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terça-feira, agosto 15, 2006

Boy Changed to 'Girl' Yearned to be Boy
"Only years afterward was the sad truth revealed, the Culture and Family Institute spokesman explains. 'All along, this little boy was yearning to be a boy, did not want to wear dresses, rejected his female identity,' he says. 'And this came out later in Rolling Stone magazine, and then in a book called As Nature Made Him by John Colapinto -- how Money falsified the findings in order to prove that gender is just a construct in your head.'"

Police seek cross-dresser
London police have released a sketch of a cross-dressing male suspect wanted in connection with a sexual assault last week, with hopes information from the public will help identify him.

Camp Trans Confronts Transphobia at Michigan Women's Music Festival
Camp Trans brings together trans men, trans women, as well as non-trans allies into the struggle for trans-equality and the end of the Michigan Women's Music Festival's (MWMF) policy of excluding trans women. This year we're sharpening our focus on ending the policy and organizing to fight transphobia in our local communities. In addition to activities and outreach with festival attendees, we are planning workshops, facilitated discussions and training oriented towards grassroots activism!

Transvestites rob 'customer'
Two transvestites became aggressive and robbed a man who sought their "services" after an argument over price yesterday.

Homosexual Plans Surgery to Become Woman
The first glance gives you the impression of a young lady-retouched hair, beardless face, earrings and even protruding breasts. That is how this transvestite young man dresses. After practicing commercial anal sex for a decade, the gay now decides to undergo surgery to become a woman so that the society would stop scolding him for immorality!