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terça-feira, maio 03, 2016

Justiça autoriza transexual a mudar de nome sem operação de troca de sexo
A Justiça do Rio de Janeiro autorizou uma transexual a mudar de nome e sexo nos documentos sem passar pela cirurgia de transgenitalização. A decisão da 15ª Vara de Família da Capital foi tomada no final de agosto e só agora divulgada. A juíza Maria Aglae Tedesco Vilardo proferiu sentença favorável a Milena Pires Santana.

HSE paid for six patients to undergo sex-change operations abroad in 2015
The Health Service Executive paid for six patients to undergo sex-change operations in 2015.

Anti-LGBTI campaigners' smears and lies target trans people
As marriage equality becomes less and less controversial, it’s appalling to see many anti-LGBTI campaigners and commentators turn their cold-hearted attention to transgender people, attempting to vilify them with the most appalling nonsense.

Teen’s trans journey in rural Queensland town
Gavin Walker was just four years old when his mother Sandy first had an inkling he might be trans.

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman can pursue dismissal claim
A transgender woman who claims she was forced out of her job at an Auckland barbershop has been cleared to pursue her claim of unjustified dismissal in the Employment Relations Authority.
Cut Loose: Transgender Hairdresser claims unfair dismissal

Cruz won’t let up on anti-trans ‘bathroom predator’ myth
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) continues to perpetuate the widely discredited idea allowing transgender people into public restrooms will leave women vulnerable to sexual predators in public restrooms.
Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner With Transphobic Fearmongering
Cruz argues 'bathroom bills' allow child rape

Denying Transgender People Bathroom Access Is Linked to Suicide
As North Carolina grapples with the fallout from its new “bathroom law,” which says that people must use public restrooms matching the gender on their birth certificates, and a dozen states consider similar bills, a new study suggests an association between denied access to restrooms and suicide attempts by transgender people.

Attorney General Says Bathroom Bills Show ‘Change Is Difficult’
North Carolina's law prohibits people from using bathrooms other than those that match their gender at birth

Welcome to the home of the toughest 'bathroom bill' in America
The Oxford, Ala., City Council passed an ordinance that punishes transgender people with up to six months of jail for using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The move draws support – and questions.

How A Weekend At Transgender Camp Changed A Mother-Son Relationship
Storycorps Outloud tells stories from the LGBTQ community. This week we hear from a mother and her transgender son, about their relationship and the summer camp that changed his life.

Marchers call for transgender rights
After taking their issues to the Sarasota County School board with mixed results, supporters of transgender rights marched downtown Sunday to raise awareness in the community.

Transgender students advocate for single-occupancy restrooms
Aimes Dobbins was walking home alone from a party last fall.

Massachusetts lawmakers advance transgender anti-discrimination legislation
Massachusetts lawmakers are advancing legislation they say will provide anti-discrimination protections to transgender people in public places.

LGBT Rights Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting Mississippi Law
Hundreds of supporters of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender rights protested Sunday against a new Mississippi law they call discriminatory, saying they're not giving up their fight.

North Carolina political leader defends HB2
North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger sends letter to CEOs defending HB2, the state's new anti-LGBTI law

For transgender people, the public bathroom becomes a battleground
When 24-year-old Miles Jordan started to publicly identify as male, he found restrooms to be an issue fraught with tension.

VIDEO: Transgender activist viciously attacked on NYC subway and nobody stepped in to help
The attacker chased her around the crowded train but no one bothered to stop the hate crime

Pittsburgh schools to hold public workshop for its transgender policy
A Pittsburgh Public Schools board committee will hold a public workshop tonight in Oakland on a proposed transgender nondiscrimination policy that, among other guidelines, would allow students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

Community gathers to pray ahead of school board meeting to on transgender bathrooms
Nearly 1,000 people came from all over the county to pray outside the Horry County Schools District Office Sunday afternoon.

Rockwall Bathroom Bill is Defeated
Easily a hundred trans people and allies crammed into the small Rockwall City Hall tonight far outnumbering a few stone-faced silent bigots. The haters were solemn because it was becoming increasingly obvious to them as Rockwall’s citizens spoke, that their cause was lost.

Second Texas City Responds to Target by Targeting Transgender People With Hateful 'Bathroom Bill'
State Lawmaker to Also Introduce Similar Legislation: 'I Will Die on This Issue Politically'
Transgender bathroom policy ignites protest at Heights-area Target

Texas politicians weigh in on gender-neutral bathrooms
Is Texas the next state to try and enact a bill restricting transgender people from using the bathroom of their gender identity?

ACLU of Texas and transgender woman take to youtube to answer qustions
A Houston Transgender Woman And The ACLU Of Texas Answer Questions That Are Most Googled.

For local transgender teen, national debate on restrooms is just a start
There was the name change. The lost friendships. And the friends who kept using the wrong pronoun. Cayden McDonald, who came out in a Facebook post as transgender in April 2012, would gently remind them that he is a “he” now.

Controversial ‘transgender restroom bill’ to return in Wisconsin, lawmaker says
A Republican state lawmaker plans to reintroduce a bill seeking to ban transgender people from certain restrooms, despite protests and economic backlash over similar legislation in North Carolina.