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quinta-feira, abril 24, 2008

[Isle of Man]
Transsexual to be recognised under new Manx law
TRANSSEXUAL people will have their acquired gender recognised in law under draft legislation.
The Gender Recognition Bill 2008, published on Wednesday, is based on similar legislation introduced in the UK following a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in cases brought against the UK.

Judge Postpones; Experts Defy Gay Association Closure Case
Excerpt: Soyle also commented on the police raiding the offices of the association last week.
"The police started monitoring the association after they received a notice claiming that the association is engaged in prostitution, " said Soyle.
"They saw that transvestites and transsexuals entered the association and so they raided the offices with a search warrant. However, the name of the association is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transvestite Transsexual Solidarity Association. .. Of course we were saddened by the raid."

[South Africa]
'Township lesbians too scared'
Human rights groups say that lesbians in Khayelitsha are too frightened to picket and protest outside the trial of nine men who stand accused of beating 19-year-old Zoliswa Nkonyana to death more than two years ago.

Transgender census soon
TAMIL Maiyam, an organization Chief Minister M Karunanidhi' s daughter and Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi is closely associated with has been commissioned to undertake a census of the numbers and needs of the transgender community in Tamil Nadu, Social Welfare Minister Poongothai Balaji said on Monday.

Começou esta semana no Estado de Tamil Nadu, no sul da Índia, o festival Aravan, o único do país dedicado exclusivamente aos transexuais.
Transgenders crown their beauties
Two drag queens being crowned within half an hour of each other. That too on either sides of a road. This is what happened here on Tuesday during the annual Koothandavar temple festival.
Transsexuals tormented by drunk youths
For thousands of transsexuals, the 'eunuch' festival at Koovagam festival, the remote village in northern Tamil Nadu, is surely becoming a nightmare.

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
In Good Company
Excerpt: Persons who are to be denied passports because it is undesirable that they be allowed to have one include:
Australian citizens who are transgender, that is are living in the identity of a member of the opposite sex; and Australian citizens being repatriated or deported to Australia or extradited

Trans Activist will Be Missed
Eleanor Lister, transgender rights advocate and general supporter of humanitarian issues, died last week after a long battle with throat cancer.
Photo by Cara Davis

Trans interests excluded from Summit
GLBT advocates have slammed the apparent non-inclusion of trans representatives at the 2020 Summit.
The summit included a number of people championing the cause of gay and lesbian people in Australia, but trans interests appear to have been sidelined, activists claimed.

Children's Hospital Boston Offers "Sex Change" to Adolescents

Endocrinologist Norman Spack of the Children's Hospital Boston (CHB) is continuing to promote the Gender Management Service Clinic, whose services include giving "transgendered" children puberty-delaying drugs so that they can choose the gender of their body.
[Blog/Commentary] A real Dr Strangelove
A doctor at the renowned Children's Hospital Boston has launched a new program to drug children to delay puberty so they can decide whether they want a male or a female body, according to a report today in the Boston Globe. Pediatric endocrinologist Norman Spack, 64, says he started the Gender Management Service Clinic because he found himself encountering 20-somethings who were "transgendered" and in good shape socially, "but they were having trouble getting their physique to conform to their identity. "I knew the 20-somethings could have better chances of passing if they were treated earlier," he said.

'N Sync's Lance Bass Films Day of Silence PSA to Help Promote Tolerance
Students from a record 6,000 middle and high schools have registered as participants in GLSEN's 12th annual National Day of Silence on Friday to bring attention to anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. The event is being held this year in memory of Lawrence King, a 15-year-old from Oxnard, Calif., who was shot and killed in school on Feb. 12 because of his sexual orientation and gender expression.

We didn’t make this up
In 2004, students at Poway High School organized a "Day of Silence," a national youth-run effort using silence to protest the actual silencing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people due to harassment, bias, and abuse in schools. On the Day of Silence and the following day, Harper wore a t-shirt that said, "Be Ashamed, Our School Embraced What God Has Condemned" on the front and "Homosexuality Is Shameful 'Romans 1:27' " on the back. There was no evidence of any disturbance on the first day, and on the second day, a teacher observed "several students off-task talking about the shirt." It was also alleged that there may have been a "tense verbal conversation" about it, but Harper characterized it and other conversations as "peaceful discussions wherein differing viewpoints were communicated. "

[USA] Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace, 2nd Edition
"Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace" provides human resource and other employment professionals with best practices for transgender workplace inclusion—from discrimination and benefits policies to internal practices that reflect how gender is expressed and integrated in the workplace—as well as the state of legal issues encompassing gender identity in employment situations.
New Human Rights Campaign Foundation Guide Helps Employers Create Fair Policies for Transgender Workers
"Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace" Offers Guidance on Policies and Practices to Ensure All Employees are Protected
[Blog/News/Commentary] HRC issues second edition of "Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace"
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released the second edition of its manual on "Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace. Many transgender advocates, including myself, have deep reservations about HRC because of its controversial stance on inclusion of "gender identity" in ENDA. Nonetheless, these reservations do not change the fact that many employers will likely be looking to this document to address transgender inclusion issues, and it deserves comment.
[News/Commentary] Human Rights Campaign Pushes Special Rights for Transgender Workers
The Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual-activist group, has released a guide for employers that outlines practices for advancing transgenderism in the workplace.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Chatty Cathy Approach to Intersex Activism
Excerpt: I started this technique many years ago in an online support group that Dreger was monitoring even though she never posted. I had noticed that once she started controlling the content on ISNA's blog many years ago that intersex issues were slowly disappearing from the site. I wrote a post entitled, "It's about gender, stupid". The post was not directed to anyone in particular. It was just a general discussion about how gender, especially gender norms, often have disastrous consequences on the everyday lives of intersex people. Not long after that post, maybe a week later, this is what appeared on the home page of ISNA's website.
"Intersex is not about gender."

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Pastor Paul Turner’s Response to an invitation to the Atlanta HRC Dinner
Excerpt: Does HRC not understand the Transgender community is in real and serious danger? When a house is on fire you don't stand outside and decide whom you are going to rescue, the attempt is made for all.
Of course what HRC has forgotten is it was these folks who started the whole "gay rights" movement we know today when they stood toe to high heal with the New York City police department at Stonewall.
HRC confidently forgets the Trans community has been with us every step of this bloody fight for our rights, our self worth and our very souls.
HRC forgets or ignores that each day when a trans person gets out of bed and steps into the world it may in fact be their last day.

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans Lobby Day 2008
Trans activist Melissa Sklarz reflects on lobby days past and the trans community's new message to the Senate on ENDA: just wait!

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
'Cause ya know, it's the victim's fault...
The defense attorney for the alleged killer in the hate-crime murder of Lawrence King argues it's the victim's fault for not conforming to gender norms.
[Blog/Commentary] Gay-panic-esque defense in Larry King trial
William Quest, the public defender of the boy who shot Larry King in Oxnard last month, will be trying to move the case to juvenile court and pushing a variant of gay panic.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
We're Trying To Make HRC Better, Not Tear It Down
HRC and its defenders has been on a furious spin offensive in the last several weeks.
They've been trying to paint its numerous critics like myself as 'transgender conspiracy theorists' and other nastier epithets in other corners of the GLBT blogosphere I won't waste bandwith repeating.
[Blog/Commentary] Money Changes (Almost) Everything
Recently, there's been much discussion about how we go forward in dealing with the Human Rights Campaign as a community, where the popular opinion of the greater LGBT community, and probably of nearly all of those who identify as transgender or gender-variant in some way, is that this organization simply cannot be trusted to reflect and advocate in concert with the will of the majority. One of the most common assertions, one I believe has been repeatedly proven conclusively accurate over the last several months, is that HRC's leadership not only simply doesn't get it, but they really show little or no interest in getting it in the future.

[FL, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Please Help Out A Florida County Commissioner
According to the St. Petersburg Times this evening, Pinellas County Commissioner Calvin Harris said…
"I don't even know what a transgender is."
According to the SPT, there was no "searing acrimony" involved in the 4-2 vote " to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation" and Susan Stanton said about Mr. Harris' statement …
"I think that's a very legitimate … very honest statement," Stanton said. "These are all really good people, and I know none of them would want to discriminate, but they also have to be sensitive to the needs of other people in the workplace."