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quarta-feira, março 05, 2008

Nigerian cross-dresser jailed for 18 months
A Nigerian man has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for dressing up as a woman and loitering around Lagos international airport, court officials said Tuesday.

Karnataka plans to built a remand home for transgenders
The women and child welfare Department in Karnataka has responded positively to a request from police to build a separate remand home for transgenders and were looking out for suitable land for the building, a top police official said on Monday.

See, I'm she!
Soon after I turned 13, my mirror stopped being my friend. The school uniform added a compulsory turban to my head, and nature added hair to my face. Clothes were nice if they were my mother's and long hair was fine when it was in plaits, instead of being wound inside a turban. Games were fun as long as they were 'Teacher' and 'Housekeeping' and not cricket; preferred companions were girls and not boys. But then I was Gunraj from Chandigarh, today I am Gazal, 25.

[Hong Kong]
Inside Wan Chai, Hong Kong's Red Light District
Excerpt: Most of these sex workers appeared to be transsexuals. Several of the shemales openly advertised themselves as ladyboys, while other prostitutes with ...

[South Korea] [Blog/News/People]
Harisu and her hubby strive to be campus couples
Korea's number 1 transsexual Harisu and his her hubby enrolled in Jangan University, a no name school in Seoul to prep for their future adoption. They were informed that a college degree is a must for adoption, which motivated these two to apply as entertainment majors.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
That Is The Question
As I still try and come back from the dead, and am peering out from behind about 14 bottles of medicine, I ran across this fascinating debate on Live Journal sent to me by Stufsocker.
Here's the question:
How would you feel about pre-op transsexuals being able to use locker rooms of their choice? Is gender a fluid concept that if someone feels they are of a particular gender, they should have free access to the locker rooms of that gender? Or should some documentation be required, perhaps from a doctor stating the person is undergoing some sort part of the process? Should they not have any access at all until they are post-op and have a completely new gender?

Uniting To End Hate Violence
We have to make ending hate violence - no matter the target - a national priority. We have to speak up, at the top of our voices every time. We need a national hate crime law that sends a new and unmistakable message that we as a society will not allow any class of people to be terrorized by hate violence.