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quarta-feira, janeiro 17, 2007

European Transgender Groups Unite
A new coalition of European Transgender and Transsexual Groups, TransGender Europe, has received recognition by the Austrian authorities this week.

Norwegian transsexual denied 2nd passport
A 63-year-old Norwegian transsexual who tried to apply for two different passports has had his request rejected by the Norwegian state police agency.
Transsexual denied two passports
A transsexual Norwegian wanted two passports, one as a man and one as a woman, but his request was rejected.

[USA] [Commentary]
Barbra Streisand: Lessons from a Lesbian Icon
Excerpt: What’s more, as producer and director of Yentl, Streisand didn’t just play the part. She brought the subtext (and main text) into being, and didn’t sidestep the references to lesbianism or transgenderism. As usual, she had her vociferous critics, but Yentl made her gay-friendliness part of the cultural landscape and cemented her lesbian icon status.

A habitual cross-dresser
A 17-year-old boy, who deceived the police by appearing as a woman and was recently remanded at a women's prison in St. Catherine, is actually a habitual cross-dresser.

Malaysian Court Investigating If Groom Was Once A Woman
A Malaysian national is facing a possible jail term and the annulment of his marriage, if investigators can prove that he was in fact a "she." Mohammad Sofian, 40, and Zaiton Aziz, 43, were married by an imam in western Malacca state in December 2002.

[Australia] [People/Entertainment]
Tranny role a surprise
FAMKE Janssen, star of controversial TV show Nip/Tuck, talks about playing a transsexual and being a Bond girl.
Photo: Famke Janssen as Jean Grey at the X-Men movies

Transgender People Face Violence, Obstacles
Cast to the margins of society, gender-nonconformists have always lived under the threat of harassment and brutality, but a new report and vigilant voices of resistance aim to expose and challenge prevailing social stigmas.

When Did Drag Queens Become Transgendered?
Exactly when did Drag Queens become transgendered? One day they were elaborately dressed gay men who spent hours preparing their make-up and costume before going out on the stage to entertain; the next, their gender, which most always was self-identified as male, was suddenly "trans." Was I absent from class when all this was discussed? Since when did outward presentation and performance override internal self-identification -- Was I in the women's restroom when the vote was taken?

Transmission – Kansas City Crossdressers and Friends (KCCAF)
Occasionally organizations exist for a while with very little fanfare or even notice. Kansas City Crossdressers and Friends was one of those organizations.