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segunda-feira, abril 14, 2008

Istanbul gay group raided by police
Excerpt: Police officers in Turkey have raided the offices of a leading LGBT organisation on the pretence that "frequent visits by transgender people" were grounds to issue a search warrant.

Mountie disciplined after looking for transsexual love in uniform
A B.C. Mountie has received informal discipline for posting a dating profile online using a picture of himself in his red serge uniform to find transgendered and transsexual mates.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Equality Through Intimidation? The Houston HRC Dinner Protest
By calling the Houston Police, national HRC deliberately set in motion a police over response. HRC used government and taxpayer monies to intimidate the hell out of TG and gender variant people who drove in to participate, but were scared away.
[Blog/Commentary] HRC: The All Spin Zone
This is an update to the item I linked to yesterday by Monica Roberts about HRC's gestapo-cum-Homeland Security tactics regarding pre-sicing the cops on those trans folks who have announced that they will have the temerity to protest the Homosexual Reich Campaign's Houston dinner.

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