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segunda-feira, julho 04, 2016

Transexual é indenizada em R$ 30 mil por humilhações em presídio no ES
Ela havia acabado de passar por cirurgia quando foi presa.
Segundo juiz, transexual foi insultada e submetida a revista invasiva.

Travesti é morto a tiros no Residencial 2000
Policiais militares registraram mais um homicídio na cidade, onde um travesti foi morto a tiros na porta de sua residência no bairro Residencial 2000.
De acordo com informações da testemunha E.R.R., 42 anos, ele estava em sua residência na rua Antônio Francisco Alves em companhia de seu irmão identificado como Wellington Márcio Rosa, 36 anos, conhecido como Daiane Brasil”. Segundo E., seu irmão disse que se fosse procurado por uma mulher loira conhecida como “Valéria’, era para dizer que ele não se encontrava na casa.

La madrugada del 16 de noviembre de 2010, tres jóvenes caminaban por la Avenida Paulista, en São Paulo, Brasil, cuando un grupo de agresores los atacó con lámparas fluorescentes, golpeándolos con una brutalidad que sorprendió al país. Dos de los jóvenes eran gays, el tercero no, pero la violencia homofóbica los hirió a todos por igual, sin distinción.

Novo setor da Unifesp oferece tratamento para álcool e drogas específico para transgêneros
O serviço, chamado TransSetor, iniciou suas atividades dia 16 de junho e funciona dentro do Proad

The complex circumstances that defined your gender
Scientists are only just getting to grips with the complicated interplay of genes, hormones and life experience that come to shape our identity.


Transgender karate expert Charlotte Dean opens classes in Newcastle
Gay trans woman Charlotte Dean, of Cruddas Park, is holding karate sessions for the LGBT community

'She's a cross-dressing man!' Rupert Everett launches shocking attack on Caitlyn Jenner
The actor claimed the former Olympian had "no clue" what being a transgender involves despite her actually being a trans woman

Don't call girls girls, advise gender neutral headmistresses
Whatever would Miss Jean Brodie have made of it? Teachers at girls’ schools should consider addressing their charges simply as “pupils” or “students” rather than girls, to be more inclusive to transgender children, leading headmistresses have suggested.
Girls’ Schools Association defends trans policies after advising teachers to stop saying ‘girls’

‘Brexit bad for trans rights, with dangerous Boris in charge,’ says young trans activist
Charlie Craggs tells UK students to vote to remain as leaving EU could make Boris Johnson the next prime minister

Spectator slammed for featuring ‘dehumanising, degrading’ transphobic cartoon
Stonewall CEO Ruth Hunt says the cartoon ‘reductive’ and ‘damaging’.

This Trans Supermodel Was Outed In The ‘80s, Lost Everything And Became A Pioneer
“As painful as it was to endure what I did in my life, it’s all worth it when you hear you’ve saved lives or helped people find direction in theirs.”

Tunisian Transman Attacked In Belgium By ISIS
A 26-year-old Transman who goes’ by the nickname “Sharky,” was stabbed repeatedly in Brussels June 18th by four Islamists .

Can a child know that they are transgender?
Can a child possibly be sure that he or she inhabits ‘the wrong body’? Philip Leone-Ganado explores the issue following the controversy surrounding eight-year-old transgender girl Willa.

Groundbreaking Court Decision in Poland on Gender Recognition Abroad
On June 1, a court in Warsaw issued a decision that allows a Polish citizen, who transitioned legally in Germany, to change her personal data (gender marker and first as well as last name) without obtaining a transsexual diagnosis and going through a civil court case in Poland.

Police Disperse Transsexual March in Istanbul
A march for transsexuals in Istanbul was dispersed on Sunday by the Turkish police who used tear gas to end the demonstrations, according to the Bianet online newspaper.
Police First Allow Then Attack Press Statement of Trans Pride Parade
Turkish police fire rubber bullets, tear gas at LGBT parade
Istanbul Police Violently Disperse Banned LGBT Rally

Erdoğan dined with Turkish transgender star after clashes at LGBT rally
Turkish president and his wife had iftar with Bülent Ersoy hours after Istanbul riot police used teargas to break up protest

3 suspected ISIS militants held in Turkey over plot to attack transgender rally: News agency
Three suspected Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants were arrested in Istanbul late on Tuesday (June 21) after a tip-off that they had planned an attack on a transgender march, Dogan News Agency said.

Israel’s first transgender army officer celebrates at DC embassy
In nod to Orlando massacre, Lieutenant Shachar proclaims the ‘whole world’ has a right ‘to be free and to be whoever we want to be’

What is it like to be a trans sex worker in one of the world's worst places to be LGBTI?
'Trans people cannot be employed anywhere,' Ugandan sex worker Bad Black says, 'They chose to do sex work for survival' - Read more at:

LRH officials alleged for showing negligence in transgender case
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa health department has demanded Lady Reading Hospital’s (LRH) board of governors to take an action upon the results of an investigation carried out against the mistreatment of a transgender, Alisha, who passed away due to gunshots in the last month.
LRH officials held accountable for mistreating transgender

Indian transgender band, 6 Pack Band, wins Cannes Grand Prix Glass Lion award
The band won the award for its impact in battling prejudice and discrimination against the transgender community.

Transgender employee to sue after being forced to divulge condition
A company employee who adopted a female name due to gender identity disorder is planning to sue an affiliate of Japanese beverage maker Yakult Honsha Co, claiming she was forced to divulge her condition at work, sources close to the matter said Sunday.

Pacific press organisation slams Samoa Observer
The Samoa Observer newspaper has been roundly criticised by a Pacific media freedom and standards organisation which says its "shameful" printing a graphic photo of the dead body of a transgender woman breaches common decency and media ethics.
Samoa paper's explanation calls fa'afafine a man
The Samoa Observer's apology - word for word
S.Observer editor: I did not write article or apology
The Samoa Observer Editor in Chief responds
Editor: Printing photo was a mistake, we apologise

For years there were two sets of clothes, two sets of friends and two sets of lives
She’s one of Australia’s leading financial minds but the journey to the top has not been easy for Savannah Jackson. In fact, for years, there were two sets of clothes, two sets of friends, two sets of lives – and they eventually took their toll. Until Savannah embraced her transition and started living her ‘authentic life’. Glen Morét reports.

Catholic schools told to support transgender students
Catholic schools should provide support for transgender students by considering toilet and shower facilities and deciding on acceptable language use, a WA bioethics expert told a national Catholic education conference this week.

[New Zealand]
Trans woman wins unfair dismissal case after being told to stop transition or leave
A trans woman will be paid nearly $20,000 by her former employer, a barber shop, after she was told to keep working as male or she would be sacked.

Trans activists say new police policy a step forward
Training will now be mandatory for all Vancouver police officers, notes chair of Trans Alliance Society

Winnipeg School Division approves policy for trans, gender diverse students
Policy includes student support plan for bathrooms, gym class, field trips

Call me Seth: A Yarmouth County transgender teen's story
When Seth Andrew LeBlanc stood before his entire Ecole Par-en-Bas school population to deliver a speech, he looked comfortable, spoke easily and laid it all on the line. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Transgender population doubled! Where does your state rank?
The Williams Institute’s June 2016 survey reports that the transgender population doubled since 2011, the last time the number was estimated. The 2011 survey, pegged our numbers at just .03% of the population or roughly 700,000 people. That number has often been referenced by hate groups working against transgender progress with the meme to ‘protect all’ against being discomforted by an almost non-existent voiceless inconsequential minority. Add that idea to the inevitable albeit imaginary herds of perverts who would come out as trans to peep in bathrooms and presto, a vile minority to exclude, even kill, justified by a Christian Bible (which if they read embraced transsexuality three times)!

Gay actor Rupert Everett warns parents not to let kids have gender reassignment surgery
Out gay actor Rupert Everett has warned parents against seeking gender reassignment surgery for their children.

The Police Department That Once Raided the Stonewall Inn, Now Protects It
Decades ago, an early morning raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York sparked violent protests among gay patrons who fought back after police burst in and tried to arrest them for daring to drink and dance with members of the same sex.

Appeals court orders lower court to consider transgender bathroom case
A Virginia school board being sued by a transgender student over its restrictive bathroom policy has lost its bid to put the case on hold while it prepares an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, and a federal court has ordered the case to move forward.
Va. transgender bathroom case headed back to district court as Supreme Court considers appeal

Lena Dunham's New Documentary Puts You in a Trans Man's Shoes
Or rather, his custom-tailored suit.

(UPDATE: Trans military ban lifted!) Salary, pride goes away after federal technician serving in National Guard loses job over trans status
June 30, 2016: U.S. Dept. of Defense lifts transgender military ban. From the Department of Defense Media Service:

Existing While Black and Trans
We have successfully settled Meagan Taylor's case to the satisfaction of the parties! We have been so proud to represent Meagan in this important case. Meagan's case garnered national attention, and has been an important reminder to those in the criminal justice system and who run businesses and other public accommodations in Iowa that transgender people are explicitly protected by our civil rights laws from discriminatory treatment.

Here’s what happens when schools let transgender students use the bathroom they want
Schools have quietly made change with little trouble
Their actions preceded federal guidance on the issue
Meanwhile, some states are suing feds over bathroom policy

Think Gender Is Performance? You Have Judith Butler to Thank for That
The radical theorist who spawned a gender-queer nation — and became a pop celebrity in the process.

Federal Trial Courts Divided Over Title VII Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims
Last July the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), reversing its position dating back fifty years, issued a ruling that a gay man could charge a federal agency employer with sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for denying a promotion because of his sexual orientation. The Baldwin v. Foxx decision is an administrative ruling, not binding on federal courts, and federal trial judges are sharply divided on the issue.

For city, bias law's future up to voters
Arkansas-side residents this week will begin voting on whether to keep or repeal Texarkana's anti-discrimination ordinance.

A Push for Transgender Studies
University of Arizona has added faculty lines and a journal, and is planning a major conference and a master's program.

DOE must comply with transgender bathroom guidance
Transgender students at the Guam Department of Education will likely be allowed to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity beginning next school year. The proposed change is thanks to recent federal guidance from the Obama administration, which explains that Title XI of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in programs using federal money. Superintendent Jon Fernandez told KUAM that GDOE will have to comply with the federal guidance in order to access over 25 million dollars in grant funding. Fernandez previously told KUAM that although the issue has not been prevalent in the past, “GDOE as an institution has been very aware of the diversity that we have within our school system, and that includes ethnic diversity, sexual identification and gender identification.” He continued by saying the department has done its best “to ensure that we’re welcoming and accommodating to the extent that it makes sense.” He added accommodations have been made for employees in the past.

Transgender woman's car vandalized, police investigating
'I didn't think that anyone could hate me that much'

Community divided over School District transgender policy
School board scheduled to vote on policy at July meeting

Transgender Bathroom Reforms Cheered By Activist Jen Richards
A leading transgender activist and screenwriter said Chicago is staying on the forefront of civil rights with its expected move this week to grant open access to bathrooms.

Topeka teen seeks to shed light on being transgender
All Shawnee County school districts serve transgender youth, psychologist says

Huelskamp suggestions on transgender bathrooms gets backlash from educators
A letter landed in the mailboxes of more than 130 Kansas school superintendents this week, urging them to ignore guidelines put forth by two federal agencies and risk the loss of federal funds.

Council asked to support protected class status for gay, lesbian, transgender people
Irigonegaray: 'Do it because it's the right thing to do'

Transgender issues, particularly bathrooms, uncharted territory for most Louisiana school administrators
As state and federal leaders feud over whether transgender students should be able to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity, public educators in Louisiana say they are just beginning to grapple with an issue that is brand new to many of them.

The story of a transgender father: ‘I had to risk losing my family’
My son and I started talking again on Oct. 18, 2004. How, you may ask, can I be so precise about the date?

Chabot: Dem leaders spar on transgender bill
A Beacon Hill blame game has erupted between House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg over slow-moving transgender rights legislation in the wake of the Orlando massacre, with DeLeo trying to bolster his progressive bonafides by pushing for a quick passage in honor of gay victims.

St. Louis to raise transgender pride flag Monday
St. Louis City Hall will become one of the few in the nation to fly the transgender pride flag during a ceremony this week.

Reject transgender bathroom directive, letter-writers tell Springfield school officials
Springfield school leaders announced they were taking time to seek legal and policy guidelines before responding to a federal directive to public schools regarding transgender students.

Head Ocean City lifeguard apologizes over trans locker room flap
The head of the Ocean City, Md., beach patrol apologized last week after news surfaced that he sent a June 12 email to more than 80 beach employees instructing them to use the locker room “that corresponds to your DNA.”

Man charged in death of transgender woman who was run over
A 29-year-old Kansas City man has been charged in the death of transgender woman who a witness said was intentionally run over several times and left to die.
Murder charge filed in Kansas City transgender death

HB2 and the Pulse Massacre
In the light from more than a thousand candles, Charlotte mayor Jennifer Roberts denounced Governor Pat McCrory and “Hate Bill 2” at a vigil for Orlando on June 13. Attendees of the vigil filled both parking lots and both balconies of the two-story Bar at 316, a venue that holds a special place in the hearts of Charlotte’s LGBT population.
CMS: Transgender students can choose identity and bathroom
Leaked NC bill creates transgender HB2 SRS ID cards
North Carolina Governor Bashes Schools That Stand Up For Transgendered Students
Gov. Pat McCrory’s office blasts CMS transgender policy as 'breaking state law'

OPS board members show support for adding transgender protections to nondiscrimination rules
As the state’s largest and most diverse school district, Omaha Public Schools should lead the way and craft clear policies that protect transgender students, several community and school board members said Monday night.

Emerson Board of Education OKs transgender protection policy
The borough’s Board of Education approved a policy on Monday night that aims to protect the rights of transgender students – joining a growing number of North Jersey school districts.

APS Board member: ‘Hatemonger is attacking me’
Albuquerque Public Schools Board member Peggy Muller-Aragón walked out her front door late Friday night to find a sign hanging from her car’s side mirror. It read: “Die hateful bitch.”

Mercy College Offers Voice Therapy Program For Transgender Individuals
Beginning this summer Mercy College’s Speech and Hearing Center is offering voice therapy for transgender individuals on Tuesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. from July 5 to Aug. 2.

State Senate skips vote on transgender protection act
Transgender advocates rallied in Smithtown Saturday after the state Senate failed to bring the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act to a vote before the end of the legislative session.

Amerherst School District talks about transgender challenges
Transgender issues aired for about two hours when Amherst School Board accepted public comment.

Transgender Bathroom Policy in Wissahickon School District
The Wissahickon School Board will allow students to use the rest room or locker room that matches their gender identity.

With Orlando in mind, Pa. lawmakers push new antidiscrimination bills
On the heels of the Orlando massacre, bills seeking equal protection for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender residents are getting a renewed push in the Capitol.

S.C. school district agrees to accommodate transgender student after facing federal pressure
Facing pressure from the U.S. Department of Education, a South Carolina school district has agreed to allow a transgender student to use the bathroom of her choice and will revise its policies to bar discrimination based on gender identity.
Dorchester District 2 settles bathroom suit with transgender student

Rep. Black Blasts Vanderbilt for Covering ‘Medically Unnecessary’ Sex-Reassignment Surgeries
Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) blasted Vanderbilt University’s student insurance policy, which previously covered hormone therapy for transgender students but will now also cover what she called “medically unnecessary” sex-reassignment surgeries.

Woman emerges from a life spent hiding and fearful
For most of us, it's a minor inconvenience. We're at Target, or Lowe's, maybe with a full shopping cart, when we realize we've got to go to the bathroom.

Pearland mother finds online support in raising transgender child
Kimberly Shappley is as conservative and Christian as they come.
Pearland mother finds online support in raising transgender child [Updated]

Utah County school board members push for budget free of $40M in federal funds in light of Obama transgender directive
Transgender memo » Donations floated as option to unshackle schools from “morally reprehensible” directive.

SPS reviews bathroom policy
Suffolk Public Schools says it has shared guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice regarding bathroom use by transgender students with its school administrators and the School Board.

Police arrest fifth suspect in transgender Burlington man's killing
Amos Beede killed in homeless encampment

Trans Person Attacked After Orlando Vigil
A Seattle trans advocate was attacked and beaten after leaving the 'Let Your Love Shine' fundraiser event for the victims of the Orlando Pulse Massacre.

Brazil's Palace of the Princesses offers refuge to transgender community
At the entrance to an inn in Sao Paulo, a black-and-white portrait of its former owner greets its tenants: all are transsexuals or cross-dressers battered by a life of prostitution and violence. Many have AIDS.

Mockery Or Murder: The Horrors Of Being Transgender In Colombia
Chased from their homes and communities, many transgender women in Colombia seek refuge in a four-block area in Santa Fe, in downtown Bogotá.