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quarta-feira, julho 20, 2016

Minas Gerais, estado parceiro da campanha da ONU Livres & Iguais, lança vídeo com mulher transexual como protagonista
As famílias têm um papel fundamental na proteção dos direitos das pessoas LGBTI e no enfrentamento à violência ou discriminação com base em orientação sexual ou identidade de gênero, real ou percebida. Emocione-se com a história de “O amor transforma preconceitos”, lançada nesta semana pela Secretaria de Direitos Humanos, Participação Social e Cidadania do Estado de Minas Gerais, com o apoio da Livres & Iguais, a campanha da ONU pela igualdade LGBTI.

La barba me dio la razón: aunque me criaran como una niña, yo era un niño
A los 18 años fui al médico y por fin me diagnosticaron: nací con órganos intersexuales

Transgender prisoners get pop-up shop so they can order women's clothes and make-up
Littlehey prison in Cambridgeshire has set up a “shop” where inmates can browse Avon and Very catalogues and place orders

'I was born a girl - but I always knew I was supposed to be a man'
For Liam Klenk, now 40, undergoing gender reassignment surgery has saved him from a life of unhappiness

Transgender athletes could represent Team GB in Rio Olympics
Two transgender athletes who were born male could make history by competing as women in the Olympics next month.
Two transgender athletes could make history at Rio Olympics

Scottish Free Church will ‘resist’ Sturgeon’s plans for LGBT-inclusive education in schools
The Free Church of Scotland has rallied against LGBT-inclusive education in schools, claiming it violates human rights laws.

Transgendered woman ‘advised not to donate blood’
Issue arose after Aoife Martin, who has given blood for 20 years, sought to change details

Trans people in Norway can now legally change their gender with just one form
A new law takes effect in Norway this weekend, enabling trans people to legally change their gender with just one form.

Transgender people talk about changing sex and life in China
June was LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Pride month when people around the world demonstrated, celebrated and appealed for more acceptance and tolerance.

Social stigma follows transgenders even in toilets
In the din of Swachh Bharat publicity, a cry of distress is getting drowned. At a time when the entire nation is witnessing a high-profile campaign over the need for construction of toilets in every nook and cranny, transgenders, a stigmatised class of our society, are silently bearing the pain of lack of separate restrooms for them.

Transgenders accuse Kochi police of assault
As the protestors refused to back out, the police were forced to use force to disperse the crowd.

Launceston's Abbey Boon reveals true self
Abbey Boon can’t explain how she knows she’s a girl – she just is.

Canadian government considering gender-neutral ID
A review is underway to create identification that doesn't exclude those outside the 'binary standard'

What Drives Transgender People to Serve Their Country?
When U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced on Thursday that transgender men and women could serve openly in the military, Captain Jennifer Peace was overjoyed.
Will the military see a surge in transgender troops? Not likely
National Review’s David French: Lifting The Ban On Transgender Military Service Will Result In “Thought Control”
White House: End to trans military ban ‘updates outdated policy’
Transgender People Can Now Serve Openly in the Military, and It’s About Time
EXCLUSIVE: Clinton ‘proud of’ decision to end trans military ban
Obama's transgender policy 'devastating' military
Baptist leaders decry transgender troop ban repeal

KKK calls for boycott of transgender people
Some people in Central Alabama are in shock after finding KKK propaganda scattered across their neighborhood. CBS 42 News found several flyers littering neighbor’s mailboxes off Pump House Road in Mountain Brook.

Study: Arizona has more transgender adults than U.S. average
A new study shows that Arizona is among the 20 states and Washington, D.C., that have a higher percentage of adults who identify as transgender than the national average.

Sacramento diocese allows Catholic parish to show transgender activist film
A Catholic parish recently screened a film spotlighting “gender identity,” the presentation of which its diocese says did not controvert Church teaching.

Cis woman caught perving in the ladies’ locker room at a fitness center
A cis woman (a woman who was born a female) at a Los Angeles area fitness center took photo of a naked woman and posted it on the internet. Had this been a trans woman doing the same, headlines across the country would be screaming TRANS PERVERT, playing into the fears trumped-up nationally by the religious right and hate groups.

Would California bill infringe on religious liberty of Christian colleges?
The legislation, passed by the state Senate in May and taken up by the state Assembly Thursday, would, among other things, allow LGBT students to sue religious educational institutions.

Transgender nominee for Congress: 'It's about damn time' politics got inclusive
Misty Plowright is the first transgender nominee of a major party for the US House of Representatives – win or lose, she’s changing perceptions

Candidates discuss transgender student rights
Candidates for the superintendent and School Board races recently weighed in on transgender students’ access to bathrooms, an issue now at the front of the LGBTQ rights battle.

Pulled from the shadows: Georgia transgender students hope for positive change
Rose wore what she thinks of as her “mask” when she accepted a high school diploma in May.

Federal transgender-bathroom directive affects Georgia politics
The federal directive in May telling school systems to accommodate transgender students in bathrooms and locker rooms has created a political backlash.

Guam schools to comply with federal transgender bathroom requirement
Guam public schools receiving federal grants have started looking into how to comply with a federal guideline requiring campuses to allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with the gender they identify with, or risk losing U.S. Department of Education funding.

Mississippi Attorney General says public was ‘duped’ into supporting anti-LGBT ‘religious freedom’ bill
The Attorney General in Mississippi, where an anti-LGBT bill was recently struck down, said the public was “duped” into supporting it.
Sorry Mississippi, Your ‘License To Discriminate’ Isn’t Starting Today After All
Judge blocks enforcement of Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ law
Federal Court Blocks Implementation Mississippi HB 1523
Supporters of Mississippi anti-LGBTQ bill take fight to a higher court

Progress NC Action: ‘HB 2.0 is more like 1930s Germany than North Carolina in 2016’
When is an HB2 “compromise” not a compromise? When it’s even worse than the original.
North Carolina lawmakers adjourn after leaving transgender law largely unchanged
Lawmaker: North Carolina LGBT Law Will Largely Stay Intact
Bipartisan coalition to pass HB2 changes fell apart amid pressure from Roy Cooper
Pat McCrory Would Rather Defend Discrimination Than Protect North Carolinians From Zika
N.C. legislature adjourns without undoing anti-LGBT parts of HB2
Anti-LGBT Discrimination Remains The Law In North Carolina As Lawmakers Adjourn
N.C. Amends HB 2 — So It Doesn’t Impact Straight People
Clinton's Choice For First Event With Obama: North Carolina

Transgender issue comes before commissioners
The Richland County Commissioners have been drawn into the transgender discussion although the issue does not involve the current debate over restroom use.

Local woman reacts to Pentagon’s decision allowing transgender people to serve in military
How most people view Independence Day is no different from the view of Tara Allison.

Lifeguard placed on leave as city investigates incident at Tuscora Park pool
A Tuscora Park lifeguard has been placed on paid administrative leave as the City of New Philadelphia continues its investigation.

Erie-area schools work to preserve rights, opportunities for transgender athletes
Until about a year ago, Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall hadn't given much thought to how the district might accommodate transgender student-athletes.

South Middleton School Board plans to work on transgender student policy this fall
When it meets again in August, the South Middleton School Board could begin work to develop a policy regarding the non-discrimination of transgender students.

Reaching out: Transgender intern at Smokies committed to showing park’s diversity
The National Park Service's centennial slogan is "Find Your Park" and that's just what Logan Boldon has done.

'I was a bit awed': Utah Democrat Misty K. Snow could become first transgender US Senator
In February, a grocery store cashier in Utah watched as Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated a stunning victory in the New Hampshire presidential primary and felt inspired to enter politics herself.

If transgender student uses boys’ bathroom, others would withdraw from school, district says
A Virginia school district claims that allowing one transgender student to use the boys’ bathroom would cause community uproar and could force some parents to pull their children out of school.

Transgender bathroom initiative already a hot debate in Washington state
I-1515 faces a Friday deadline to qualify for the November ballot
Initiative would enable bathroom restrictions by biological gender
Transgender activists said the initiative, if enacted, would have harmful consequences

Marcha pide cambiar ley a través de referéndum
Una multitudinaria marcha, denominada por la vida y la familia natural, pide la abrogación de la Ley 807 de Identidad de Género. Se declaran en vigilia permanente

Aprueban reglamento para rectificar identidad
El Tribunal Electoral inicia en julio los trámites para agilizar los cambios de nombres y de género
Temen que 'rechazo' a ley de Género cause violencia

Tamara asume como defensora adjunta
Una activista del movimiento LGBT y un afroboliviano se convierten en colaboradores cercanos del defensor

Corte ordenó medidas para proteger a reclusos de la comunidad LGBTI
El alto tribunal le indicó al Inpec que debe proteger la vida e integridad los miembros de esta comunidad que se encuentran privados de su libertad.

Esta es la agenda prioritaria LGBTI: Unión civil, identidad trans y ley antidiscriminación
A juicio de Quiteria Franco, en Venezuela no existe impedimento legal para reivindicar y consagrar los derechos de la población no heterosexual

Tamara Adrián solicitó debate en la AN de ley contra la discriminación LGBTI
La abogada también exigió la publicación en la Gaceta Oficial del Día Nacional contra la Homofobia, Transfobia y Bifobia, aprobado por el Poder Legislativo en mayo pasado