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sexta-feira, maio 06, 2016

Transgender man furious at being banned from gym's male changing room
A transgender man is angry after being banned from the male changing room at his GYM.

Activists Angered At Call To Exile Transgender Community
Human rights activist Erin Greene said Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller’s “campaign” to exile transgender people to a private island underscores a “severe degree of ignorance” regarding LGBT issues, as she raised concerns that his “hate speech” has incited fear among Bahamians in that community.

Transgender activist Martine Delaney withdraws case over Catholic Church marriage booklet
Transgender human rights activist Martine Delaney has withdrawn her case against the Catholic Church to avoid a lengthy tribunal battle.

Hearing in the works for federal ‘religious freedom’ bill
Congress has mostly stayed out of the “religious freedom” fight as states pass legislation allowing anti-LGBT discrimination for religious reasons, but that may soon change.

Kasich drops 2016 bid after seeking middle ground on LGBT rights
Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who gained a reputation for seeking a middle ground on LGBT rights over the course of his presidential campaign, suspended his bid for the White House on Wednesday.

The Ironic Ways The Target Boycott Is Backfiring For Conservatives
Since conservatives launched a boycott of Target last month over the retail giant’s inclusive policy for transgender customers and employees, they have successfully earned a lot of press for their efforts. Unfortunately, not much of that press has been good; in fact, opponents of transgender equality look as intolerant and paranoid as ever.
Anti-trans preachers film themselves terrorizing Target shoppers

Family Research Council Ad Campaign Calls Out President Obama for Focusing on Bathrooms As National Security Threats Grow
Family Research Council (FRC) launched a second social media ad campaign today across North Carolina that questions President Obama’s priorities after five federal departments began investigating North Carolina’s repeal of a Charlotte bathroom ordinance. The investigations and the President’s fixation on North Carolina’s bathroom law come at a time of growing national and international security threats.

Alaska's new policy for transgender prep athletes: Schools can make their own rules
When it comes to which sports team a transgender high school athlete in Alaska may play on, the Alaska School Activities Association says it will accept whatever policy is in place at the student’s school.

Oxford City Council rescinds transgender restroom ordinance
The Oxford City Council today voted 3-2 to rescind its controversial public restroom ordinance, a little more than a week after it was passed.
Oxford, Ala., Repeals Anti-Trans Law

Conservative groups, families sue Palatine school district for transgender accommodations
Two conservative groups and a group of parents have filed a federal lawsuit against Palatine School District 211 against their accommodations for a transgender student.
Group sues suburban school system, U.S. after transgender student gets locker room access
Illinois Families Sue Over Transgender Access to Locker Room
51 families sue feds, Chicago-area school district for violating student privacy

Lambda Legal Responds to Lawsuit Targeting Transgender Students in Illinois
Today, two anti-LGBT organizations filed a lawsuit challenging the right of transgender and gender-nonconforming students in Illinois School District 211 to use the restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identities.

Boston traffic reporter comes out as a woman
The familiar voice coming over the radios of tens of thousands of Boston area drivers on the way to work Wednesday was the same. But the name had changed.

Mass. Legislature modifies “bathroom bill” language Attempt to counter “sexual predator” fears. Leadership trying to gain votes to override possible veto by Governor
Two versions of bill moved forward out of Judiciary Committee. Will this scheme work?
Senate to vote May 12
MassResistance tells it like is -- quoted in newspaper article

One more hurdle for transgender rights effort
With the long-stalled transgender rights bill suddenly getting some traction on Beacon Hill, some of its more savvy legislative supporters are nervously considering a potential hurdle: a referendum on the legislation on the November statewide ballot.

DOJ gives NC Gov McCrory until Monday to stop enforcement of HB2
The Department of Justice has just sent a letter to the North Carolina government warning them that if they don’t stop enforcement of HB2 by Monday they will be sued.
North Carolina Leaders Denounce Federal Threat on LGBT Law
US Justice Department: HB2 violates Civil Rights Act
U.S. Warns North Carolina That Transgender Bill Violates Civil Rights Laws
Federal Government to North Carolina: HB2 violates Civil Rights Act
DOJ says North Carolina anti-LGBT law violates Title VII
DOJ to North Carolina: HB2 violates federal law
U.S. Justice Department: North Carolina’s HB 2 Violates Civil Rights Act
Justice Department Tells North Carolina To Abandon Its Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill — Or Else
It’s Time for the Federal Government to Act for Trans Students
N.C. Gov Thinks He Could Lose Job, Blames PC Culture for HB 2 Hate

Newmarket approves transgender equality policy
Town councilors in Newmarket passed a resolution Wednesday night that supports rights for transgender individuals.

N.J. transgender leader: Pocketbooks will decide winner in toilet debate
The U.S. Justice Department notified North Carolina state leaders Wednesday that its new "bathroom law," which mandates what toilets transgender people should use, violates federal civil rights statutes. Gov. Pat McCrory has until May 9 to respond.

Dispute arises over transwoman’s use of gym locker room
A transgender woman says that she plans to seek legal recourse after she was denied use of the women’s locker room and showers at a local health club. But the owner of MAC Fitness says that he was simply responding to members’ concerns when he asked the woman to use the gym’s unisex bathroom.

Anti-discrimination, religious liberty paired in bill from Ohio GOP lawmaker
The Ohio Statehouse hasn't recently backed bills that protect gay and lesbian Ohioans from discrimination -- or religious liberty.

Paxton warns Target on transgender bathroom policy
Transgender folks can choose room, drawing criticism and Paxton letter

Observatory for Hate Crimes Against Trans Community Launched in BA
LGBT groups have established a new observatory to monitor violence towards the trans community in the city of Buenos Aires.