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quinta-feira, maio 19, 2016

Projecto do Bloco prevê mudança de sexo em oito dias e fim de cirurgias para bebés hermafroditas
O Bloco de Esquerda quer criar na lei o “direito à autodeterminação de género” e permitir que qualquer pessoa possa alterar o sexo, o nome e a fotografia no Registo Civil sem necessidade de cirurgias ou relatórios médicos.

Inside England's only gender identity clinic for children
It is England's only clinic for children experiencing difficulties in the development of their gender identity.

Transgender children say their identity is not about 'what's between your legs'
'Something felt wrong inside. Being a boy is a bit stressful'

Denmark to no longer define transgender as mental illness
Denmark is set to officially delete the definition of transgender as a mental illness. The move will make Denmark the world’s first health authority to take the step.
Denmark will no longer treat ‘transgenderism’ as a mental illness
Denmark to no longer classify transgender individuals as mentally ill

[New Zealand]
Stats NZ will further test LGBTI Census questions
Statistics New Zealand is planning to test new or amended questions ahead of the 2018 Census, including a question on sexual orientation, however a question on gender identity is still being developed.

Private sector pulling ahead of BC Liberals on trans rights?
Tips for human resources professionals trying to support trans employees

Why trans people are upset with Canada's census
The ‘What is your sex?’ question isn't so clear cut

Transgender rights legislation coming 'very shortly'
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia will be 'a big day': minister's spokesperson

Obama administration assures bathroom access for trans students
First reported by The New York Times, the guidance spells out that treatment of transgender students contrary to their gender identity constitutes a violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which could result in a loss of federal funds for schools.

Dept. of Education: Yes, Title IX Protects Trans Students
The federal Department of Education will formally release new guidance for schools about Title IX’s implications for transgender students on Friday.

Carter: Military can work out 'practical issues' to lift transgender ban
Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday reiterated his intention to allow transgender people to openly serve in the military, and said he's confident any "practical issues" can be resolved.

Clovis mother upset about new transgender law
Friday the Education and Justice Departments will send a letter to schools saying all public schools are obligated to treat transgender students in a way that matches their gender identity. Saying anything else is discrimination. But one Clovis Unified Mother, where the changes are already in effect, said it's not fair for her daughter and limits her rights.

San Francisco Catholic school teacher comes out as transgender — and finds acceptance
Gabriel Bodenheimer could have lost his job when he recently came out as transgender to leaders of a San Francisco Catholic high school. Instead, in what some call a momentous step, the English teacher will remain at Mercy High, fully accepted as a man.

School district passed new policy despite warnings it violated federal law; Complaint filed with US Department of Education after transgender student suspended for using men’s restroom
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida has filed a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights stating that the Marion County School District’s policy prohibiting transgender students from using restroom facilities consistent with their gender identities violates federal anti-discrimination law. The complaint was filed on behalf of a transgender student who was suspended for using a restroom consistent with his gender identity days after the Marion County School Board changed the district policy.
ACLU files sex discrimination complaint over transgender bathroom issue

Parents, students march on school board over transgender policy
A Fannin County school board meeting Thursday night was overflowing with parents concerned over a transgender bathroom policy.

Transgender Georgians are navigating gender marker maze
There are many hurdles that Georgia’s transgender and gender nonconforming community have to jump over in order to live their lives, but one has stood out even more so lately due to both a recent incident in traffic court and to it being an election year—changing the gender marker on their state-issued ID.

First in state: BMC to offer gender reassignment surgery
Hospital announces operations will begin this summer

Transgender Advocates Decry Kansas Proposal On Birth Records
Kansas will "absolutely" face a lawsuit if its health department moves ahead with planned regulatory changes that would make it far more difficult for transgender residents to alter their original birth certificates, a lawyer-advocate said Thursday.
Proposed law slammed as harmful to transgender youth

Massachusetts Senate approves transgender rights bill
The Massachusetts Senate has approved a bill to ban discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations.
Massachusetts Senate passes transgender anti-discrimination law
GLAD Applauds MA Senate Vote Advancing Transgender Non-Discrimination Bill

Feds enter HB2 case against North Carolina with solid record of victories
But so-called Title VII lawsuits can take years to resolve
Legal and political complications may further slow NC case
Some discrimination lawsuits settle quickly with consent decrees
Bank of America’s not giving up HB2 fight: CEO
ACC will keep championship events in North Carolina, for now
Mayor: North Carolina City Won't Back Down On LGBT Equality
NC Lt. Gov: Trans People Want To 'Trample On' The Rights Of '99.9 Percent' Of People
Federal Agencies Won't Hold Up Money Amid NC LGBT Law Fight
For transgender CEO, fight to repeal NC’s HB2 is personal
North Carolina's transgender bathroom battle: what sparked it, and what's next
Concerns after NC transgender student seen using bathroom with pants down
North Carolina Gov.: Feds Lack Authority to Set Policy for Transgender Students
North Carolina Beer Company Protests Anti-LGBT Bill: "F*CK HB 2"
Protesters assembled in opposition and support of HB2, McCrory
Transgender athlete competes in Cary event despite House Bill 2
White House And N.C. Governor In War Of Words Over Transgender Guidance

Transgender student: I felt like a leper
On the surface, 23-year-old Jillian Dawson, a student at Tulsa Community College, seems fine.

State superintendent criticizes federal directive on transgender restrooms
State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister shared some strong feelings about the government stepping into territory she says they have no business trying to control.

Tulsa Public Schools leads state on policy protection for transgender youth
The new controversy raging over school bathroom policies won't require any change at Tulsa Public Schools. The state's second-largest school district has already instituted new policy protections for transgender and gender-nonconforming youths.

Discovery continues in Keisha Jenkins murder case
Defense attorney Geoffrey Kilroy said he’s missing any kind of forensic evidence and police paperwork associated with the investigation of Pedro Redding, who is accused in the murder of transgender woman Keisha Jenkins.

Rock Hill pastor seeks local restroom law to keep transgender people out
NC’s legal tangle with feds isn’t deterring HB2 activists elsewhere
Rock Hill pastor petitioning local councils for bathroom bill
Analysts say advocates will dig in as dispute works its way through court

Texas Republicans: We Really Want To Discriminate Against Transgender People Too
Last year, the Texas legislature considered a record number of anti-LGBT bills (until Oklahoma surpassed that record this year), but few of them passed. Still, they may already be poised to follow through on some of those bills, if not introduce new measures specifically targeting the transgender community. The legislature doesn’t meet in even number years, so they can’t try to revisit those proposals until 2017, but as the Texas GOP holds its convention this week, its leaders are seeking out other ways to be a part of the anti-transgender news cycle ignited by North Carolina’s HB2.

Official: Texas Will Forego Federal Funds Over LGBT Policy
Texas' lieutenant governor said Friday that the state is prepared to forfeit billions of federal dollars in public school funding in defiance of an Obama administration directive requiring schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity
Texas Officials Raging Mad Over Trans Student Accommodations
Area districts caught in middle of political firestorm over transgender guidelines

Local school divisions, and the public, react to transgender announcement
The President has made it very clear; transgender students should get the same treatment as everyone else.

Gavin’s Story: Gavin Grimm is the new face of the transgender movement
When his high school offered Gavin Grimm a modified broom closet as a restroom, he not only refused to use it, he sued the school board. Meet the new face of the transgender movement.

Vt. high school changes bathroom policy for transgender students
A Southern Vermont high school is making changes after students walked out of classes in protest of how transgender students were told they were unable to use certain bathrooms.
Taking a deeper look at transgender rights in Vermont

Transgender activist Danni Askini drops out of 43rd District race
Danni Askini has suspended her campaign for the open state House seat in the 43rd District. In a statement released Friday, the Seattle transgender activist said she will step away from the race to focus on fighting I-1515 — a ballot measure that seeks to restrict bathroom access for transgender people in the state.

Kremer re-introducing Wisconsin transgender bathroom bill despite federal guidance
Guidance issued Friday by the Obama administration regarding the treatment of transgender students in public schools won't deter Wisconsin Rep. Jesse Kremer from re-introducing a bill aimed at regulating transgender students' use of bathroom and changing facilities.

Transgender Law Center takes legal action against Wisconsin school district denying transgender boy access to boys’ restrooms
Transgender Law Center filed a complaint today with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights on behalf of a 16-year-old transgender boy who has been barred from using the boys’ restroom by the Kenosha Unified School District in Wisconsin. Ashton Whitaker, a student at Tremper High School, had been using the boys’ restrooms without incident since the beginning of the school year, until school administrators intervened and threatened him with disciplinary action if he continued to use the boys’ restroom.
Wisconsin Trans Student Sues for Equal Bathroom Access

Brazilian Transgender woman murdered for killing malevolent father
Six more killings of trans people in Brazil, a nonstop slaughter. And these are just the murders that we know of. Not all murders are reported, and some of them are written about without a single mention that the victims were transgender. Most of the Brazilian transgender people murdered are reported as “gay” men.