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sexta-feira, abril 04, 2008

"El Vaticano está obsesionado con el sexo"
"Evita siempre que la gente te observe mientras comes", es uno de los mandamientos de Ru Paul, la drag queen más conocida del mundo. Sin embargo, Vladimir Luxuria, diputada transexual (ella prefiere llamarse transgénero porque le parece menos agresivo) italiana hace una excepción y se deja entrevistar en el restaurante Settimio all'Arancio, cerca del Parlamento y al lado de su peluquero. La charla es larga y relata el drama que supone ser transexual en un país como Italia. "El Vaticano", dice, "ya no habla más a las almas, y no se ocupa de pobreza y hambre en el mundo, sino que está obsesionado con el sexo".

A Associação de Travestis, Transexuais e Transgêneros da Argentina (ATTTA) decidiu deixar de fazer parte da Federação Argentina de Lésbicas, Gays, Transexuais e Bissexuais (FALGTB) na quinta-feira, dia 27 de Março.

[Kuwait] [Blog/Commentary]
Curtsey to Theocrats: Kuwait Bans Transvestites
There goes Kuwait again, repressing in the dubious name of religion. Earlier this month I noted Kuwait's fetish for bans--on women performers, on women holding jobs after 8 p.m., on movies it doesn't like, even on valentine's Day commemorations. Now comes its latest ban: on transvestites. This one is a bit more brutal than a ban. It entails imprisonment and humiliation, too.

Shelter for ostracised transgenders in Kolkata
The transgender community in West Bengal who have been ostracised have been given refuge in the 'shelter homes' that are being funded by the United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

Reconciling gender and sex
Excerpt: She plays piano and enjoys video games (Super Mario is one of her favourites, although she enjoys older RPGs and some first-person shooters). She loves to spend time outdoors and is looking forward to riding her new bike this spring. She is 21 years old.
Chris is also transgendered, a self-affirmed male-to-female in transition.

We were taught in grade school that a person's sex is ultimately determined and defined by one's sex chromosomes. If you have an XX chromosome type, your "true sex", is female. If you have an XY chromosome type, your "true sex" is male.
Recent evidence, though, demonstrates that this is far from being the truth.

School’s out - still
Despite nearly two decades of existence, the annual Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Boston conference is still charting new territory in the effort to make schools safer for LGBT people.

Council member getting death threats
A Montgomery County Council member who authored a bill that outlaws discrimination against transgendered people says she has been receiving death threats at her home and office and wants the county to provide additional security for her and her transgendered senior aide.
Trachtenberg Says Harassment Has Stopped
Council member Duchy Trachtenberg said the threats and death threats she received during the past three months because of a bill ensuring the civil rights of transgender individuals have stopped since she made them public over a week ago, but police are still investigating.

Uncommon decency
In August 2007, D.C. announced the firing of three corrections officers for wrongfully placing a transgender inmate, who had female genitalia, in a male jail facility -- ignoring her pleas to be moved throughout her two-day stay. Transgender activist Ruby Corado was one of many at the time advocating for a change in booking procedures.

For Slain Youth, World Wide Web Of Mourners
No one really dies on the Internet. A private life becomes public. Every life finds an audience. Look at Lawrence "Larry" King. The openly gay eighth-grader who was shot and killed nearly two months ago lives on.

Memorial for Slain Bronx Trans Woman April 5
Sanesha Stewart, a young trans woman, was murdered in her Bronx apartment last month. A vigil and reception in her memory is being held this Saturday, April 5 at 1 p.m. at the Bronx Community Pride Center at 448 E. 149th St. (#2 train to 149th).

Pushing Gender Boundaries Like Never Before
Pregnant trans man talks to Oprah
Pregnant 'man' tells Oprah: 'It's a miracle'
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