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segunda-feira, junho 13, 2016

Laboratório de fonoaudiologia ajuda transexuais a readequar a voz no Rio
Objetivo é fazer com que vozes se tornem mais naturais.
Pacientes afirmam que tratamento os ajudou a perder a timidez.

Why toilets are a battleground for transgender rights
With President Obama facing legal action from 12 states, toilets in the US have become a flashpoint for transgender rights. In Jersey, a transgender woman recently won a landmark case, after arguing the words "ladies" and "gents" on a ferry's toilets were discriminatory. But why is the issue of transgender people and toilets so emotive?

Health trust failed my son, says mum of transgender suicide victim
A heartbroken mother believes her transgender child, who took his own life, was discriminated against because of his sexuality.

[South Africa]
Activists challenge sex change act
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexed activists have slammed as problematic the provisions of the Alteration of Sex Description and Status Act, which requires sex-change surgery to be registered.

Trans man settles case after being held in female prison
A trans man who was forced into female clothing and put in a female cell has settled his case with Toronto Police.
Transgender man forced into clothes and jail for women settles with Toronto police

Poll shows two thirds of Albertans support protection for transgender students
A majority of Albertans support initiatives to protect transgender students, according to the results of a recent poll conducted by Canadian firm Leger.

Airbnb under fire for host who denied lodging to trans woman
Airbnb is under fire for taking nearly one year to ban a host who turned away a transgender woman amid growing scrutiny of discrimination on the service.
Airbnb faces outcry after transgender guest was denied stay by a host

GOP Congressman Files 'Bathroom Bill' Targeting Transgender People in US Capitol
Amendment Would Prohibit Transgender People From Using Restrooms in Accordance With Their Gender Identity

Air Force Sec Discusses Transgenders In Military
According to Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James, she is "certain" that transgender members of the U.S. military will be allowed to serve in "a more open way" in the near future.

Special Report: How to Get Away With Harassing, Firing or Never Even Hiring a Trans Worker of Color
A landmark federal lawsuit effectively outlawed work discrimination against transgender people four years ago. So why are trans employees of color still catching so much hell?

An ACLU Attorney’s Ugly Transformation Into An Anti-Transgender Pundit
Conservatives are clamoring to highlight the story of Maya Dillard Smith, the Interim Director of the ACLU’s Georgia chapter who quit over her position on transgender issues. Under the guise of having “questions” about trans issues, Smith has fully embraced a new public role as an advocate against transgender equality.

Christian Anti-Transgender Protest Day Against Target Flops
Despite their best efforts to organize massive national protests against Target for the retail chain’s transgender-inclusive policies, Christian activist group Faith2Action‘s “Don’t Target Our Daughters Day” flopped spectacularly over the weekend with only a handful of sparse protests nationwide.
Right-Wing Protest of Target's Trans Bathroom Policy Is a 'Bust'

‘Growing Up Coy’ Explores the Fallout After a Family Fought for Its Transgender Child
Before North Carolina passed its controversial bathroom law, before Caitlyn Jenner transitioned and before “Transparent” became a hit TV series, a little kid in rural Colorado was told she couldn’t use the girls’ restroom at school anymore.

Virginia asks Supreme Court to decide transgender bathroom battle
Despite back to back victories in federal court, the rights of transgender students like Gavin Grimm of Gloucester County, Va. are not yet secure and may finally be decided by the highest court in the United States.
Gloucester School Board taking transgender bathroom case to U.S. Supreme Court
Gloucester County School Board appealing to Supreme Court in transgender bathroom case

Here you pee again: Dolly Parton sounds off on ‘bathroom bills’
Longtime LGBTQ ally Dolly Parton was able to shut down those opposed to allowing transgender people to use the bathroom matching their gender identity with just one soundbite a mere 14 seconds long. Yup, 14, as in 9+5, an ironic number since one of her hit songs is “9 to 5.”

In the Fight for Transgender Equality, Winning Hearts and Minds Online
At the climax of “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” the 1994 comedy that vaulted Jim Carrey into superstardom, our rubber-faced hero has a showdown with a woman who he suspects was once a man.

Fox & Friends Attacks High School Transgender Girl, Calling Her "Gender-Bending" And "Confused"
Laura Ingraham: “This Is Gender Bending -- This Is The Next Frontier Until There’s Another Frontier That … Those Who Want To Mix Up The Traditional Social Mores Want To Take Us To”

Residents: Anti-transgender fliers left by KKK
People living in a Lithia Springs subdivision woke up to find fliers in their driveways. The fliers offer a hateful message toward transgender people and have contacts to a Ku Klux Klan chapter.

UPDATE – Target Explosion due to drug use, not trans related; Cis woman arrested
June 12, 2016. Target bathroom explosion is the result of drug use – not trans issues. From an Evanston Police Dept. press release:

Chicago City Council committee to debate transgender bathroom ordinance
A City Council committee is set to discuss whether people need to prove their gender identity before using public bathrooms.

As transgender teens struggle, here’s how one Kentucky school leads the way
Public schools are caught in the middle of a political debate over bathrooms. The Obama administration says restricting a transgender student’s access to restrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex is discrimination and can be grounds for withholding funding.

Latest: Victim found in burned car in New Orleans East dies from blunt force trauma
The Coroner’s Office has classified the death of Devin Diamond, whose body was found in a burning car in New Orleans East on Sunday, as a homicide. The cause of Diamond’s death, Dr. Jeffrey Rouse said Friday, was “blunt force trauma.”

Lawmakers differ on effective date of transgender proposal
State Senate President Stan Rosenberg says the most significant difference between two versions of a transgender rights bill under consideration by lawmakers is the timing of when the proposed law would take effect.

Rockingham commissioners vote to support HB 2
More than 60 residents filled the parking lot in front of the Rockingham County Governmental Center on Monday night, rallying county commissioners to support House Bill 2, the controversial law that limits protections for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people.

Trans-forming the North Country
Advocates for transgender, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ community stop in Plattsburgh

County schools embrace transgender guidelines
Transgender students across the country have been given clarity of their rights in school and a multitude of protections, following unprecedented new guidelines released in May.

Detective: Alleged killer said 'voodoo spells' spurred stabbing of transgender woman
Tiffany Floyd stabbed Maya Young this year for two reasons: Both were vying for the same man, and the victim was casting "voodoo spells," a detective testified in court Tuesday.

RI doctor leads effort on caring for transgender children
"Gender and sexuality are absolutely a part of medical care."

Jackley: South Dakota to join transgender bathroom challenge
Attorney General Marty Jackley says South Dakota is joining other states in challenging the Obama administration’s directive to public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity.

White House invites Chattanooga transgender physician to attend event
A Chattanooga physician and transgender woman who helped fight Tennessee lawmakers' efforts to pass a bathroom bill that would have affected transgender students is heading to the White House this week as President Barack Obama hosts a reception recognizing June as national LGBT Pride Month.

Bradley Commissioners Back Rawls Resolution In Support Of Local Option On Transgender Bathroom Issue
The Bradley County Commission on Monday night was unanimous in backing a resolution by Commissioner Dan Rawls letting state legislators "know that we are behind you" on the transgender bathroom issue.

Collin County state representative tackles transgender policy
A state representative from Collin County is drafting a bill that would take on the transgender policy debate without using the term ‘transgender’ or talking about restrooms.

Vanderbilt tries to ease transgender challenges in health system
Vanderbilt University Medical Clinic is taking steps to help transgender patients from across the state navigate the thorny process of getting care as officials look to connect them with a full compliment of specialists who could aid their transitions.
Vanderbilt adds transgender surgeries to student insurance

Transgender woman attacked in north Houston
A Montrose woman believes she was targeted for robbery and sexual assault because she is transgender.

Dan Patrick’s Anti-Transgender Campaign: A jihadist Act of Terror
Call TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s vendetta against transgender people a jihad, for that is what it is.

When Seeking Basic Medical Care, Transgender People Face Discrimination in Houston
Shortly before she was set to start college, Rose tried to kill herself. When she decided to check herself into Houston Methodist Hospital on Fannin for psychiatric treatment, she says, the doctor in charge of her care didn’t want to let her leave. Not because she was a danger to herself or others, but because he wanted to hold her indefinitely until she gave up her belief she was a woman. According to her, only the fact that she was a voluntary committal and no longer a minor set her free back into the world.

Cross-dressing cowboy not welcome in ladies’ room at this barbecue joint
Female employees concerned the cowboy might try to use the women’s room
Sign on door: “No men allowed in women’s bathroom please”
Sign has nothing to do with national transgender debate, owner says

Va. Transgender People Share Workplace Discrimination Stories
A group of people in central Virginia say they are facing discrimination. Members of the transgender community say they are having trouble landing jobs and when employers find out they are transgender, they are turned away.

Campbell County Board of Supervisors vote to move against transgender bathrooms
An issue that's causing controversy across the nation made it's way to Campbell County.

State adds gender identity to health education
When the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction unveiled its new learning standards for health and physical education, a particular topic drew the attention of many parents: gender identity.

Marion Co. Residents Voice Concern Over Transgender Bathrooms at BOE Meeting
It was a packed house and a heated discussion Monday night during the Marion County Board of Education meeting.

Clay County schools won’t follow Obama transgender directive
The leaders of West Virginia’s Clay County public school system say their schools won’t follow the Obama administration’s directive to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.