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quarta-feira, agosto 09, 2006

Obituary: Thomas, a leading transgender activist
Brenda Thomas, a one-time auto dealership owner who became a leading local transgender activist, died Sunday at a Houston hospice, a family member said. She was 64.

State to fund at least 2 more sex changes
Washington Medicaid officials are taking steps to end publicly funded sex-change surgery. However, the state is required to pay for at least two more operations and will continue to cover hormone treatment and psychotherapy for low-income people diagnosed with gender-identity disorders.

Taking time off work to go under the knife
THOUSANDS of women and increasing numbers of men take time out to have cosmetic surgery. Breast implants, nose jobs, tummy tucks and face lifts are no longer the preserve of the rich and famous as cosmetic surgeons compete for our money with promises of a "new you".
But what about the time you take off work to have surgery? Is it sick leave or should it be counted as holiday entitlement? It's an area that can cause friction between employee and employer.