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segunda-feira, março 17, 2008

Une action internationale contre la transphobie
Après le meurtre de Luna, le collectif des Panteras Rosa du Portugal lance une action internationale contre la transphobie.

The 6ft ex-soldier who has won a personal war - by becoming a woman
A little over a year ago, Ian Hamilton was a 6ft, 16-stone captain in the Parachute Regiment – a much-decorated career soldier who had served at the sharp end of every major conflict of the past two decades, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cross-dresser held
Jahra securitymen have arrested an unidentified non-Kuwaiti young man for cross dressing inside a famous commercial complex in Jahra.
Security sources said police stopped the youth after noticing he was a man dressed like a woman. The youth tried to evade arrest but police overpowered him and referred him to the concerned authorities.

Third sex gets official status in Tamil Nadu
So far Pooja, a 25-year-old transsexual from Salem in Tamil Nadu, had nothing to prove her existence in government records because she had refused to be identified as either a male or a female, the only two options available in the gender column of the application forms.
Finally, the state has recognized her as an individual and given her a ration card where the sex column is marked T instead of M or F.

'Eunuchs don't exist for govts'
It's not possible to determine the exact number of eunuchs in India because the state has hitherto refused to acknowledge them.

[Trinidad & Tobago]
The Difference Gender Makes
Mary and Jane don't know why they feel like women though they were born boys. Jane proffers the obviously wrong explanation that it's because they have an extra chromosome. But even the experts aren't certain about what causes gender identity disorder.

Travestis y transexuales exigen poder cambiar sus nombres
Sobre las 16 horas de este viernes un grupo de 20 travestis y transexuales realizaron una movilización denominada "Este no es mi nombre", frente a la sede del Registro Civil, ubicado en la calle Uruguay y Río Branco. Reclamaron que se agilice la discusión en la Comisión de Población y Desarrollo de la Cámara de Senadores del proyecto de ley que les permite el trámite de cambio de nombre en la partida de nacimiento, documento de identidad y credencial cívica.

La Corte despejó las trabas al reconocimiento de las travestis
El alto tribunal le concedió personería jurídica a una asociación de travestis y transexuales. Negar ese derecho, dijo, sería discriminatorio.

Una serie transexual
Por primera vez en la historia de la televisión en EE.UU., un personaje de ficción cambiará su sexo de hombre a mujer en horario de máxima audiencia familiar, en la serie de la cadena ABC All My Children.

[USA] [Commentary]
America's biggest threats: intolerance and hatred
If asked what the most harmful threat facing the United States is today, most Americans might name the Iraq war, a troubled education system, the looming threat of recession and job loss, immigration, or perhaps terrorism. The answers to the question would be as varied as the American people themselves.

Looking for Love on Logo
So I've been watching the Logo reality show, A Transamerican Love Story, which is a bachelor-style dating show featuring Calpernia Addams, a transwoman looking for love. The show is super-queer, with every sexual orientation and gender identity under the sun. There are straight men, gay men, and transmen, all fighting for Calpernia's affections.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The little "t" in LGBT
[EDITOR'S NOTE:] This guest post is by Shannon Garcia, who is the President of TransYouth Family Allies, Inc., a business owner, and the mother of six children, including a beautiful 8 year old affirmed female daughter. She speaks at schools, social service agencies, health care facilities, universities and conferences nationwide educating and advocating on behalf of transgender and gender variant children and their families. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and family.

Planned gay vigil sparks protest in Holmen
A national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender vigil isn't something students in the Holmen School District should be participating in during school hours, three people told the Holmen School Board earlier this week.

Transgender people confront a puzzle of identity in a veil of secrecy
Transgender people have existed for at least as long as there is written history, but the term "transgender" is relatively new, coined in the 1990s.

Transgender people step out, risk ridicule, worse
Jobs, friends, families at risk, but transgender people take chance to understand themselves and be understood.

[WI, USA] [Commentary]
Time to confront causes of anti-gay bullying
Lawrence King was an openly gay 15-year-old student at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, CA. On the morning of Feb. 12, his 14-year-old classmate entered Room 42 and shot Larry in the head with a handgun. His father said, "If Larry had the story to write, he'd say, 'If I have to give someone a heart, I want to give it on Valentine's Day.'"