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terça-feira, junho 28, 2016

Travesti é morta a tiros no Centro de Mogi das Cruzes, diz polícia
Vítima tinha 24 anos e tinha acabado de deixar um hotel.
Delegacia de Homicídios deve investigar o caso.
Uma travesti de 24 anos foi morta a tiros na manhã deste sábado (25) em Mogi das Cruzes. A vítima tinha acabado de deixar um hotel, no Centro de Mogi. O sepultamento foi neste domingo (26), no Cemitério São Salvador.

Após 5 anos fechada, Casa Brenda Lee volta a atender travestis e transexuais com HIV
A Casa de Apoio Brenda Lee, que é voltada para travestis e transexuais com HIV, reabriu as portas em março de 2016 após ficar cinco anos fechada. Atualmente, ela abria 15 pessoas, informa a reportagem da Agência de Notícias da Aids.

Lancet: World's Transgenders Do Not Receive Adequate Health Care
A report Friday in the Lancet medical journal says the world's 25 million transgender people - a population facing a 60 percent rate of depression, and who have an almost 50 times greater risk of the HIV virus than the general population - are not receiving adequate medical health care.

Influential medical journal devotes series to transgender health issues
The Lancet has devoted series to transgender health that highlights health inequities that exists in LGBT community.

Priest rails against “anatomical DIY projects” for transsexuals
Catholic clergyman in Madrid town says people should accept their God-given body, and criticizes public spending on gender-reassignment treatment

Paris: L'Inter-LGBT refuse de reporter une nouvelle fois la Marche des fiertés
La Marche des fiertés 2016 est-elle partie pour une semaine de casse-tête ? Jeudi matin, au cours d’une conférence de presse, l’Inter-LGBT (Lesbienne, gaie, bi et trans), qui organise l’événement, paraissait assez confiante sur la tenue de l’édition 2016 le 2 juillet. Une date déjà reportée une première fois pour des raisons de sécurité.

Trans Notes from a Small Island: Brexit Blues
In 1990, the crime of sodomy between two consenting adult males in private still existed in Jersey. In light of the number of HIV and AIDS related deaths that had been rising at an alarming rate throughout the 1980s, the States of Jersey led by the uninformed, prejudiced and fearful Health and Legislation Ministers resisted calls to remove this crime from the statute books.

Anti-trans backlash reaches UK as protesters demand British ‘bathroom ban’
Furor about transgender people using public bathrooms has made it to UK shores – with protesters outside a Parliamentary equalities conference today demanding a bathroom ban.

Sweden transgender ruling risks topless swimming precedent
Sweden's anti-discrimination watchdog has found in favour of a transgender person who was banned from swimming topless at a swimming pool.

Human Rights Observation Report of 19 June 2016 Trans Pride March
According to Article 34 of Republic of Turkey’s Constitution, “Everyone has the right to hold unarmed and peaceful meetings and demonstration marches without prior permission.” It is clear that permission is not a condition. Furthermore, the same article’s third clause stipulates that “The formalities, conditions, and procedures to be applied in the exercise of the right to hold meetings and demonstration marches shall be prescribed by law.” The article refers to Law No: 2911 on Meetings and Demonstration Marches, making apparent that the procedures in the law must be followed.
Istanbul bans gay pride march after threats from hardline group

Japanese employers take initiative on LGBT rights in workplace
Thirty Japanese employers, including IBM Japan, Sony and Panasonic, have collaborated on new workplace guidelines designed to welcome LGBT people.

Samoan transwoman found dead in church hall
A transgender woman has died after being found in a Catholic church hall a few blocks inland from the main commercial area of downtown Apia.
The body of Jeanine Tuivaiki, 20, was discovered in the early hours of Friday morning.
A woman who describes herself as a close friend says Tuivaiki was "very committed to our church and especially our youth. In talking with a Samoa Observer reporter the friend appears to repeatedly have used the pronoun "he."
Samoan reporting on trans woman's death 'disgusting', 'degrading'
Anger at Samoan reporting of death, front page pic
"Disgusting, degrading" reporting of Samoan death
Cindy's blistering attack on Samoan paper
Samoa: Apology issued for graphic front page image
Samoan paper causes outrage with front page report

Transgender Australians can choose any bathroom they want, but not everyone is happy about it
A visit to the bathroom forces Rory Blundell into a daily dilemma: feel like a fraud or expose himself to intimidation or even physical danger.

Toronto-area Catholic school board closer to passing inclusive LGBT policy
Oakville trustee encouraged by support from parents, teachers and staff

How one man is changing Toronto police’s trans policy
‘I won’t just let it go. I will have to do something about this.’

Vancouver Police Department release transgender awareness training video
The Vancouver Police Department collaborated with members of Vancouver's transgender communities to create a training video about transgender people.

Transgender rights activist charged with assaulting Quebec premier
'You can't govern from an office,' Quebec premier says after run in with protester at Orlando vigil

“LEAVING VOGUE MORAN” The ultimate tranny chaser love story
The only way to properly address Wayne Mohan becoming “Vogue Moran” is from the lens of the past, before the internet, before the “T” word was said and long before “Tranny” was appropriated by Israel Luna to hurt us and made into something we were ashamed of.

US Military trans ban ends July 1st
July 1st Secretary of Defense Ash Carter will announce the end of the military transgender ban according to news reports. Details of the new regulations haven’t been released other than Carter will give the branches a year to implement the changes. This is a heady thought and most validating in nature. Transgender people openly serving our country proudly standing with cisgender soldiers protecting our individual freedoms, political system, and our very way of life.

Hate Group Leader Proudly Announces Southern Baptist Convention's Anti-LGBT Resolution
Last week, the Presbyterian Church (USA), an organization that has allowed LGBT members to serve as clergy, voted to permit pastors to perform same-sex marriages. Conversely, the Southern Baptist Convention has dug in deeper on their anti-LGBT bigotry with a resolution aimed to maintain the anti-gay status quo for a denomination that had its birth in supporting the rights of slave owners in the American South.

U.S. Office of Special Counsel Releases Gender Transition Policy
On Tuesday, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) released a Gender Transition Policy as part of recent efforts to raise awareness of the issues still present within the LGBTQ community. In issuing this policy, OSC aims to achieve “a diverse and inclusive workplace free of discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming employees and applicants.”

State ‘Religious Liberty’ Laws Threaten Access to Healthcare
The current wave of anti-LGBT legislation: Historical context and implications for LGBT health released today by The Fenway Institute examines controversial state legislation that seeks to restrict access to healthcare and other essential services by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Some of the proposed legislation would also nullify local nondiscrimination ordinances based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and denies transgender people access to restrooms according to their gender identity. In the last 18 months, 175 so-called “religious liberty” bills have been filed in 32 states. Six states―Indiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida―have passed such legislation, and their governors have signed them into law. The policy brief puts this wave of anti-LGBT legislation into historical context and identifies the risks and implications for LGBT health.

U.S. transgender woman's journey turns into constitutional fight
Kate Lynn Blatt once lived as a woman at home but went to work in a battery factory as a man, a painful phase in her gender transition that would later propel her to the forefront of a constitutional battle for transgender rights in America.

Being Transgender in the Deep South
Austin is a high school student from Indianola, Mississippi, who has been concealing the fact that he identifies as a woman for fear that it will devastate his loved ones—especially his father. The short film, Kayla, explores the evolution of his identity as he considers what transitioning to a woman would mean in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. The creators of the film wrote in an email that they "wanted to put out this tender and timely piece about a young person exploring their gender in a place where it is hard enough to imagine such an identity let alone embody it. So much love went into this from everyone involved—and hopefully it can be uplifting to our community during such an emotional and complex time."

Trump's 'Christian Policy Liaison' Ready To Be Thrown In A Furnace In Protest Of LGBT Equality
While Donald Trump has been laughably trying to claim that he is the real champion of LGBT rights in the presidential race, just this week the man who he has recruited to help him build bridges with the Religious Right said that Christians must be willing to face death fighting Obama administration guidelines on transgender rights in schools.

Jockeying of transgender lawsuits
With so many federal lawsuits challenging the Obama administration’s defense of civil rights for transgender people, there’s a lot of jockeying to combine cases in ways that make sense.

Transgender County Jail inmate on hunger strike protesting housing rules
A transgender woman inmate in San Francisco County Jail has reportedly not eaten for 16 days in protest for being housed with other transgender inmates instead of in the women’s jail.

SF Mayor Lee appoints senior advisor for transgender initiatives
Human rights advocate and former San Francisco city commissioner Theresa Sparks has been appointed as Mayor Ed Lee's senior advisor on transgender initiatives, the mayor announced today.

Transgender woman headed to male penitentiary
A transgender Lawrence woman and Level 3 sex offender, who threatened to kill one judge and told another she hopes he “burns in hell” after he denied her request to be sent to the state’s female prison, is going to a lockup —
for men.

Scarborough adopts official policy for transgender students
The town of Scarborough now has an official policy for transgender students in its schools.

ACLU, Secretary of State Johnson, Discuss Trans Identities
LGBT Special Projects Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan, Jay Kaplan, met with Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson June 10 in a deposition over a recent revision to the state's policy on changing one's gender on state identification.

Just Let Charlotte Be Charlotte'
Mayor Jennifer Roberts on urban growth, tolerance, poverty, and why rural areas and cities need different rules: America isn’t “one-size-fits-all.”
Educators, activists speak about negative impact of HB2
Transgender actress visits NC legislature’s men’s bathroom, complying with HB2

New policy OK'd for transgender students in Jersey City
The school board last night adopted a new policy that proponents hope will make the public schools more accommodating to transgender students.

Board member challenges APS on transgender directive
Albuquerque Public Schools board member Peggy Muller-Aragón lashed out at Superintendent Raquel Reedy over the district’s new transgender directive, questioning whether Reedy “acted in an illegal manner” by approving the directive without a board vote.

Syracuse's anti-LGBT hate killing: Family lost transgender woman with a slur and a shot
Albert Cannon suffered two strokes years ago, so while he understands everything said around him, he can often only reply with quick bursts of a few words.

Juli Grey-Owens on the Fight for Transgender Rights, Bathrooms and What Is to Be Done
I have long been horrified by the persecution and violence directed at so many people in the transgender community. But I find myself confused as to what I can do to help. Frankly, I find myself confused about many things. So I thought I would ask an expert. She is Juli Grey-Owens, and she was kind enough to let me pick her big brain.

School puts student privacy above loss of $1M
An Ohio school district has joined other school districts nationwide in suing the Departments of Education and Justice over the federal policy requiring schools to allow students access to bathrooms of the opposite sex.

Chaos coming in 54 flavors of insanity
A court in Oregon may have opened another path toward more confusion in society in a recent ruling for a transgender.
Jamie Shupe, 52, retired from the U.S. Army in 2000. He then began to pursue a childhood dream: Shupe, a male, wants to be a female.
But that wasn't good enough.
An Oregon court has ruled that Shuope can refer to his gender as "non-binary" and can be whatever gender - or non-gender - he wants.

London Chanel’s killer gets 22-44 years in prison after guilty plea
One day after rejecting a plea deal, the man charged in last year’s killing of transgender woman London Kiki Chanel changed his mind.

Movement ramps up on PA antibias bills
A vote could come next week that could enable the long-stalled LGBT antibias bill to move to the state House floor.

Philadelphia adopts sweeping transgender student policy
The governing body of Philadelphia public schools has adopted a new policy that would allow transgender students to use restrooms and join groups — including athletic teams — that correspond with their gender identity.
Philly schools pass sweeping policy protecting transgender students

Becoming Benjamin: A teen’s transition from girl to young man
Student’s male name was used at high school graduation
Fort Worth schools front and center in transgender-rights debate
Benjamin Juan wants to inspire other transgender youth

What’s it like to be a transgender student in Utah? Depends on where you live
State/federal strife over bathroom directive leaves schools to choose — and families vulnerable to unsafe environments.

Anti-Transgender Campaign Aims To Gain Support By Harassing Women In Restrooms
Conservatives in Washington are currently collecting signatures for a referendum to overturn the state’s transgender protections. It is a measure that rivals North Carolina’s HB2 in the way it targets transgender people for discrimination. And now its proponents are encouraging men to follow women into their bathrooms to get their signatures.
Opponent of state’s transgender bathroom law criticized for his tactics

Bathroom bill draws sharp debate at UW Tacoma events
Initiative would restrict bathroom access to biological gender, not gender identity
Transgender advocates call measure discriminatory
Initiative backers must submit signatures by July 8 to make November ballot
Group urges no change in bathroom rules for transgender students

Amazon, Microsoft, other titans team up for transgender rights
Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Microsoft, Google: major businesses came together Friday to oppose restricting access to bathrooms and locker rooms for transgender people.

Transgender Pride Parade security could double after Orlando shooting
The Transgender Pride Parade will see a large increase in security and police presence in the wake of the shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub that killed 49 people.

Transgender Students In Wisconsin Navigate Life Amid Politics, Debate
Students Across The State Are Coming Out In A Time Of Cultural Transition