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quinta-feira, agosto 10, 2006

Sex Swap Woman's Jibes Rage
'Flirt' sex swap job chop
Sex-swap ferry worker 'flirted'
Ferry transsexual suffered jibes
SEX swap ship worker claimed yesterday she was hounded out of her job by cruel taunts about her gender change.

Books: "Virginia Prince: Pioneer of Transgendering"
Discover the influence of controversial writer Virginia Prince—friend, counselor, philosopher, and publicist for the cross-dressing community

Letters: Transgender story needed telling
Bravo to Janus (Freeman) Carson for her courage and bravery in telling her wrenching story. Congratulations to reporter Crystal Bonvillian and the Montgomery Advertiser for a stellar job in reporting this story, which begged to be told.

The Gender Agenda
Are single-sex spaces an outmoded concept in today's increasingly queer world? Katrina Fox reports.

Refus des tribunaux d’ordonner le remboursement à une transsexuelle
Refus des tribunaux d'ordonner le remboursement à une transsexuelle des frais complémentaires afférents à sa conversion sexuelle

Transwoman sues work for half a million
Transwoman deported
Jessica Bussert, who has filed the largest ever claim for sex discrimination against a transsexual, has recently been informed by the British Home Office that she and her spouse must leave England by August 21.

Issues related to transgenders raised
Terming as 'heartless', the indecent portrayal of transgenders in Indian movies, South Indian film director Balu Mahendra today appealed to the film community to treat them with dignity.