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sábado, junho 11, 2016

Belle Dominique lança livro para comemorar 40 anos de carreira
"Belle Dominique - Um Menino Diferente" é o título da biografia de uma das mais sonantes estrelas do travestismo português. O livro foi apresentado este Sábado, na Casa do Alentejo, em Lisboa.

Lourenço Ódin Cunha lança livro: "Só vivemos uma vez e devemos fazê-lo em plenitude"
O ex-concorrente da Casa dos Segredos, e galardoado com o Prémio Personalidade do Ano em 2013 pelo, vai lançar um livro sobre o seu percurso de vida.

Missionário é esfaqueado por travesti na porta da igreja
Um missionário americano, de 59 anos, foi esfaqueado por um travesti na noite desta quarta-feira (8) na Vila Tortelli, região da Vila Gomes, ao tentar defender o pastor de uma igreja que discutia com um grupo de travestis em frente ao templo. A vítima foi socorrida e deve passar por cirurgia, e o autor da agressão não foi localizado.

Conservative rabbis support transgender rights
International Jewish organization affirms the rights of transgender individuals

'Transdaddy' hopes to make a difference in national transgender competition
A transgender woman – who has fathered three children – is hoping to make a difference when she takes part in a top competition.

Odisha becomes first state to give welfare to transgender community
There are no official figures, but activists say there are hundreds of thousands of transgender people in India who face ostracism and discrimination.

India's trans community loath to embrace third-gender status
A continued lack of acceptance and opportunity means India’s hijras are often reluctant to take advantage of a 2014 law permitting a formal change of identity

Will trans woman’s killer be eligible for parole in 10 years?
Sentencing delayed for Theodore Herntier in trans murder case in Winnipeg

Transsexual man’s complaint forces Toronto Police Service to update policies
A 2014 complaint brought before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal by a transsexual man has led to the Toronto Police Service revisiting its policies and procedures when dealing with members of the trans community.

Study Suggests Anti-Trans Parents May Literally Be Killing Their Kids
Rejection from family members seems to have a significant influence on the health of transgender people, a new study finds. Trans people whose spouses, parents, or children chose not to speak with them after transitioning experienced much higher rates of suicide attempts and substance abuse.

Follow-up dissenting opinion in the Fourth Circuit case involving transgender students and restrooms
A month and a half ago, a three-judge Fourth Circuit panel held, by a 2-to-1 vote, that schools must let students use the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity and may not limit students to using the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex. Yesterday, the Fourth Circuit declined to rehear the case en banc, i.e., in front of the entire Fourth Circuit; Judge Niemeyer, the panel dissenter, wrote a short further dissent, which I pass along below (some paragraph breaks added); for more details on his position, and the contrary position, see the original panel opinion:
Federal judge urges prompt appeal to Court on transgender rights
Fourth Circuit rejects motion to reconsider ruling in favor of Gavin Grimm
A Federal Court Just Silently Slipped A Knife Into North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill

Evangelist James Dobson laments the lack of transgender shooting victims in unhinged anti-Obama rant
Evangelical Christian James Dobson declared President Obama a “tyrant … [who] assault[s] centuries of modesty and moral beliefs” in his latest piece written for his organization Family Talk. The article, which was picked up on World Net Daily (‘A Free Press for a Free People’) and cited by Right Wing Watch, detailed Dobson’s beliefs that use of bathroom facilities by “the opposite sex” now demand that Christian manhood assert itself to stop the practice.

When Data Doesn't Fit the Box
Colleges that accommodate transgender students by letting them choose preferred names and pronouns find their efforts hindered by out-of-date software and federal reporting requirements.

Perry Atkinson: Protecting Transgender Rights Is The 'Social, Educational And Spiritual Molestation Of Our Children'
Perry Atkinson, general manager of The Dove ministry and host of the television program "Focus Today," recently interviewed right-wing activist Star Parker about the Obama administration's guidelines for public schools regarding the rights of transgender students.
Peter LaBarbera: Obama Has Been The Greatest Promoter Of 'Moral Evil' Of Any President In History
Shepard: Transgender Rights Policies Are A 'Discriminatory Act' Against Everybody Else

Obama: Trans bathroom issue will be settled by the courts
President Obama predicted on Wednesday courts will settle which public restroom transgender students should be able to use amid continuing controversy over the issue.
How courts have ruled on transgender cases

Stacey Dash: Trans People Should Pee 'in the Bushes'
The controversial Fox News personality and former Clueless star believes trans people and feminists are ruining America

Top GOP Consultant: Trans People Banned From Bathrooms Just Need To 'Suck It Up And Deal With Things'
Transgender people who don’t have the option to use a separate facility need to just “suck it up and deal with things” rather than use a restroom that matches their gender identity, a prominent Republican consultant wrote this week.

Anti-LGBT groups will disrupt Target shareholder meeting over trans policy
Anti-LGBT activists are planning to infiltrate Target’s shareholder meeting to protest their pro-trans policies.

Tinder's CEO says the company is working to make the dating service better for transgender users
Currently, users can only identify themselves and their dating interests as either male or female.

Eric Fanning hints at lifting trans military ban in acceptance speech
First openly gay Army Secretary honored with Paving the Way Award at Capital Pride Heroes Gala

New rule would let VA provide sex reassignment surgery to transgender vets
Veterans Affairs doctors could begin providing gender reassignment surgery in coming years under a new rule proposed by the department

Haines transgender teen breaks barriers at state track meet
A Haines teenager was likely the first transgender student to compete at a statewide high school athletic competition. Nattaphon Wangyot was born male, but has identified as female since she was about five years old. Her participation in last weekend’s track meet in Anchorage drew a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

Transgender American Samoas Hoping To Serve In Military
U.S. has opened door to recruiting openly gay, transgendered soldiers

SF event promotes CA transgender campaign
As a sophomore, Rexy Amaral sought to transfer to Mission High School so she could feel free to express herself. Her first day at the public school, which straddles San Francisco's gay Castro and Latino Mission districts, she wore a black dress, her make up "all done up," and had fashioned her hair to the side.

Transgender Woman Shot, Injured in Orange County
A transgender woman was in stable condition after she was shot early Friday morning in Orange County, police said.

ACLU Director Quits, Says Trans Rights Threaten Women’s Safety
The former ACLU director claims her daughters shared a bathroom with trans women and that experience led to her resignation.

Georgia judge denies transgender man permission to change his name
Judge says he wouldn’t allow ‘Elijah’ and wants the man to choose a more ‘gender-neutral’ middle name to avoid confusing people

Is Hawaii Doing Enough to Protect Transgender Inmates In Prisons?
All transgender inmates now behind bars are housed in prisons matching their birth gender; state officials declined to discuss specific cases.

Homemade Bomb Detonated In Target Store Bathroom
An explosion has taken place inside a women's bathroom at a Target store in Evanston, Illinois. Following anti-LGBT+ protests and boycotts at target stores around the country over the store chains stance on transgender it would seem that the latest action from the extreme right elements standing against equality is to turn to terrorist style actions in order to reach their goals.

Derby High School’s new transgender restroom policy controversial
A new policy is in effect for Derby High School, and it’s causing quite a stir in the community.

Kansas GOP Risks Collapsing Education System to Attack Trans Students
Rather than use the remaining hours of the state Senate session to pass funding per a state Supreme Court directive, the Kansas GOP instead spent their day attacking transgender children and urging Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to join the flailing lawsuit Texas filed against the federal government. The failure to add funding to the state educational system risks the entire system’s stability since the state’s high court previously ruled schools across the state are criminally underfunded and must be legislatively assisted in order to continue operating this fall.

House passes transgender bill after heated debate
The House of Representatives passed a controversial transgender public accommodations bill Wednesday after hours of heated debate.
Massachusetts House passes transgender anti-discrimination law
Noting Baker's support, DeLeo hopes to avoid transgender conference

Schuette Writes Letter to Obama Administration on LGBT Student Guidance
Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a letter May 26 asking the Obama administration, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Education John King to retract the recent directive issued May 13 that says schools must allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity.

Transgender woman from rural Minnesota took early stand on equal rights
Bullets were fired at her house and car years ago. She’s received anonymous hate calls. A businessman tipped her off that a group of men meeting in a bar had discussed plans to kill her.

McCrory, Cooper spar over HB2; noisy protests continue
In a busy day of back and forth over House Bill 2, Gov. Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper exchanged barbs, and the so-called Air Horn Orchestra was back for an eight straight week of "performance" -- this time, taking their loud anti-HB2 campaign down the block.
Adam Silver: “Summer” deadline to modify North Carolina bathroom law or NBA may move 2017 Charlotte All-Star Game
Spokesman: Despite court filing, AG still opposes HB2
Transgender veteran takes photo in bathroom to defy HB2
McCrory, Cooper clash on HB2 lawsuit; McCrory hires outside counsel
McCrory campaign calls on Cooper to resign

Transgender debate hits Nebraska’s school board
A member of the Nebraska State Board of Education wants to push back against the Obama administration’s guidance on how schools should accommodate transgender students.

Birth certificates should be the next battleground
The firestorm of bathroom laws, otherwise known as anti-transgender laws, rests on one thing: birth certificates.

Cleveland Council Poised To Vote Soon On Transgender Restroom Bill
The bill has sat in a committee since fall of 2014.

'Nonbinary' is now a legal gender, Oregon court rules
It's a brand new day for nonbinary, genderqueer, transgender, and gender nonconforming people all over the nation.

Meet Rachel Levine, one of the very few transgender public officials in America
The staid office where Rachel Levine works as the Keystone State’s top doctor is lined with family photos, including one perched high on a shelf that was taken on a vacation long ago, when her children were young and she was a broad-shouldered man named Richard.

Trans-Health Conference to honor founder at 15th annual event
As the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference puts on its 15th year of programming, organizers decided to take a look back with the theme of “Honoring Our Roots.”

Transgender voters in Puerto Rico score victory
Transgender people in the socially conservative U.S. territory of Puerto Rico have claimed another victory.

Transgender prostitute stabbed in Providence, police say
The police are investigating the stabbing of a transgender prostitute early Saturday at Elmwood Avenue and Whitmarsh Street.

Legislators call on governor, attorney general to sue feds over schools transgender directive
Dozens of South Carolina legislators are calling on Gov. Nikki Haley and Attorney General Alan Wilson to join 11 other states that have sued the federal government over an Obama administration directive on transgender students and bathrooms.

4 fugitives wanted for transgender man's murder in Vermont arrested in San Diego
Four suspects wanted in connection with a homicide in Vermont were arrested Thursday in Ocean Beach.

Milwaukee Pride removes Miriam Ben-Shalom as Grand Marshal For TERF views
Miriam Ben-Shalom dismissal as Grand Marshal would have gone unnoticed if not for TERF and right wing media transphobia
Prominent Lesbian Activist Banned From Pride For Transphobic Comments