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quarta-feira, setembro 27, 2006

UA sets bar for transgender access rights
The UA allows transgendered people to use the restrooms with which they best identify, making it one of the most inclusive campuses in the country, a UA official said.

Alice Dreger: Disorders of Sex Development
Alice Dreger recently announced that she is resigning from the Consortium on the Management of Disorders of Sex Development ("The DSD Consortium") , and is trying to distance herself from the pathologizing terminology being used by that Consortium – as if she never had anything to do with it.

Public To Weigh In On Whether To Have Gender Change Reflected In
The city has decided to let the public weigh in on whether transgendered people should be granted new birth certificates to reflect their new gender.

Transgender IDs no longer a drag
The city is about to make it easier for transgender New Yorkers to get new birth certificates reflecting their new sex.

Call to ban sex change for prisoners
The NSW government has been asked to ban sex change operations for state prisoners following the controversy surrounding convicted killer Maddison Hall.

Who knew? Filipino drag queens welcomed in Israel
You can't accuse filmmaker Tomer Heymann of tackling a mundane subject in this documentary, a multiple-award winner at various festivals.

Transgender Veterans form a Chapter of TAVA in Georgia
The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) wishes to announce the formation of a chapter of TAVA in the State of Georgia.