rep. Abigail Whelan, a Republican from Anoka, and Sen. Warren Limmer, a Republican from Maple Grove, defended both North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws as well as a bill they’ve authored that would bar transgender people from using the restroom in public places and places of employment.

Petitioners oppose New London-Spicer Schools transgender policy
A petition that opposes a proposed transgender inclusion policy in the New London-Spicer School District was launched this week by a group calling itself NL-S Safe.

Should this girl only be allowed to use the men’s room?
A photograph by Meg Bitton perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy inherent in the new anti-trans bathroom laws in North Carolina.
Featuring a young transgender girl named Corey Maison, the photo has been shared over 18,000 times and received over 30,000 reactions since being shared on Facebook April 26.
CIAA Will Stay in North Carolina Despite State's LGBT Law
Megyn Kelly Schools NC Governor Pat McCrory on Transgender People and Bathrooms:

Transgender bathroom debate comes to Grand Forks
It's a debate that's been raging across the country and now is coming to Grand Forks - what to be done about transgender people and public restrooms.

N.J. school district seeks to lead in transgender equality
The borough has never been afraid to take a stand for progressive values, even if it meant making a little noise, said Darcie Cimarusti, president of the Highland Park Board of Education.
Highland Park BoE to Approve Transgender Student Policy

Caitlyn Jenner mocks Ted Cruz after peeing at a Trump hotel
Caitlyn Jenner mocked presidential candidate Ted Cruz after stopping by one of Donald Trump‘s properties to use the restroom. In a video posted to Facebook, the transgender celebrity popped into the Trump International Hotel to take a leak – and make a political statement.

Trans student policies taking shape across Pennsylvania
Middle- and high-school teachers were dressed for Halloween on the October day that a representative from The Attic Youth Center visited the Springfield Township School District in Montgomery County to train them on supporting their transgender and gender-nonconforming students.

Schools change bathroom policy after transgender student fights back
A South Carolina school district is updating its policy to allow transgender students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity.
Transgender Socastee student allowed to use boys’ bathroom after suspension

Texas LT Gov. Dan Patrick vows to ruin retailers over bathrooms
“I will not spend a single dollar with any business that says a man can enter a bathroom with the women in my family or your family,” Patrick posted on Facebook in support of a known hate group’s petition. “Last week Target announced they would allow men in women’s bathrooms. I won’t shop there again.”

VIDEO: Texas Trans Visible Project
Equality Texas posted this video from the Texas TransVisible Project launch day by Kirchem Productions.

FWISD superintendent signs new guidelines protecting trans students
Fort Worth Independent School District Superintendent Kent Scribner this week announced that he has signed a set of detailed guidelines designed to protect transgender students by clarifying the district’s existing anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies.

Student thoughts on transgender inclusivity, bathroom policies
App in development to map gender neutral bathrooms

Group holds rally against Initiative 1515 that it says targets transgender people (VIDEO)
A local group is launching a campaign to stop an initiative it says targets transgender people.