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terça-feira, junho 14, 2016

Report that could get trans women out of men’s prisons deliberately delayed
Meanwhile, UK still sending trans women to wrong prison, despite promising they’ll stop

Genital mutilation of UK intersex people on the NHS, UN acts
Nepal and the UK have been reprimanded by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child for intersex genital mutilation

Gender dysphoria: the Dutch Protocol
“Your gender is like drinking water; when you drink water it is not supposed to taste like anything. But when it tastes different, you notice. That is what being transgender is like: when your water tastes different.” —Trans-boy, age 18

Transgender activists don’t share Pentagon ‘pride’
The Pentagon hosted a LGBT celebration Wednesday, but transgender activists weren’t feeling it.
Pentagon celebrates Pride, but still bars trans service
Pentagon celebrates LGBT pride while changes to its transgender policy are stalled

Intel Chief Defends Rights of Transgender Community
James Clapper, the director of National Intelligence, weighed in on the national debate about transgender bathroom access today.

Fox Doctor Keith Ablow Attacks Transgender Teen As "A Very Big Threat To Our Culture"
A lot of people are up in arms over this because it is just a fact when you talk physiology men are stronger than women. So even though this woman was born a man, identifies now as a woman, she still has a man's body.

No vote on transgender bathrooms on Capitol Hill
House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions told reporters that there’s unlikely to be a vote on an amendment to the Legislative Branch appropriations bill to prevent transgender bathrooms on Capitol Hill.

Why the Supreme Court Can’t Save Us From 'Religious Liberty'
The legal rock stars who helped secure the freedom to marry aren't so sure the same strategy works for "religious liberty."

No Matter What Happens Next, Supreme Court Set for Major Trans Ruling
A Virginia school board just forced the issue of trans student access to the highest court.

The current status of transgender legal rights in the U.S.
I was invited by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum to give a talk at Friday night services at Congregation Beit Simchat Torah on June 3 about the current status of transgender rights in the U.S. CBST observes Gay Pride Month with a series of guest speakers on Friday nights, and the first Friday of the month was designated as “Trans Pride Shabbat” this year. Below is a revised version of the text I prepared for that talk, although on Friday night I left this text in my folder and spoke extemporaneously.

Lambda Legal Urges Court to Apply Fair Standards Protecting Transgender People From Health Care Discrimination
Today, Lambda Legal filed an amicus brief in Ballenger v. Providence Hospital, a case in which a transgender woman argues a D.C. hospital discriminated against her because of her gender identity, in violation of Section 1557, the Affordable Care Act’s nondiscrimination provision.

Protesters in Costa Mesa urge Target to change transgender-restroom policy
More than 30 protesters gathered Wednesday at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, while Target shareholders gathered inside for their annual meeting, to protest the retail chain’s policy that allows customers to choose fitting rooms and restrooms by what best fits their gender identities.
Bathrooms a topic at Target's shareholders' meeting

Transgender EMT sues hospital for discrimination, harassment and bullying
The federal lawsuit alleges a culture of harassment and discrimination during and after the EMT, ER tech underwent transition from male to female

Judge Victoria Kolakowski, California’s Only Openly Transgender Elected Public Official, Reelected
Judge Victoria Kolakowski, California’s only openly transgender elected public official, was re-elected Tuesday in an uncontested election for a seat on the Alameda County Superior Court.

Federal judge rules California transgender inmates must get some female items
A federal judge ruled Thursday that California prison officials must let transgender inmates have more female-oriented commissary items including nightgowns, robes, sandals, scarves and necklaces as part of a settlement that will make the stat the first to pay for an inmate’s sex reassignment surgery.

50 Dead in Florida Nightclub Shooting, Worst in US History
A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun opened fire inside a crowded gay nightclub early Sunday, killing at least 50 people before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said. It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
In Wake of Shooting, Police Increase Patrols in LGBT Areas Nationwide
The Pulse LGBT+ Massacre

Miami Beach says no more conversion therapy for youths under 18
“Conversion therapy” prohibited in several states
Ban applies to therapy for anyone under age of 18
New ordinance carries fines of $200 a day

Sarasota County School Board Keeps Status Quo on Transgender Bathroom Issue
More than 100 people attended Tuesday's school board meeting in Sarasota

KKK fliers protesting transgender directive left in metro Atlanta subdivision
Some residents of a Douglass County neighborhood woke up one morning to find fliers claiming to be by the KKK in their front yards.

Transgender man appeals rejection of legal name change
A transgender man in Georgia is appealing a judge’s refusal to grant his legal name change.
Georgia judge denies transgender man’s name change
Lambda Legal Urges Georgia Court to Grant Name Change for Transgender Man

Local district wants transgender bathroom policies decided at local level
The controversy continues as schools across the country are trying to figure out polices when it comes to transgender bathrooms.

Transgender community discusses proposed restroom ID law
Members of Chicago's transgender community are adding their voices to a proposed Chicago ordinance.

Lambda Legal Urges City Council to Strike ID Requirement from Chicago Human Rights Ordinance
Today, Christopher Clark, Counsel and Young Adults, Teens and Children Program Strategist for Lambda Legal testified before the Chicago City Council’s Commission on Human Relations in support of an amendment striking a provision of the city’s Human Rights Ordinance that requires people to use public facilities in Chicago that match the sex marker on their government-issued identification. Read the testimony here.

Chicago transgender restroom measure on track for approval
Chicago aldermen moved a step closer Wednesday to removing a hurdle to allowing people to use whichever public restroom they say matches their gender identity, despite City Council members worrying that some people will take advantage of the new standards to ogle members of the opposite sex.

1 in Custody After Small Bomb Explodes in Illinois Target Women’s Restroom
A 44-year-old woman described as a person of interest was taken into custody in connection with a small bomb explosion in the women’s bathroom at a Target store in Evanston, Illinois, police said Thursday.

Petition to Restrict Transgender Students in Dorchester County Schools
There’s a new petition being circulated that calls on the Dorchester County schools restricting transgender students use of bathrooms or locker rooms.

New policy in Scarborough for transgender students
The Scarborough Board of Education has given unanimous approval to a new transgender student policy designed to provide for the safety and protection of all students in the district, according to Donna Beeley, chairwoman of the board.

Michigan’s gender ID policy questioned
Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who has drawn fire for what Michigan requires of a transgender resident to change gender on state identification, is to be deposed Friday over a recent revision to the state’s policy.

District Seeks Parental Input On Transgendered Bathroom Issue
After reversing its earlier compliance with a federal directive concerning bathroom use by transgender students, Howell Public Schools is seeking input from residents through an online survey.
Mich. House Legislation Could Gut Local Human Rights Ordinances

Missouri AG Disagrees with Obama’s Policy on Transgender Bathroom Use
Attorney General Chris Koster is getting involved in the national transgender school restroom debate. Koster says his office intends to disagree with President Obama’s request to permit transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

Charles Barkley: 'We Need to Move the All-Star Game' Because of HB2
Former NBA Great and TNT Analyst Says He May Have to Boycott
Will anti-LGBT law sink North Carolina’s bond sales?

Central NY man charged again for death of transgender woman
A Central New York man is facing charges once again for a 2008 murder of a transgender woman-- three years after his previous conviction was set aside.

Lake George transgender student policy on hold
The school district will hold off on adopting transgender student policies until the new school board takes office in July.

Ulster legislator proposes law to protect rights of transgender people
Ulster County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a Kingston Democrat, announced Thursday that she will introduce a local law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity at places of public accommodation, resort or amusement.

Trans woman claims bias at Walmart
Kate Lynn Blatt, a Pottsville trans woman, says anti-trans bias by a Walmart employee prevented her from accessing a female fitting room at the store.

Lawmakers push for vote on antibias bill
A vote in the state House of Representatives may take place next week that could determine if the long-stalled Pennsylvania Fairness Act will move forward. The legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

To protect transgender students, R.I. education dept. suggests best practices
The Rhode Island Department of Education has released comprehensive guidelines to protect transgender students, including language urging schools to allow a student to use the bathroom that corresponds to his or her gender identity.

Voters will see a transgender candidate run for the S.C. Statehouse next week
Dewon Huggins is a 22-year-old native of the tiny pine forest crossroads town of Bucksport who said her desire to serve in public office compelled her to run against a five-term incumbent for the S.C. House of Representatives.

Hardware Store Owner With 'No Gays Allowed' Sign Erects Outhouse as 'Transgender Bathroom'
Owner of Amyx Hardware in Tennessee Says God Hates LGBT People

Mesquite approves EEOC ordinance
Texas Values email claiming ordinance affects public bathrooms prompts packed house at council meeting

East Texas court denies gender change, transgender woman says
A transgender woman in East Texas says she was met with a judicial denial when she applied to have her gender changed officially from male to female.

Fort Worth school district’s transgender guideline debate continues
Opponents of guidelines prepared by administrators want them repealed
Trustee Ann Sutherland supports repealing the rules
Superintendent says a committee will be named to review guidelines

Texas anti-transgender group launches new campaign over Target’s bathroom policy
The conservative organizers who helped topple Houston’s equal rights ordinance are pledging a $2 million advertising campaign against Target over the big box store’s transgender bathroom policy.

Campbell supervisors approve anti-transgender bathroom resolution
The Campbell County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution requesting legislation to give counties the authority to regulate the use of bathroom facilities by anatomical sex.

For Transgender Vermonter, Rural Location Hasn't Hindered Her Transition
When I pulled up to the house in Windham she shares with her parents, 26-year-old Selene Cummings greeted me, wearing a sun dress and lip gloss. She brushed her sandy blonde hair over her shoulder and down her back.

Transgender bathroom rule gets hearing in Yakima on Thursday
The state’s rule giving transgender people access to public restrooms for the gender with which they identify will get a legislative hearing in Yakima Thursday.

Transgender issues are driving a wedge in LGBT community, says activist ousted from Pride Parade
Like it or not, America is undergoing a profound transition. From Caitlyn Jenner to public restrooms, gender identity has taken center stage. But not everyone is happy about that. The FOX6 Investigators found some of the harshest criticism coming from a place you might never expect.

New report highlights trans Latinas in Mexico
Violence and discrimination against Mexican transgender women continues to rise in spite of Mexico's government granting increased rights to LGBT people, a new report finds.