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sexta-feira, março 28, 2008

Vigília pela Luna

Depois de condenação de 13 adolescentes - Caso Gisberta: Ministério Público pede que jovem arguido seja castigado apoiando sem-abrigo
O Ministério Público (MP) pediu hoje que um jovem envolvido no caso do transexual Gisberto Júnior (Gisberta) seja condenado a acompanhar o trabalho de uma instituição de apoio aos sem-abrigo, todas as sexta-feiras, durante meio ano.

Thai activists, parents urge end to underage castrations
Gay activists in Thailand said Thursday they are joining with worried parents to urge doctors to stop castrating minors who want to take the first step toward a sex change.
Latest sex-change fad poses risks
The leader of a homosexual group has cried foul over reports that doctors have been performing surgery to sever testicles of young patients.

Sex-change law questions arise after Bend man says he's pregnant

[CA, USA] [News/Events]
Transgender teen not forgotten
Palm Desert students and residents are invited to attend an April 16 vigil at Palm Springs High School to remember and honor a transgender teen who was shot last month in an Oxnard school.

Groups call for end to hate
Every year, people are killed because they refuse to identify with traditional gender stereotypes. Their stories are rarely heard, but the recent murder of an American high school student has brought the issue of violence to the forefront and created action within the UVic community.