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sábado, junho 25, 2016

Travesti Lorran Lorang de 19 anos é encontrada enforcada em parquinho do RJ
A travesti Lorran Lorang, de 19 anos, foi encontrada morta na manhã de terça-feira (22) na Praça da Liberdade, no Centro Histórico, no Rio de Janeiro. Ela estava enforcada com uma calça legging.
Travesti é encontrada morta em praça que terá festa da cerveja em Petrópolis

Travesti é encontrada morta em travessa ponto de prostituição
Vítima ainda não foi identificada
Durante a madrugada desta sexta-feira (24), uma travesti foi encontrada morta a facadas, em Campo Grande, na região do Coronel Antônino, próximo ao cemitério do Cruzeiro.
A polícia foi acionada por testemunhas por volta das 4h30 da madrugada desta sexta-feira (24). Ao chegar ao local encontraram uma travesti , conhecida como Luana, caída na rua com um golpe de faca no abdômen.

Agora é crime: Senado aprova prisão para quem cometer racismo e discriminação na internet
Foi aprovado pela Comissão de Direitos Humanos e Legislação Participativa (CDH), um projeto de lei que prevê a pena de prisão para quem cometer crimes de racismo e discriminação pela internet, inclusive para aqueles que repassarem as ofensas adiante.

Preso jovem acusado de roubar e agredir travesti em Maceió
Segundo a polícia, acusado subtraiu da vítima celular, sapatos e cabelos postiços

Aggressions, suicides and murders: the Brazilian trans reality
Two Brazilian transgender witnesses enter a courthouse to identify the attackers. The Brazilian Trans Reality is we must stand up for our own or parish silently.

MEPs condemn violence and bans Pride marches Istanbul
On Friday, the Governorship of Istanbul banned the Istanbul Trans Pride March for June 19th and Istanbul LGBTI Pride March, planned to take place on June 26th, quoting security concerns.

After Brexit: Solidarity now more than ever
In reaction to the UK referendum result, Transgender Europe calls on Europe’s political leaders to withstand scaremongering and put solidarity at the centre of their work.

Police Investigate Alleged Shooting At British Gay Bar
Police have locked down a street in Canterbury following an alleged shooting at a gay bar on Saturday night.

For Aging Trans People, Growing Old is Especially Isolating
Most people look forward to their retirement, but researchers say that transgender people are especially vulnerable to abuse in care homes.

Maldon Primary School wins praise for transgender approach
Maldon Primary School has been praised for its stance towards transgender pupils.

U.K. feminists protest transgender-rights event
Several London-based feminist and lesbian groups on Wednesday protested a policy forum on the topic of transgender rights, claiming women’s rights are imperiled by the movement.

Trans man stabbed several times near Brussels in suspected ISIS attack
'They said they only have to wait for an official command to behead me' - WARNING: Shocking images in the article

Basic health insurance not to cover breast enlargement for transgenders
From next year the basic health insurance will only reimburse breast implants for transgender women without any breast growth at all, according to a letter from Health Minister Edith Schippers. This means that transgender women whose sex-change hormone therapy triggered any breast growth at all, no matter how minimal, will not be reimbursed for breast enlargement, AD reports.

Transgender Operations Stall in Egypt
Forty-year-old Ahmed has spent much of his life trying to become male. In his white taxi parked under a bridge in Cairo, he is despondent, saying that without the final operation that will transform him fully from a woman to a man, he expects his fiancée will break their engagement within a year.

Street protests in Pakistan after shooting of transgender activist
The latest shooting of a transgender activist has triggered angry street protests in Pakistan, where officials are accused of turning a blind eye to a surge in violence against the marginalised community.

‘Transgenders denied access to public toilets’
Two years after the Supreme Court’s (SC) landmark judgment to recognise transgenders as the third gender, the community in Mumbai does not have access to public toilets, revealed a study by NGO Pukar.

Cafes and other establishments support all-gender toilets in China
Some cafes, restaurants and bars in Beijing have posted signs designating public toilets that can be used by anyone regardless of gender identity.

Take part in the Trans Wellbeing Study
Researchers at La Trobe University are calling for people who identify as trans to take part in a research survey.

[New Zealand]
Transgender student petitions for bathroom rights
Marlborough Girls' College is taking steps to support a transgender student who says she's been told she can't use the girls' bathroom at the school, it says.

[New Zealand]
Tranzaction advocate calls on schools and communities for transgender support
The controversy over a transgender student's battle to use the girls' bathroom is just the "tip of the iceberg", says a transgender advocate.

[New Zealand]
Press Release: School Toilets & Showers Based on Biology – Legal Opinion
Family First NZ has written to Marlborough Girls College and provided them with the legal opinion for schools released earlier this year that says they are not required under the law to have to allow transgender students access to shared toilets, showers and changing rooms, or allow transgender students to participate in sports teams that do not match their biological sex.

Man given life sentence for murder of transgender woman Divas B
A Winnipeg man was sentenced Thursday morning, in the vicious murder of a transgender woman known as Divas B.

Called out by a rights tribunal, Vancouver police changing its ways with transgender people
Out on the streets, Angela Dawson is known as Roller Girl.

Labor Department rule says transgender bias is sex discrimination
The U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday released a final rule updating its gender bias regulations for federal contractors and said discrimination against transgender workers by those companies is a form of sex bias.

The secret life of a transgender airman
Transgender people are banned from serving in the US armed forces, yet an estimated 12,800 do, the vast majority in secret. Jane, a senior airman, has hidden her gender identity from the military for 25 years. She hopes a policy review announced last year will allow her finally to be herself.

Nation's Top Female Colleges Give a Warm Welcome to Trans Women
In 2013, Calliope Wong applied to all-female Smith College in Massachusetts, and her application wasn't even looked at — simply because Wong's paperwork showed that although she identifies as a woman, she was born male.

Pastor Dave Love: The Obama Administration's Transgender Rights Directive Came Straight From The Pit Of Hell
James Dobson has found a new hero in local Colorado pastor Dave Love and was so impressed by a recent sermon he delivered ranting against the Obama administration's guidelines regarding the rights of transgender students in public schools that he aired a long excerpt of it on his radio show today.

Nondiscrimination Regulations Published for Hospitals, Federal Contractors
The U.S. Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services published two important regulations yesterday (one final and one proposed) that will strengthen protections for LGBT patients in hospitals and LGBT employees of federal contractors. Although anti-LGBT bias is already prohibited in these settings, the regulations will help inform patients and workers of their rights and make clear that federal contractors can’t maintain transgender health insurance exclusions.

'In the Darkroom' Explores The Concept of Identity — Both Fixed And Fluid
In 2004, Susan Faludi stepped off a plane in Budapest, Hungary to visit her father, a sometimes violent man with whom she'd barely spoken in over 25 years.

Fresh Meat fest celebrates 15 years of transgender and queer performance
On Sunday, siren Star Amerasu heard the news about the mass shooting victims in Orlando and wrote a new song to perform at this week’s Fresh Meat Festival.

Free to be He, She, They
Oliver Bishop has sandy blond hair styled like a 1940s screen idol’s and a scruffy beard and sideburns that frame his wide smile. A senior in high school, he is busy – singing with his school’s award-winning jazz choir, leading the marching band, teaching music lessons. Outgoing and popular, he was elected homecoming king in the fall.

Judge: ACLU can intervene in District 211 transgender lawsuit
A federal judge has allowed the American Civil Liberties Union to intervene in a lawsuit filed against Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211, whose plaintiffs seek to block transgender students from using the bathrooms and locker rooms of their self-identified gender.

Republicans' Latest Threat in the Kansas Wars: a North Carolina-Style Bathroom Bill
A lawmaker will introduce the ban if he doesn't get his way on an education measure

Portland health plan adding transgender coverage
The change follows the lead of more than 60 cities nationally and several in New England.

Bloomfield BOE OKs teachers contract, works on transgender policy
The June 7 Bloomfield Board of Education meeting was a historic moment.

APS recognizing transgender students’ gender identity
Transgender students can use restrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity under new APS rules that quietly went into effect last week.

Stonewall Inn Named National Monument, a First for Gay Rights Movement
The Stonewall Inn has been called the symbolic heart of New York City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community for decades, since the police raid and ensuing protests there in 1969 helped galvanize a national struggle for gay rights.
The Stonewall Inn será o primeiro Monumento Nacional em homenagem aos direitos LGBT

Lake George school board passes transgender policy
In an about-face, the Lake George school board on Tuesday voted to adopt a gender identity policy instead of waiting until the new board takes office.

Guidance on transgender students released to RI schools
The Rhode Island Department of Education has released guidelines for schools working with transgender students. The guidelines are 11 pages long and cover everything from talking to parents to the restroom and locker issues.

Jackley says transgender challenge to come despite Orlando shooting
Following a deadly mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, South Dakota and a group of other states will move forward with a legal challenge to the Obama administration's guidance on school bathroom policies for transgender students.

UIL, LGBT advocates at odds over how to determine transgender athletes
The debate over the University Interscholastic League's policy for transgender athletes continues after the organization's legislative council took no action during Tuesday's meeting in Round Rock.

Orlando Shooting Adds To The Burden Of Transgender Kids And Their Families
The Orlando shootings have brought another layer of pain to transgender kids and their families. We hear from several of them about how they’re coping - and how the rise of the Texas bathroom issue has complicated their lives.

Fort Worth ISD Sends Letter To Paxton On Transgender Student Guidelines
The Fort Worth ISD sent Attorney General Ken Paxton a letter addressing the district’s transgender student guidelines.

Misty K. Snow seeking Democratic nomination in U.S. Senate race
She is Utah's first transgender candidate for a statewide office

Film documenting life of Vt. transgender CEO debuts
It's a documentary that took a very dramatic turn when Derek Hallquist set out to tell a story about the energy debate and his father's role in it. He didn't know his father would announce she was transgender while the film was still being made.

Is it only a joke? Local transgender community concerned about comments
Recent jokes made in public by a supporter of Initiative 1515 have gotten the attention of Seattle's transgender community -- who believe the comments may inspire harassment against people who decline to sign the initiative's petition.

Police investigate E Pike beating following Orlando benefit show as anti-trans hate crime
Police are investigating the reported beating of a person leaving a Capitol Hill benefit for Orlando Wednesday night as as a hate crime.

I-1515 opponents say recordings show struggling campaign
Opponents of a proposed statewide bathroom initiative are taking issue with recorded statements by I-1515's chief proponent.