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quarta-feira, maio 04, 2016

Cliente agride travesti em motel após vítima cobrar mais por beijo em MT
Travesti de 21 anos cobrou R$ 50 após cliente ter lhe dado um beijo.
Ele se recusou e agrediu vítima depois que ela tentou deixar o local.

Legal precedent brings hope to families of transgender children
New case in Valencia showcases the shortcomings of legislation that puts limits on Civil Registry changes

Transgender children: 'I don't want to grow a beard'
Last year, the Victoria Derbyshire programme met children going through a period of extraordinary change - but what's happened to two of the UK's youngest transgender children since?

Rein in Religious Police Raids Against Transgender People
Ira Sophia planned a fun evening for Malaysia’s transgender community. The private, closed-door event at the five-star Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on April 3 featured a sit-down dinner for 200 people and was intended to raise money for charitable causes.

[New Zealand]
Preview: From This Day Forward
It isn’t very often a documentary explores the complexities of gender identity and transition from the perspective of a trans person’s adult child.

The People Project: A difficult journey pays off for transgender rights advocate Naomi Hiebert
Going through puberty can be tough.
Fighting through it twice is even tougher.
For Naomi Hiebert, a transgender woman, that’s what it felt like.

Alberta Catholic school district spent $367,000 on legal battle with transgender teacher
Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has so far spent $367,000 of taxpayer dollars on a legal battle with a teacher who was fired after undergoing gender-reassignment surgery.

WSD seeks feedback on transgender policy
The Winnipeg School Division has formed a draft policy for transgender students and employees. It is available for review on the front page of its website,, if you scroll down slightly.

Arsonist attempted to set fire to Canada’s only clinic providing sex reassignment surgeries
The only clinic in Canada that offers sex reassignment surgery has suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage following an arson attempt.
Police seek man suspected of setting fire at medical clinic
Arson at Montreal clinic concerns trans people awaiting surgery

Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms
It turns out that anti-LGBT activists are right that men are taking advantage of a transgender-inclusive policy at Target to go into women’s restrooms — and those men are anti-LGBT activists.

John King Slams Transgender Laws in NC and Mississippi
Education Secretary John B. King Jr. on Monday criticized recent state laws in North Carolina and Mississippi that restrict gay and transgender rights.

Congressional Republicans Attach North Carolina-Style Discrimination To Defense Budget
Republicans in Congress have indicated that they like what’s been happening in North Carolina and want to see some of the same anti-LGBT discrimination at the federal level. Last week, they added an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act intended to roll back LGBT protections introduced by the Obama administration in 2014 in a way that mirrors North Carolina’s HB2.

Transgender FIU Student Shares Journey of Becoming Woman
A South Florida transgender woman says she's finally feeling like herself after undergoing a life-changing procedure that makes her feel like the person she was born to be.

Advocates Ask State For Clear Policies On Transgender Students
The Kumu Hina Project asks the Department of Education to protect transgender students’ rights.

'Active shooter' at Target was just 'disturbance' about transgender restrooms: Cops
A call of an “active shooter” Monday afternoon at a Target store in Bradley, Ill., turned out to be a Bradley man causing a disturbance inside the store protesting the company’s policy on transgender people’s use of restrooms, police said Monday.

Group prays for East Aurora school board, transgender bathroom policy
A group of pastors and community members gathered outside the East Aurora School District 131 board meeting Monday to pray for the school board and district leaders.

Transgender teen sets sights on becoming Portage High School prom queen
A transgender teen wants to be prom queen in northwest Indiana, and she says she has unwavering support from her classmates and parents in Portage.

UPDATE: 16-year-old arrested in deadly Wichita stabbing
A teenager faces second-degree murder charges following a deadly stabbing in southwest Wichita.
Friend remembers transgender murder victim
Transgender Woman Killed in Wichita

Kansas 'Bathroom Bills' Dead for This Year
The state legislature adjourned this morning without taking action on bills that would have compensated students upset by sharing facilities with trans people.

House will let Senate act first on transgender bill
After a controversial transgender rights bill cleared a key hurdle last Friday with two versions advancing through committee, Gov. Charlie Baker said Monday he "appreciated" the changes made to the House version, while Senate President Stanley Rosenberg said he was still reviewing the brief additions.
Garry, Lyons only reps to oppose transgender bills

Transgender flag flying high after ceremony at City Hall
A blue, pink and white-striped flag raised over City Hall Plaza in a show of support for the transgender population comes as lawmakers are debating anti-discrimination legislation that just passed the judiciary committee.

N.J. borough BOE to vote on transgender policy in late May
Highland Park Board of Education members said Monday that the board would not be discussing or voting on its new transgender policy on May 2. The vote is now expected to take place later in May.

How N.J. businesses handle transgender bathroom policies
Over the last two weeks, Target's bathroom policy has been at the center of a national discussion on transgender rights as the retailer has publicly shown support for its LGBT customers and employees.

Pittsburgh Public Schools to vote on protection measures for transgender students
The Pittsburgh Public Schools board plans to vote June 22 on a districtwide policy that would protect transgender students from discrimination.

Aiken County student says death of so-called ‘transgender bathroom bill’ leaves room for education
For a 20-year-old Aiken County college student, it was never an issue of feeling trapped inside of his body, but more of an acknowledgment that he needed to be the person he truly always was and is.

Horry County Schools decides to file brief supporting Title IX appeal
The Horry County Schools Board of Education has decided to file a brief in support of a Virginia school district's appeal of the Title IX law currently requiring districts to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify.

Transgender Smyrna man says he'll never use a woman's bathroom
A transgender man from Smyrna is weighing-in on the bathroom debate.

Austin commission favors new policy to identify transgender people
More than three months after authorities misidentified a transgender woman who was shot and killed outside her home, an Austin city commission on Monday unanimously voted in favor of a resolution that would direct the city to begin exploring how Austin police can better identify members of the transgender and gender-nonconforming community.

Rockwall ordinance on bathroom use by person’s sex at birth fails
Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt found no support for his policy to regulate bathroom use by birth sex Monday.

Opposition to Transgender Ballot Initiative Intensifies
There’s organized opposition to a proposed ballot initiative in the Evergreen State.