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quinta-feira, junho 02, 2016

Câmara de Lisboa hasteou bandeira LGBT
Para marcar o dia nacional contra a homofobia e a transfobia, a Câmara Municipal de Lisboa hasteou a bandeira do arco-íris. Dia foi instituído depois de aprovação unânime pelo Parlamento.
Bandeira do arco-íris hasteada na Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Câmara de Lisboa hasteia bandeira LGBT
Câmara de Lisboa assinala dia contra homofobia ao hastear bandeira LGBT
O estranho caso da “bandeira arco-íris” desaparecida da Câmara de Lisboa
O estranho caso da "bandeira arco-íris" desaparecida da Câmara de Lisboa
Bandeira LGBT desaparece dos Paços do Concelho de Lisboa

Census may include sexuality and gender identity questions by 2021
The next census may ask people about their sexuality and “gender identity” for the first time.

Child gender identity referrals on the rise in Yorkshire
The number of children and young people in Yorkshire and the Humber who are being referred to a gender identity clinic has risen from eight to 133.

Beyond Binary
In communities around the globe, genderqueer, gender-variant and gender-fluid people are rejecting the categories of male and female, and attempting to re-define gender identity. Linda Pressly asks if being non-binary breaks the last identity taboo, and explores the challenges it creates for the law, society and conventional concepts about the very nature of gender.

Trans People Could Face Rape Charges For Not Disclosing Gender History
According to a report made by the media outlet Gay Star News, British transgender people could face charges of rape and sexual assault if they do not disclose their gender history before being intimate with a partner, including acts as innocent as kissing.

Trans rights continue to develop in Denmark & Norway
Transgender Europe welcomes the developments for trans rights in Denmark and Norway this week. In Denmark [1], the Danish Parliament has adopted a symbolic decision [2] to remove trans people from the list of mental illnesses. While in Norway [3], a new law, which gives trans people access to quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition will go through a final vote on Monday 6th June, after being presented in Parliament yesterday.

Bologna’s beauty contest for F-to-M transsexuals
A beauty contest has taken place in Italy for transgender men, i.e., females who have become male.

Pakistani transgender activist who was shot, then taunted at hospital, dies of injuries
Alisha, a 23-year-old transgender activist, died at a northern Pakistani hospital Wednesday after a shooting incident and delays in medical care that exposed the discrimination faced by sexual minorities in the South Asian country.

India's transgender sari models winning hearts
In a highly unusual move, a designer in the southern Indian state of Kerala has launched her new collection of saris, featuring two transgender models, writes the BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi.

Foxtel's intriguing new political thriller includes trans character
It’s already being described as Australia’s own ‘House of Cards’, and new Foxtel mini-series Secret City may break new ground with a transgender character at the heart of the shady political shenanigans.

Transgender bathroom debate has students wondering 'what the big deal is'
Teens call the fight to restrict washroom access 'ridiculous' and 'absurd'

Anti-LGBT Columnist Blasts Trudeau Over Trans Protections Amendment
Less than a month after warning readers that any acceptance of same-sex marriage by the Methodist Church would usher in a "tsunami of perversion," anti-LGBT columnist Jennifer LeClaire is back. This time she's here to blast Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for backing transgender protections, which she claims may encourage violence, discrimination and jail time -- for people like her.

UPDATE: New details about B.C. woman wanted for arson at Montreal transgender clinic
As Montreal Police try to locate a B.C. woman wanted for setting fire to Canada’s only transgender reassignment clinic, we are learning more about the suspect.

O'Reilly: Transgender People Using Bathroom Preferences A “Violation” “Of Everybody’s Rights”
O'Reilly: Inclusive Bathroom Policies Are "Designed To Make Americans Believe There Is No Difference In Gender At All"

‘Family’ group promotes Target protest with offensive anti-trans video
It’s the latest right-wing crusade against Target‘s new policy, which allow trans customers and staff to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.
Lafferty: Target & Hershey Are Now 'Pedophile Magnets And Pervert Magnets'

Glenn Beck: 'I Guarantee You The Next Stop On This Train Is Pedophilia'
Glenn Beck kicked off his radio program today by reacting to the announcement by Hershey Park that its guests and employees are allowed to use the restrooms that match the gender with which they identify by declaring that the next step will be the normalization of pedophilia.

Poll: Plurality Support Transgender Bathroom Choice, Want Government Out
A plurality of Americans say transgender individuals should be able to use the bathrooms of their choice, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows. The poll also finds pluralities opposing state or federal governments’ involvement in the issue.

Whoopi Goldberg’s trans reality show to hit screens this year
The comedian and actress serves as executive producer on the upcoming show.

Sanders responds to trans group questionnaire — but not Clinton
A newly formed pro-transgender political action committee has sent out a questionnaire to each of the major 2016 presidential candidates — but only Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has responded.

Abraham's legislation attacks transgender bathroom policy
Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham has filed a measure he hopes will undo President Obama's directive for schools to allow students to use any bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

Trump Claims Gender Neutral Bathrooms Would Cost 'Hundreds of Billions of Dollars'
A month after stating Caitlyn Jenner is welcomed to use the ladies' room at Trump Tower, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted the idea of gender neutral facilities on the grounds that they would cost "hundreds of billions of dollars."

FRC And Focus On The Family's 'Scientific' Denial Of Transgender Identity
Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton spoke at the Family Research Council Monday on “The Scientific Objectivity and Universality of Gender Difference.” The context, explained in FRC’s promotion for the talk, was the Obama administration’s directive on transgender students’ access to facilities that match their gender identity — or, in FRC’s words, the administration’s “working to elevate the cause of these individuals who believe their observable, biological sex does not match their gender identity.”
Here’s a fella who is disappointed there hasn’t been trans people gunned down in bathrooms

Anti-transgender fliers with KKK contact information left at Dothan homes
The Dothan Police Department received a report of at least two local residents getting what police have called Ku Klux Klan fliers delivered to their homes.

Bathroom debate could roil 2017 Arkansas session
The Arkansas Legislature avoided a fight during its special session on highways over which restrooms transgender people could use, but lawmakers on both side of the issue say it'll certainly be on the agenda when they return to the Capitol next year.

Court Victory in Bathroom Battle
A week after the Obama Administration issued "guidance" to public schools that would result in students being exposed in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, a court in California handed a victory to the proponents of a referendum to overturn that state's own "bathroom law."

Santa Barbara High Seniors Choose Transgender Prom Queen
Student thrilled to wear the crown

Sunshine State News: Florida Voters Back Medical Marijuana, Transgender Bathroom Law
Florida voters remain open to supporting a proposed state constitutional amendment on medical marijuana and back the idea of a law for transgender individuals using “bathrooms that correspond to their gender at birth rather than their gender identity,” a new poll shows.

Florida Democrats Elect First Openly Transgender Delegate
For the first time, Florida’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention will include an openly transgender individual.

Duval School Board Discusses Transgender Bathroom Access Lawsuit
The Duval County Public School Board met privately Monday to discuss a lawsuit against its policy of allowing transgender students to use restrooms matching their identified gender.
Pros, cons offered on Duval schools bathroom limits on transgender students

Illinois Resolution On Transgender Bathroom Laws Passes Senate Committee
Just who can use what bathroom has garnered headlines across the country. Illinois senators are calling for a ban on unnecessary government travel to two states with bathroom laws targeting transgender individuals.

Local school district adds gender identity protections, angry parents voice frustrations
Angry parents aired their frustrations with Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation board members as they voted on a “gender identity” policy change Monday night.

Kansas lawmakers expected to take up transgender bathroom use issue
Conservatives could pass resolution opposing Obama administration stance

Louisiana Senate rejects religious-objections bill
Louisiana’s state senators on Tuesday refused to enact a new law declaring that pastors and churches don’t have to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies or allow them in their facilities.

Opponents of transgender rights bill gather on Beacon Hill
Opponents of the “Bathroom Bill” told lawmakers on Tuesday why they don’t want to expand transgender rights. About a hundred parents and children filled the Grand Staircase of the State House Tuesday holding signs that read “No Bathroom Bill.”

Three Harford parents criticize school board for not speaking against federal mandate on transgender students
Eric Daxon, a Harford County Public Schools parent, acknowledges that his 7-year-old daughter tells him "no" – when he tells her to do something – "on a regular basis."

Mississippi Governor Would Rather Be Crucified Than Repeal Anti-LGBT+ Law
Speaking at the 'Watchmen on the Wall' conference, a group of Christians that focus on trying to 'shape public policy and informed civic activism', this weekend Mississippi governor Phil Bryant has said that he would rather be crucified then to repeal hateful anti-LGBT+ laws.

Ed board to 'follow state lead' on transgender policy
After meeting behind closed doors for two-and-a-half hours, the state Board of Education voted unanimously to "support the position of the state leadership" and ignore a federal directive to allow transgender students to use the school restrooms and locker rooms with which they identify sexually.

Fort Peck Tribe transgender bathroom policy modeled on North Carolina law
Tribal leaders of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation have adopted a transgender bathroom policy that mirrors the controversial bill in North Carolina recently opposed by President Obama.

Dave Matthews Band: Despite HB2, Friday’s show must go on
The Dave Matthews Band has officially quashed any speculation that it might cancel its Charlotte concert in response to House Bill 2.
North Carolina musician boycott is decimating local businesses
Transgender North Carolinians Rally Against HB2 in Charlotte
City Council won't vote on repeal of anti-discrimination ordinance
Faith leaders comparing HB2 with civil rights movement 'offensive'
Republicans look to combine North Carolina LGBT lawsuits
Charlotte has lost $285 million and 1,300 jobs thanks to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law
North Carolina’s GOP Senator Says State’s Anti-LGBT Law Goes ‘Too Far’
San Francisco 49ers Call for a Repeal of N.C.'s Anti-LGBT Law
HB2: Transgender student bathroom concerns at Pisgah High School
NC House speaker: On HB2, Charlotte must repeal first
After visit with NC students, police, Attorney General Lynch says HB2 “inconsistent” with ideals
Poll results show tight NC races; most responders favor repeal of HB2
Chamber: Let cities pass own LGBT protections

Gov. Ricketts: Transgender policy should not affect NCAA events in Omaha
The NCAA requires that sites hosting or bidding on its events show how they will provide an environment that is "safe, healthy and free from discrimination." In fact, at the NCAA Board of Governors meeting on April 27, the board's most recent meeting, those in attendance doubled down on the policy, voting unanimously to reaffirm the policy.

Lyndhurst district to keep its transgender bathroom policy unaltered
The Township Board of Education voted on Monday night to keep in place its current policy intended to protect the rights of transgender students, which it adopted two years ago, rather than revising it.

NJ School District Passes New Transgender Student Policy
School administrators say that their policy goes one step further than most around the state allowing students to pick bathrooms based on gender identity

Rockaway Township school district has no policy regarding transgender students
Last Wednesday’s Rockaway Township Board of Education meeting opened with public comments regarding transgender students.

AVP learns of an anti-transgender hate violence incident in Park Slope, Brooklyn
AVP has learned of an anti-transgender hate violence incident that occurred on Friday, May 13th in Park Slope, Brooklyn. According to media reports, a 32-year-old transgender woman was walking on 9th Street near 7th Avenue when she was called an anti-gay slur, and then beaten. The survivor was treated for her injuries at Methodist Hospital. The NYPD is investigating this incident as a hate crime. Police and press originally reported last week that the survivor was a transgender man, underscoring the need for accurately reporting information on transgender people.

Barber shop turns away transgender man
Barbers at a Town of Ulster “men’s only” shop told a transgender man on May 12 he looked like a woman, and they refused to cut his hair.

Chambers Urge Oklahoma Lawmakers to Kill Transgender Bill
Chambers of commerce in Oklahoma's two largest cities are urging state lawmakers to kill a bill that could require school districts to provide separate restrooms for students who object to sharing restrooms with transgender students.
Oklahoma City Chamber warns of “severe economic damage” from transgender bathroom bill
Oklahoma House committee blocks transgender 'bathroom bill'
Okla. Lawmakers Lie, Revive Anti-LGBT Bill

Roseburg School District policies unchanged since transgender guidelines were suggested
Roseburg Public Schools has not changed its policies since the U.S. Department of Education passed suggested guidelines on transgender students.

Bucks lawmakers sign rebuke against Obama's transgender bathroom letter
Despite cosponsoring a House bill that protects LGBT individuals from employment and housing discrimination, two Republican state representatives from Bucks County have endorsed a sharp rebuke against President Obama's order for public schools to protect transgender students from discrimination.

Transgender student on bathroom debate: 'It's just a place to pee'
When Tadi Betancourt, a senior at East Pennsboro High School, wants to use the bathroom, he prefers to use one of the bathrooms in the school nurse's office. Those bathrooms are locked with a key.

LMSD's final budget proposal presented; gender expansive and transgender policy approved
Lower Merion school officials this week presented the district’s final 2016-17 budget that will be voted on by the school board June 13. The final budget calls for a 4.4 percent tax hike in order to close an $8.8 million deficit.

Senate to discuss bill undoing BCSD decision on transgender bathrooms
South Carolina Senators are expected to make a decision on a bill requiring Berkeley County students to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender at the time of birth.

Berkeley schools won’t change transgender bathroom policy
With just three school days left in the year, the Berkeley County School District on Tuesday opted not to change its decision regarding transgender student bathroom use.

Governor backs state help for schools sued over transgender policies
The move toward a special session of Tennessee lawmakers to deal with the transgender bathroom issue may be losing some steam, but Governor Bill Haslam said Tuesday he supports the state stepping in to help school districts sued over transgender policies.

New Dallas-Fort Worth immigration facility to include unit for transgender detainees
Federal immigration officials will soon open a new detention facility southwest of Dallas that includes a special unit for transgender detainees.
ICE to Warehouse Trans Immigrants in Texas Despite Calls for Release

FWISD Transgender Guidelines Expected To Be School Board Meeting Topic
Parents, supporters and protestors are expected to gather again in Fort Worth tonight. The transgender bathroom issue is expected to come up during the Fort Worth Independent School District school board meeting.
Opponents of FWISD's transgender guidelines dominate board meeting

Harrold ISD says ‘no’ to transgender bathrooms
The Harrold ISD is one of the first districts in the region to refute President Obama's directive to allow students in public schools to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.
Granbury ISD superintendent fires back at officials over transgender directive

Hampden-Sydney extends professor's contract amid transgender uproar
Hampden-Sydney College reversed course last week and decided to renew the contract of a visiting professor amid an uproar over his comments that appeared to advocate violence against transgender people.
How The Religious Right Browbeat A Private School In Rehiring An Anti-LGBT Religious Right Activist

How A Conservative Law Firm Convinced A School System To Gamble On An Anti-Transgender Policy
The schools in Grayson County, Virginia have a new policy governing their bathrooms and locker rooms, and it’s the exact opposite of what the Obama administration recently recommended in its guidance on accommodating transgender students. School officials credited the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for both drafting the policy and encouraging them to implement it, but they might someday regret trusting the conservative legal organization.

Transgender bathroom rule to get hearing in Yakima
A rule adopted late last year that people can use public restrooms and other facilities in Washington based on their gender identity will be reviewed by a joint legislative committee next month in Yakima.

Jeld-Wen draws hard line on transgender bathroom use
A Jeld-Wen attorney has said the company supports a transgender person’s right to use the restroom of their choice as the manufacturer fights a union grievance challenging this position.

Albany County Superintendent on Transgender Student Protections
The superintendent of Albany County School District No. 1 says he doesn’t believe an explicit policy protecting the civil rights of transgender students will be adopted any time soon.

Trial for the murder of Laura Vermont begins Thursday
The trial for the murder of transgender woman Laura Vermont, begins Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 at the Criminal Forum Minister Mario Guimarães in São Paulo, Brazil.

Trujillo: Sicarios matan de cuatro balazos a un adolescente travesti de 15 años
Asesinos a sueldo le dispararon a quemarropa cuando tomaba licor con sus amigos. Tres de los proyectiles le impactaron en la cabeza al menor.
James Dobson calls for gunning down trans people, gets wish same day