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sábado, setembro 30, 2006

Existe-il des travestis hétérosexuels ?
Marie, 22 ans, Canada
Quel est le meilleur moment pour faire sa transition et combien de temps ça prend !
Anna, 16 ans, Canada

Will Cross-Dressing Activists Come To Your School?
As our children have returned to public schools this fall, they face a new threat to their sense of morality and sexuality: Transgender activists are targeting children for seduction into gender confusion.

Transgeneration : série documentaire choc
Pour inaugurer sa nouvelle case "série documentaire" , PinkTV propose "Transgeneration" , un programme en 10 épisodes qui dresse les portraits de deux filles et deux garçons "transgenres" .

Ban prisoner sex changes, says Nile
The NSW Government has been asked to ban sex change operations for state prisoners following the controversy surrounding convicted killer Maddison Hall.

'I'd need a sex change to be MP again'
Former Scarborough MP Lawrie Quinn says he would need a sex change if he was going to win back his seat at the next election!

Transgendered firefighter takes stand during Knoxville firefighter's appeal hearing
A transgendered Knoxville firefighter whose complaint landed another firefighter on a three day suspension took the stand during Wednesday's appeal hearing.

Film about transgender Filipinos in Israel comes to U.S.
You can't accuse filmmaker Tomer Heymann of tackling a mundane subject in this documentary, a multiple award winner at various festivals.

Pitt Teams Up With Nip/Tuck Creator For Transsexual Show
Brad Pitt has teamed up with Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy to produce a new TV show about the life of a transsexual married sportswriter.

Female reproductive organs removed from hermaphroditic 'man'
Doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have just removed all female reproductive organs from a 24-year-old hermaphrodite classified genetically as male.

Trans woman's asylum case re-opened
A transsexual woman who was arrested last month in San Francisco and faced immediate deportation to Indonesia has won the right for her asylum case to be re-opened, the United States Board of Immigration Appeals announced on September 20.

Tranny boom filtering into prostitution
There are almost 12 million Internet sites that come up for the search "tranny." The gender labeled, officially transvestite or transsexual, is a man or woman who has crossed over to the other sex by means of dress, hormone or — in the extreme — surgery. For the plural form — `trannies' — only two and a half million links pop up.

Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act Becomes Law!
The nation's first bill to address use of panic strategies, the Gwen Araujo Justice for Victims Act (AB 1160), was signed into law today by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Authored by Assembly woman Sally Lieber and Sponsored by Equality California, the bill puts California firmly on record as opposing a defendant's use of societal bias against their victim in order to decrease their own culpability for a crime.

Atta Boy ... Or Girl
By day he's a moral crusader, visiting schools and youth groups to encourage racial integration in his hometown. But at night Atta Yaqub has been seen camping it up with Asian transvestites around the streets of Port Glasgow.

Transgender trauma
While some tourists jet in from around the globe specifically to enjoy the androgynous charms of Patong’s legion of ladyboy prostitutes, there are still cases where off-guard male tourists end up with a ladyboy under the misunderstanding that he is a real woman.

Transsexual faces new charges
A transsexual convicted in 2001 of killing her husband by castrating him in a crude operation is facing new charges for reportedly mailing a threatening letter to a Butler County assistant district attorney and spitting on a state police trooper.

Transgender thief charged in Baltimore
A transgender thief described by one prosecutor as an "incorrigible" con artist is in trouble with the law again - despite being released from prison last year to die of AIDS at home.

Pinelands Regional hires transgender substitute teacher
Lily McBeth, a transgender woman, was among several substitute teachers the Pinelands Regional Board of Education hired Thursday night without comment from board members or the public.
Transgender substitute teacher hired; no audience comment
Lily McBeth was one of several substitute teachers the Pinelands Regional Board of Education voted to hire Thursday night. None of the handful of local residents who attended the meeting spoke on the hiring of the 72-year-old transgender Little Egg Harbor woman.

Cross-dressing Yakkun Sakurazuka's handlers tight-lipped on comic's past
Cross-dressing Yakkun Sakurazuka -- decked out in a retro schoolgirl's sailor-suit uniform, flowing honey-brown tresses, wielding a bamboo kendo sword and spouting bad-mouthed advice -- is arguably Japan's hottest new talent, but Shukan Josei (10/10) notes his career hasn't always been this good.

Trans conference draws record attendance
Taking a closer look at the lives of transgender men, and, for the first time, cracking open its doors to the general public pushed attendance at the Southern Comfort Conference to its largest number since 2000, organizers said.