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quarta-feira, junho 08, 2016

Transexual 'crucificada' é desconvidada de 'Sense8' e promete processar produtores
Viviany Beleboni receberia cachê de R$ 300 para participar de três dias de gravações

Travesti filmava encontros para depois extorquir as vítimas
Mayron Kuss de Souza, 20 anos, conhecida como “Mayara” nas redes sociais e pelos clientes, foi preso em flagrante por policiais do 8.º Distrito Policial (Portão), por extorsão. A travesti é suspeita de filmar uma das relações sexuais e, segundo a polícia, ameaçar colocar o vídeo na internet.

Personagem trans de 'À flor da pele' será vivido por atriz cis
Modelos transexuais teriam feito testes, mas Caroline Duarte ficou com o papel

Trans Woman Sent To Male Prison
After assurances from the British government that a review would take place to prevent transgender women from being sent to male prisons following the deaths of two transgender inmates yet another transgender woman has been sent to an all male facility.

Trans Notes from a Small Island: Talking Toilets
So, this week, the trans toilet argument hit the press in Jersey, the Channel Island where I live and work. Using our new discrimination laws, a trans woman brought a case against our local ferry company for discrimination. When she asked which toilet she should use, she was directed to the disabled cubicle. She was also misgendered and called “Mr”.

Norway approves Legal Gender Recognition based on Self Determination
I have been working on this issue since 2000, and the first proposal for a law for trans* persons came in December 2000 after I approached a representative from the Socialist left party (I was then a member of LFTS, now the Harry Benjamin Resource Center). It took about 16 years to get the law, and things really started rolling once we organised ourselves better and did political work within the organisations.
Norway becomes fourth country in the world to allow trans people to determine their own gender
NORUEGA: País aprova auto determinação de género, 4º país a aprová-lo

The story of Alisha: wake up, Pakistan
Alisha, a transgender and an activist for the rights of transgenders, was mercilessly shot multiple times on Sunday. An action that can be categorised as born out of sheer antipathy, Alisha’s murder points to the grave proportions intolerance has reached in the country. As if the shooting of an innocent human being by a gang of bigoted criminals was not appalling enough, the doctors at the Lady Reading Hospital reportedly wasted precious time debating whether Alisha, in her critical condition, should be shifted to the male or the female ward.
Police believe case strong against transgender’s ‘killer’

[Hong Kong]
The ‘bathroom hurdle’: A transgender woman’s fight for legal recognition and safe spaces
May 8 started out as a usual Sunday afternoon for Phoenix (name changed to protect privacy). After having lunch in Sheung Wan, she went to the IFC Mall in Central to get tickets for a movie she wanted to see later in the week. Phoenix was wearing a revealing top and, having recently undergone “top surgery” – meaning sex reassignment surgical procedures for the chest – she was feeling confident about herself.

Personal suffering fuels Malaysia trans advocate’s fight
Human Rights Watch said in a 2014 report that Malaysia was "one of the worst countries" in the world for transgender people

Police arrest suspect in murder of transgender woman found in luggage
Police have arrested a Chinese national over the killing of a Filipino transgender woman found stuffed in luggage left along the highway in Bacoor, Cavite.

[New Zealand]
Transgender advocate speaks out against bullying
Mary Haddock-Staniland still remembers being bullied at the Matamata school she went to and being yelled at on the street.

New Brunswick will now cover gender-confirming surgeries
Transgender individuals will be able to change their birth certificates to match their gender identities

It’s not just transgender people: public restrooms have bred fear for centuries
Shortly before midnight on January 3, 1966, Samuel Younge Jr. pulled his bus into a Standard Oil gas station in Tuskegee, Alabama. A college student and civil rights activist, he had spent his day registering black voters in neighboring Macon County.

Transgender Rights Could Head to Supreme Court With Bathroom Law
A lawsuit brought by Texas and other states against the Obama administration's policy on bathroom access may move the United States closer to a resolution on transgenderrights by putting the issue on a trajectory for the Supreme Court.

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Caitlyn Jenner Needs An Exorcism To Rid Her Of The Demonic 'Spirit Of Insanity'
On his latest "Pray In Jesus Name" program, Religious Right activist and Colorado Republican lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt declared that Caitlyn Jenner needs an exorcism to rid her of the demonic "spirit of insanity."

Breitbart: conviction of Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Richards a right VS left issue
Breitbart News which religiously attacks transgender people of all ethnicities published an article about the conviction of Black Lives Matter activist Jasmine Richards framing its as a right VS left issue. What’s really disturbing, is that at the moment the Breibart article is number one in google searches.

Trans Teen Role Models Jazz Jennings and Corey Maison light up large audiences
Fifteen-year-old trans youth Jazz Jennings, no stranger to this space or the trans community, was invited to participate in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists’ annual meeting which included a symposium titled: “Transgender Medicine: What an Endocrinologist Should Know.”

GOP Congressman Files 'Bathroom Bill' Targeting Transgender People in US Capitol
Amendment Would Prohibit Transgender People From Using Restrooms in Accordance With Their Gender Identity

For trans people, family rejection tied to suicide attempts, substance abuse
For transgender or gender non-conforming individuals, as rejection from family members increases, so does their likelihood of suicide attempts or substance abuse, according to a new study.

Absolut Vodka Gets Provocative With Transgender Ad
Absolut Vodka dares to go where most big-time booze-sellers won’t with a new ad featuring a transgender story line.

Transgender equality discussion takes center stage at state track meet
It’s a controversial conversation happening all over the country -- Should students who were born as one sex and identify with another be able to participate in the same activities as the gender they identify with?
At Alaska state track meet, a transgender athlete makes her mark
Transgender student races in girls’ track in spite of criticism from anti-trans bigots

Debate over transgender bathrooms in schools continues
Alabama school districts ordered to overlook presidential directive

Calif. Senate Approves Bill to Protect LGBT Students at Private Universities
The California State Senate has approved a bill, authored by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) and sponsored by Equality California, to close a loophole that allows private universities to discriminate against students and staff based on their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Transgender woman sues Big Bear Lake hospital for discrimination, harassment
A transgender woman and EMT at Bear Valley Community Hospital in Big Bear Lake has filed a federal lawsuit against the hospital, alleging a culture of harassment and discrimination that forced her to go out on disability.

Greater New Haven schools confident in complying with federal transgender bathroom policies
In a memo sent to Connecticut superintendents of schools this past week, state Commissioner of Education Dianna R. Wentzell said providing transgender students with a safe and healthful learning environment is urgent, even if it isn’t new.

Trans inmate first to begin hormones in prison
Kai Short became Delaware’s first transgender inmate to begin hormone therapy in prison, paid for by taxpayers.

After Petition Pressure, University of Miami Adopts New Policies for Transgender Students
The University of Miami's Health System has a department dedicated to gender confirmation services for transgender individuals. "Our goal is to help... make your transition as comfortable and easy as possible," reads the department's website.

Florida leaders reluctant to join transgender bathroom battle
Where transgender individuals go to the bathroom has become the latest battle in America's social-issue wars, but so far top Republican leaders in Florida have refused to join the fray.

Georgia congressman quotes Bible verse before key vote: gays ‘worthy of death’
A conservative Georgia congressman from the Augusta area launched a GOP policy meeting Thursday by quoting a Bible passage that condemned homosexuality and said gays are “worthy of death.” The incident took place before the House chamber voted to reject a spending bill that included an amendment barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Georgia ACLU Director Departs over Transgender Litigation (UPDATE 1)
Maya Dillard Smith, Interim Director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), says she has left the organization due to a disagreement she had over its participation in recent litigation over the use of public restrooms by transgender persons. And at least one transgender advocate is outraged by her comments.

Student A seeks intervene in trans lawsuit against the feds, District 211
Student A, the young woman at the center of a very public debate in suburban Chicago about use of locker room facilities for students who are transgender, today joined with her parents, two other families with students (Student B and Student C) who are transgender in District 211 and a statewide group that works with LGBT youth to file a motion with the federal district court in Chicago to join the lawsuit filed by two anti-LGBT rights groups in early May.

Testimony on Chicago transgender measure set for June 8
The City Council's Committee on Human Relations on Wed., June 8 will hear testimony on a proposed amendment to the city's Human Rights ordinance that prohibits public accommodations—such as hotels, restaurants or grocery stores—from requiring that patrons show a government ID to prove their gender identity in order to access facilities such as restrooms or changing facilities.

Bevin joins transgender bathroom lawsuit after calling issue ‘nonsense’ in 2015
Governor calls Obama guidelines federal overreach into a local issue
He did not give issue high priority in early days of his administration
Attorney General Beshear says Bevin didn’t work with him
Beshear: Bevin playing games on transgender issue

Michigan Republicans Want Their Chance In The Anti-Trans Spotlight, Too
Michigan’s Republican lawmakers seem to be feeling a bit left out of the anti-transgender backlash sweeping state legislatures and attorneys general’s offices. This week, it got its own bill limiting restroom use for transgender students and made its own attempt to push back on the Obama administration’s guidance protecting them from such restrictions.
Transgender bathroom directive a 'federal overreach,' Michigan AG says

Mpls. City Council Approves Efforts For Further Transgender Equity
Minneapolis officials say the city is now supporting efforts to further transgender equity.

Mississippi A.G.: Won't Lend State's Name to Suit Over Guidance on Trans Students
Attorney General Jim Hood says Gov. Phil Bryant, not the state of Mississippi, will join in a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its recommendation that public schools respect the gender identity of transgender students.

More at stake than bathrooms in debate over transgender student rights
For transgender people in Montana, there’s more at stake in the national debate on transgender students’ rights than which bathroom they use.

Transgender students say it’s not a choice
Growing up in Bozeman, Spencer Pappas always felt like a boy, though the world saw him as a girl.

Durham school board deals with conflicting government opinions on HB2
On Thursday, Durham Public Schools officials discussed the difficult situation they and other school districts in North Carolina faces handling the conflicting state and federal government opinion’s on House Bill 2.
NC coast sees little impact from HB2 on holiday tourism
Attendance at N.C. furniture market drops slightly
Gov. McCrory: North Carolina Enforcing Anti-Trans Law As Trespassing
McCrory asks Congress to act on transgender laws
NC House Bill 2 has uncertain impact on sports locker rooms
UNC system says it won't enforce transgender restroom rules
UNC asks the state attorney general to pay for private lawyers in fight over transgender ‘bathroom law’
UNC asks AG to pay for outside lawyers in HB2 lawsuits
WATCH: Charlotte transgender activists featured in British TV segment on HB2
University of North Carolina now won’t enforce anti-LGBT law
Inside Politics: Polls get different results on HB2 surveys

UPDATE: Stenehjem plans transgender bathroom lawsuit while criticizing Burgum for 'nothing but talk'
North Dakota Republican Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said Friday morning he will file a lawsuit against the federal government over transgender bathroom policies.

Before North Carolina, There Were Other Contentious 'Bathroom Bill' Fights
The debate over bathrooms and who should use them picked up steam after North Carolina's recent law requiring people to use bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. But the debate started years before North Carolina took it up.

Transgender woman slashed by man who asked for ‘sexual favor’ on Queens street
A transgender woman was slashed by a cat-caller she rejected on a Queens sidewalk and police are searching for her attacker.

Tuscarawas County superintendents take wait-and-see attitude toward transgender directive
The Obama administration's directive on transgender bathroom access was discussed in detail when the superintendents of Tuscarawas County's public schools met recently for their monthly meeting.

Portland Is Making Its Single-User Bathrooms Gender Neutral
Portland is joining the movement for gender-neutral restrooms.

Providence police investigate overnight stabbing
One person is hospitalized, and a second is being sought following a stabbing in Providence early Saturday morning.

Tenn. DOE says transgender bathroom issue up to local school systems for now
In light of a federal court challenge to federal guidance on transgender bathroom usage in secondary schools, the Tennessee Department of Education is advising school districts to handle the issue individually with the advice of school board attorneys.

Harrold ISD superintendent: AG did not ask district to pass transgender bathroom policy
The idea that the Texas attorney general's office was "shopping" a transgender bathroom policy to public school districts so it could file a lawsuit against the federal government is not true, said David Thweatt, the superintendent of the Texas school district at the center of the landmark lawsuit.

Controversial Rule To Exclude Transgender Athletes In Texas Public Schools
More controversy surrounding transgender rights in Texas public schools. It began with access to bathrooms. Now a policy regarding school athletics and extracurricular activities is under fire.

Liberty Counsel asks Virginia Supreme Court Case to Take Up Their Fairfax Lawsuit
The right-wing legal organization challenging Fairfax County Public Schools' (FCPS) nondiscrimination policy has asked the Virginia Supreme Court to hear their lawsuit.

Group asks Hanover schools to oppose transgender bathroom access
A group of about 280 Hanover County Christians is asking the county’s elected officials to reject a federal government directive to open restrooms and other facilities to transgender students.

Police seek persons of interest in homicide case
Burlington police are still searching for two people of interest in connection with the beating death of a Milton man.
Transgender man dies after attack

Top Wyoming leaders plan to fight federal transgender guidance
Wyoming’s top leadership plans to fight guidance regarding transgender rights that came May 13 from the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice.

Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade turns 20
The Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade has celebrated two decades of the struggle for equal rights by Brazil's homosexual community, this time including thousands of participants focused on urging to speed up debate on the Gender Identity Law.
Hundreds of thousands turn out for Sao Paulo gay pride march
Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade Celebrates 20 Years of LGBT Community’s Struggle