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domingo, abril 20, 2008

[UK] [Blog/News]
Gender Dysphoria: A Mother’s Tale
What do you do when your child exhibits markedly gender-atypical play behaviour almost as soon as they can walk and tells you, by the time they are four years old, that there's been a mistake?
Susie is a Yorkshire mum with three young children. Two are very much boys, but the other, though born the same, has insisted since pre-school that a mistake had been made.

Se o nome da pessoa não corresponde ao seu gênero/sexo constante do registro civil, poderá ter a sua dignidade violada.
Com este entendimento, a 8ª Câmara Cível do TJ-RS (Tribunal de Justiça do Rio Grande do Sul) autorizou a mudança do sexo de homem para mulher, no registro civil, negada pelo Juízo de 1º Grau mesmo após ter deferido o registro da mudança do nome, de masculino para feminino.

[USA] [Events/Commentary]
Day of Silence
How many gay, lesbian, transgender, or bi-sexual people do you know? Surprisingly, it may be a higher number than you realize. Why is this? Typically it is a taboo topic - one that, when actually discussed, is met with opposition, fear, anger, and hatred. So how could you expect these individuals to be open about their sexuality? American society hasn't exactly made an inviting and safe environment for this openness.
[Letters To The Editor] Day of silence honors slain gay student
To The Editor: Lawrence King was up-front on his feelings about being gay. On Feb. 12, 15-year-old Lawrence was shot twice in the head in front of classmates by Brandon McInerney, an eighth grade classmate at Green Junior High School in Oxnard, Calif. He died two days later. McInerney, 14, has been charged with murder as a hate crime. The lives of two families have been altered forever.
[News/Commentary] Day of Silence efforts promote much-needed QSA growth
To protest the effects that modern-day bullying has on homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people - effects that usually leave victims too frightened to vocalize their beliefs, afraid to be themselves - PSU's Queer Straight Alliance is participating in the National Day of Silence on Friday, April 25.

Largo Commissioner Andy Guyette: Why he voted to oust Steve Stanton (Guyette still refers to Susan Stanton as "he".)
Ask Andy Guyette about his most trying times as a city commissioner and of course he mentions Steve Stanton. "It was the hardest period of my life outside of my father's death," said Guyette, 50, who resigned last week to take a job in Huntsville, Ala.

[Commentary] Is There Such a Thing as Bad Press?