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domingo, agosto 14, 2016

Se sobrevivesse, travesti teria que amputar quatro membros, diz HUT
A travesti Taciane Pires, que estava internada no Hospital de Urgência de Teresina (HUT), vítima de complicações ocorridas na aplicação de silicone industrial no corpo, não resistiu e morreu na terça-feira, dia 09. O diretor do HUT, médico Gilberto Albuquerque, explica que o estado de saúde da jovem era grave.

Boarding school group backs use of trans language
Boarding school teachers are being told to use ‘gender neutral’ vocabulary in order to cater for transsexual pupils.

Hartlepool transgender writer releases inspiring debut novel
A former bingo caller from Hartlepool has completed his first comic novel based on his experiences as a transsexual.

'I feel I have a future now': Transsexual ex-con tells how she turned her life around
Nicola Wilson, who hit the headlines when she was sent to women’s prison Cornton Vale, is optimistic that she can carve a productive future from a troubled past.

Transgender Micshania prepares for surgery ‘rebirth’
At an age where some are considering plans for retirement, one Lancashire woman is turning back the clock and starting all over again.

Celebrated & contested – breakthrough towards first French gender recognition law
On Wednesday 12th July the French National Assembly approved an amendment, which would introduce the first law regulating legal gender recognition in the country. The proposed procedure for changing name and recorded gender marker is part of a larger law “Justice in the 21st century”.

Fenech Adami wants justice for transgender prisoners, warns of prison’s drug woes
Home affairs minister Carmelo Abela says high rate of drug finds in prison the result of an increase in investigations, including on prison wardens

Trans woman burned and murdered in Turkey
Hande Kader, a trans woman based in Istanbul, disappeared a week ago. Her friends and lover filed a missing person’s announcement. Hande Kader’s burned body was found in Zekeriyaköy.
Trans sex worker Hande Kader was last seen getting in her customer’s car about a week ago and has not been heard from since. Her friends and lover have reported Hande’s disappearance to the police.

Transgender Blogger Gigi Gorgeous Was Detained In Dubai For 'Impersonating A Woman'
They even confiscated her passport.
Gigi Gorgeous is a YouTube personality who does a lot of beauty blogs and also posts about her transition. She was born Gregory Lazzarato, but says she has officially changed her name to Gigi Loren on her passport. While Gigi says that she had known she was transgender for years, she came out on YouTube in 2001 after her mom passed away.

[South Africa]
Transgender issues in the spotlight at AIDS conference
For the first time, there has been a significant focus on transgender issues at the 21st International AIDS conference underway in Durban.
PRESS STATEMENT: International AIDS Conference 2016 is Trans-exclusionary

Journalist Apsara Reddy denied entry in warship citing 'no transgender' rule
Journalist and TV host Apsara Reddy was prevented from entering a warship stationed at Chennai port on Sunday as a security officer at the entrance said "no transgenders" were allowed into the ship. It is not yet clear to which of the security forces does the ship belongs to.

Meet Naina, The Youngest Transgender In India To Come Out
Naina came out in the most beautiful, inspiring and courageous way possible. This student from Delhi's Vasant Valley School went up to the stage and declared her sexual identity to her entire school during assembly. If that does not define courage and inspiration, we do not know what will.

Govt clears bill to protect rights of transgenders
The Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016, that will pave the way for the community to be declared as the third gender with an option to identify themselves as male, female or transgender.
Transgenders will soon be categorised as 'third gender'

Forensics expert is the ‘total package’
Jude ‘Madam Judai’ says gender preference shouldn’t be an obstacle to achieving one’s dreams in life
Colored contact lens, long eye-lashes, full make-up, with pearls and killer high-heeled boots aren’t usually the regulation uniform for the police’s Scene of the Crime (SOCO) personnel.

In Indonesia, Non-Binary Gender is a Centuries-Old Idea
Modern Western culture is slowly acknowledging gender fluidity, but "third genders" and other classifications have existed throughout history.

Tuivaiki's death investigated as possible homicide
The death of Jeanine Tuivaiki is being investigated as a possible homicide.
Samoa Observer once again misgenders Tuivaiki
Conflicting reports given at Tuivaiki inquest

'People pay hundreds for this kind of hair': Hairdresser mum, 29, hits back at critics who say letting her five-year-old son grow long flowing locks will give him a gender identity crisis
Alice Goulding, 29, has fought back against critics of her son's long hair
She was told her son Winter, four, would develop gender identity issues
The Sydney mum says the little boy is often mistaken for a girl
Winter has told his mum he likes his long hair and doesn't want to cut it

I don’t mind being a man sometimes, now I’m a woman
I wasn’t born in Broken Hill. I was transferred here when I was a prison warden, when my name was Warren Miller. One day in 2000, I walked into the prison dressed as a woman and said: “My name’s now Kirsti Miller, and you’ll find me in my office.”

Cheltenham Girls School under fire for promoting gender neutral language
A local Sydney girls school is under investigation following complaints by parents of ‘LGBTI programming’ after the school insisted on the use of gender neutral language in the classroom.

[New Zealand]
Strip searches don't take into account trans inmates
An Official Information Act request to the Department of Corrections has confirmed that transgender prisoners who are in a prison that doesn’t align with their gender identity, are subject to strip searches undertaken by officers of a different gender.

Gender transitioning at work carries 'high level of risk'
Business professor says smart companies find diversity improves their financial situation

Emails reveal Catholic school more concerned about being transgender ‘positive’ than following Church teaching
A school in the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) appears to be more concerned about playing the part of a “positive and respectful community” on "transgender issues" than following Catholic teaching, according to an exchange of emails between a principal and teachers obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

Calgary councillor wants gender-neutral washrooms in city buildings and facilities
A city councillor believes relabelling single-stall washrooms across city buildings and facilities is a simple step that could make a big difference to Calgary’s LGBTQ community.

Government to amend B.C. Human Rights Code to protect gender rights
NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert has tried to have B.C. Human Rights Code amended for several years

B.C. reverses stand, will extend human rights to transgender people
British Columbia's government is reversing its position and aligning itself with the majority of Canada to enhance protection for the rights of transgender people just days before Vancouver's annual Pride parade.
Trans rights at last in BC?
Changes to B.C. Human Rights Code to include specific protections for transgender people

After Obama's Transgender Bathroom Letter, Felons Have More Privacy Protections Than Students, Legal Expert Says
Prisoners now have more privacy rights than students, after President Barack Obama's letter directing public schools to allow bathroom use based upon gender identity, rather than biological sex, a legal expert argued at a Family Research Council event.

Transgender Superhero to Be Featured in New Comic Book
The comic book world is about to get its first transgender leading character. The central protagonist in the upcoming superhero series "Alters" is Chalice, a trans "hero for the new age."

Looking at workplace bias against trans people of color
In April 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) determined in the case Macy v. Holder that transgender and gender non-conforming people are a protected class under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects people based on sex.

Ben Carson compares being transgender to changing ethnicities
Failed GOP presidential candidate says transgender rights are "not a civil rights issue"

Intersex person who was denied a passport over gender designation sues U.S. government
Dana Zzyym needed a U.S. passport, but the application offered only two gender choices: male or female. For Zzyym, neither was accurate.
Zzyym was born with ambiguous genitalia and identifies as intersex, neither male nor female. Zzyym — who uses the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “them” — was denied a passport after the State Department declined to let Zzyym use the gender marker “X.”
State Department Got It Wrong in Denying Passport to Intersex Citizen

Arkansas’ counseling law reveals Pandora’s box of religious objections
For critics of Arkansas‘ religious objections law, a new rule allowing counselors to refer clients elsewhere if they have a religious or moral objection to treating them shows the Pandora’s box the majority-Republican Legislature opened last year. It also is a sign that the debate over the law that was upended in the final days of last year’s legislative session is far from over.

Transgender Activist Claims Harassment by Deputies at LA Pride
Bamby Salcedo, a leading transgender activist, has complained that sheriff’s deputies roughed up people participating in the “Reclaim Pride” demonstration at last month’s L.A. Pride parade.

Boulder Valley schools recognized as leader in transgender inclusion
On Friday, Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign — the nation's largest LGBTQ-rights advocacy organization — recognized the Boulder Valley School District for its leadership in transgender equality and inclusion.

Trans woman’s murder prompts calls for change
The fatal shooting on July 4 of D.C. transgender woman Deeniquia “Dee Dee” Dodds, 25, in an area close to where transgender sex workers congregate has prompted a local LGBT-supportive advocacy group to call on police to end their longstanding practice of arresting trans sex workers.

John Marshall launches gender marker program
The Pro Bono Clinic at The John Marshall Law School has launched a new program to help transgender individuals navigate the legal hurdles that come with changing one’s name and gender.

New YMCA guidelines support transgender bathroom, locker room access
A mom at a suburban YMCA recently reported to employees that she was unnerved to find a teenager who appeared to be male using the women's locker room.
Chicago YMCAs open locker rooms to transgender boys and girls

Parents oppose BCSC gender identity policy, threaten to keep children out of school
Local parents concerned with Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.’s decision to extend anti-discrimination protections to transgender students say they will keep their children home on the first day of school if the school board does not reverse its policy.

Alleged Hate Group Member Charged in Shooting of Trans Woman in Indiana
Crystal Raquel Cash survived a violent assault that left her with a broken jaw, but local news can't help but turn its attention to irrelevent discussions of sex work.

Activists file petition to repeal transgender law
Conservative activists want to put a repeal of the state’s recently passed transgender rights law on the ballot in 2018, a move that would extend a divisive debate over civil rights and privacy for at least another two years.

Committee looking into implementation of transgender regulations making progress
A committee formed to look at an advisory handed down by the U.S. Department of Justice is on its way in Carroll County, with most of the subcommittees having met.

Pride in a small town: Emerging signs of LGBT equality
Ron Beachley remembers slipping through the side door of a downtown Hagerstown hotel into the Bull Ring, a gay nightclub, in the early 1980s.

Transgender Sparta Twp. candidate fights for support
For Gidget Groendyk, every day seems to bring a flurry of indignities big and small.

In restroom design, private is the new public
Hy-Vee’s top executive, Randy Edeker, walked into a Miami hotel five years ago and saw an innovation that he thought would work in the grocery chain — public restrooms for one.

Bathrooms available for transgender students in Iredell County
Iredell-Statesville schools will have alternate bathrooms ready for transgender students next school year.

Las Vegans meet new transgender military policy with relief, concerns
Air Force Reserve Tech. Sgt. Frankie Perez didn’t realize she soon would be transitioning to be a male until a deployment last year to the Horn of Africa.

Schools to rely on transgender guidance
When it comes to addressing gender identity issues during the coming school year, several area school districts will be relying heavily on guidance provided by state and national organizations.

Highland files motion to block disruption of federal funding while transgender case presses on
Highland Local School District asked a federal court in a motion filed Friday to stop the U.S. departments of Education and Justice from pulling federal funding for special needs and underprivileged children while the district’s lawsuit against those agencies moves forward, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom, Highland’s representation in the case.

Ohio school district asks court to stop feds from depriving special needs, underprivileged children
DOE making funding for disadvantaged children dependent on schools forcing students to share showers, locker rooms with opposite sex

Police: Trans woman killed by mother’s ex, who called her ‘the devil’
Another transgender woman has been killed in the United States, bringing the total number of known murders of transgender people in the country to 19 this year.
Police say Rae’Lynn Thomas, 28, was shot this week by her mother’s ex-boyfriend in their home, reports Columbus station WBNS. Her family is calling the tragic killing a hate crime, though Columbus police are not currently investigating it as such.
Transgender woman Rae’Lynn Thomas shot by mothers ex Boyfriend

District presents transgender rights policy
In an attempt to keep up with changing times and policies, the school committee had the first reading of a draft Transgender Non-Discrimination Policy Tuesday night, focused on student comfort level before, during and after transitioning.

Pearland Mom Of Transgender Child Describes Journey To Acceptance
A Republican and evangelical Christian, Kimberly Shappley is now an ardent supporter of LGBT rights.

Latina Trans Woman Found Murdered in Her Home in Texas
Erykah Tijerina, a 36-year-old transgender Latina, was found dead Monday at her home in El Paso, Texas, reports local TV station KFOX. Police found signs of foul play and are investigating her death as a homicide. She is the 18th trans person known to have been murdered in 2016.

4 Burlington suspects in Amos Beede's slaying appear for arraignment
Erik Averill, Jordan Paul, Myia Barber, Allison Gee waived extradition from California

Gay community warns bathroom suit sends wrong message to trans students, businesses
On June 2, inside Matt Mead’s office at the Idelman Mansion in Cheyenne, the governor and Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow sat down with leaders of the state's gay community. They called the meeting to discuss President Barack Obama’s recent directive that America’s schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

‘Bathroom bill’ tops WV GOP senator’s wish list for special session
A Republican state senator is urging West Virginia lawmakers to take up a transgender “bathroom bill” as the No. 1 item on a special session agenda that places flood relief as the fourth — and last — measure on the same list.