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sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2008

Faz hoje, dia 22 de Fevereiro, dois anos que o corpo de Gisberta foi encontrado num poço de um edifício em construção no Campo 24 de Agosto, no Porto.

Depois da vergonhosa justiça deste país ter tido a lata de deixar sem qualquer punição eficaz os 14 rapazes que, durante três dias, a torturaram, espancaram, violentaram e, finalmente, jogaram para o buraco cheio de água, resta-nos lembrar e relembrar a sua memória. E esperar que não hajam mais "Gisbertas" neste país.

Descansa em paz, Gis.

Resta-me acrescentar que, e apesar da transexualidade estar na ordem do dia e de associações LGBT estarem a (finalmente) começar a interessar-se por este tema e pela discriminação sofrida pelas pessoas transexuais, somente as Panteras Rosa têm uma acção programada para honrar a memória de Gis. Não sei se ria se chore...


Hoje, no Porto, o movimento Panteras Rosa realiza pelas 19:45h, uma acção pública de OCUPAÇÃO CÍVICA do edifício no Campo 24 de Agosto em cujo interior foi encontrado o corpo de Gisberta no dia 22 de Fevereiro de 2006. Uma acção também de ocupação artística, com a colaboração de performers e actores/actrizes da cidade.

Audiência na Assembleia da República, hoje, 22 de Fevereiro pelas 17:30h, no segundo aniversário do assassinato da transexual Gisberta, torturada e lançada a um poço por um grupo de rapazes no Porto, em 2006, dos quais um se encontra em julgamento.

Growing up in chiaroscuro
Transgendered children are one of the most isolated and misunderstood groups in our society. Yet the means to address their plight is in the hands of everyone, especially those in charge of health and education.

Pascale Ourbih pourra être candidate des Verts
La comédienne et militante féministe transsexuelle d'origine algérienne Pascale Ourbih a été naturalisée et peut désormais être tête de liste des Verts dans le 16e arrondissement de Paris.

The Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM) launched a petition yesterday requesting that the following issues be adequately addressed by all political parties.

Des transsexuels devenus comédiens et ovationnés debout: fait insolite cette semaine à Ankara à l'occasion d'une représentation de théâtre contre la discrimination dont la communauté homosexuelle fait l'objet au sein de la société turque, foncièrement conservatrice.

[South Africa]
Excerpt: Not surprisingly, GLBT people were also treated appalling by the apartheid-era government, regardless of their ethnic origins.
White gay and lesbian soldiers in the South African army were forced to undergo sex-change operations when electric shock therapy and chemical castration proved ineffective 'deterrents' . Former army surgeons have indicated that over 850 such gender reassignment operations occurred between 1971 and 1989 at military hospitals in an attempt to 'combat' homosexuality.
The majority of military victims subjected to this treatment were young white men aged 16 - 24 who had been involuntarily drafted.

La Justicia de Rosario admitió el cambio de nombre y de sexo en la partida de nacimiento de un hombre que se operó para convertirse en mujer, según un fallo conocido hoy en nuestra ciudad.

District rebutts lawsuit from transgender student
Though he could have worn a nice women's pantsuit without incident, Kevin "K.K." Logan was refused entrance to his senior prom in 2006 when he arrived wearing a pink ankle-length gown.

Montgomery group hopes to bar discrimination against transgenders
Leaders of a Montgomery County social issues group said they have enough signatures to force a new law that bars discrimination against transgender people to go before voters in November.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Sanesha Stewart, Lawrence King, and why hate crimes legislation won’t help
I've been out of town and subsequently out of touch for a while now, visiting El Paso with my partner to meet her incomprehensibly adorable two-week-old nephew. But in the midst of the happiness that babies and family and vacation bring, two pieces of tragic news have weighed heavily on my mind. Both of them demonstrate how dangerous and hostile a world this is for people who are trans and gender non-conforming.

Pro-Trans Ruling in Name Case
Illinois' highest court ruled that a suburban disabled transgender woman should no longer be denied access to the judicial process because of her gender identity or financial status.

Slain Calif. Teen: Hate-Crime Victim?
The young, gay victim of a California school shooting has died after allegedly being shot by a 14-year-old classmate because of his sexual orientation and gender expression.
SF vigil for slain Oxnard student
A week after the shooting death of gay teenager Lawrence King in an Oxnard junior high school in Southern California, a vigil was held at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center Tuesday, February 19 to remember the young man.
[Blog/Commentary] California Tragedy Highlights the Problem of Anti-Gay Harassment in Our Nation's Schools
In spite of having some of the nation's toughest anti-harassment laws and policies, students in California, like those in many other states, still suffer from rampant anti-gay bullying and harassment.
Lawrence King -- Student Who Was Murdered For Being Gay -- To Be Honored With National Day Of Silence
Candlelight vigils also being organized to raise awareness about California hate crime.

Female-to-Male Transsexuals Have Higher Androgen Levels, Not PCOS
Contrary to previous studies, female-to-male transsexuals do not have a higher prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), though they do have significantly higher androgen levels, according to a new study accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM).

Green Oak Police Keeping 2003 Murder Case Open
It's been five years since the discovery of a Detroit man's body in an abandoned farmhouse in Green Oak Township but local authorities say they're not giving up in trying to find his killer. 19 year old Anthony "Nikki" Nicholas was found shot to death in the farmhouse on property between M-36 and Spicer Road on February 21st, 2003. He lived his life as a woman and made a living as a female impersonator in Detroit area bars two years prior to the murder. Family members contend the killing was a hate crime. Police Chief Bob Brookins tells WHMI that although five years have passed now, they do not consider this a cold case as tips have continued to come in. Fingerprints were used to identify Nicholas. He was last seen alive one week before his body was found during a routine property check. (JK)
Today marks fifth anniversary of unsolved murder
Today marks the fifth year of the grisly discovery of a Detroit transgender person found murdered in an abandoned Green Oak Township farmhouse.

Conservative Trans Candidate For President of the U.S.
Ben "Bennie Lee" Ferguson is running for president. "To the best of my knowledge," the self-described bisexual cross dresser brags, "I'm the first openly transgendered U.S. presidential candidate ever to register with the Federal Election Commission."