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segunda-feira, fevereiro 11, 2008

El TC admite a trámite el recurso de un transexual contra la restricción del régimen de visitas de su hijo
El Tribunal Constitucional (TC) ha admitido a trámite un recurso de amparo planteado por un transexual lucense en contra de las restricciones del régimen de visitas de su hijo decretadas por el juzgado de primera instancia número 4 de Lugo, según consta en una notificación del alto tribunal recogida por Europa Press.
El Constitucional admite el recurso de una transexual que lucha por la custodia de su hijo
Desde que comenzó el proceso de cambio de sexo, las visitas a su hijo biológico le fueron restringidas a tres horas cada dos semanas y sólo en presencia de médicos. (Vídeo)

Agrede a un travesti para intentar robarle
Agentes del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía detuvieron en la madrugada del pasado domingo a un vecino de Alcalá como presunto autor del robo y agresión a un transexual que se encontraba trabajando en las inmediaciones de la antigua carretera N-II.

Tramitan la expulsión de un transexual pese al riesgo que correrá en Argelia
La juez de guardia de Alicante ordenó ayer el ingreso en un Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE) de un transexual argelino para su posterior expulsión de España a pesar de la persecución que sufre este colectivo en su país.

Transexual aspira a ser diputada para defender nueva forma de hacer política
La transexual Manuela Trasobares, candidata de Esquerra Unida al Congreso de los Diputados por Castellón, asegura que la formación pensó en ella por su 'poder mediático', pero aspira a ser diputada para defender 'con rebeldía' una nueva manera de hacer política en un Congreso 'lleno de niños bien'.

Pizza Hut runs out of pizza if you're gay or transexual, group claims
A group of gay men out with their transsexual friends were told that Pizza Hut had run out of Pizza, in order to avoid serving them it has been claimed.

North teenager takes banned hormone-blocking drugs ready forsex-change operation
A NORTH boy of 14 has jetted to the US with his parents to get a controversial drug which will enable him to have a sex-change operation.

Fury as firms asked: Are your staff LGBTs? (...that's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transperson people, if you're wondering)
Furious business leaders last night condemned an "intrusive" questionnaire that requires them to reveal how many gays and transsexuals they employ.

How Malcolm the tough-guy Marine turned into Bulgarian
When retired commando Malcolm McPherson started house-hunting in theBulgarian village of Jyulnitza after a distinguished career in theRoyal Marines, locals thought they were welcoming a tough military man.
So when a genteel woman called Margaret McPherson, who lookeduncannily like the ex-marine, moved into his house several monthslater they assumed she was his sister.
But Mr and Miss McPherson were one and the same.
The former Warrant Officer had decided that, along with a change ofhome, he would have a change of gender.

La candidature de Pascale Ourbih (Verts) menacée par sa non-naturalisation
La candidature de Pascale Ourbih (photo), personne transgenre d'origine algérienne, tête de liste des Verts dans le 16e arrondissement de Paris, est menacée.
Municipales Paris : la candidate transgenre des Verts dans le XVIème en attente de sa naturalisation
Les Verts Paris ont demandé mercredi "la naturalisation rapide" de leur tête de liste dans le XVIe arrondissement, Pascale Ourbih, l'actrice transsexuelle d'origine algérienne, faute de quoi elle ne pourrait pas se présenter aux municipales en mars.

¿Mario o María?
Acaba de concluir en La Habana el IV Congreso de Educación, Orientación y Terapia Sexual.
Importantes temas se abordaron en la cita, sobre todo los referidos a la prevención de infecciones de transmisión sexual y el VIH, violencia intrafamiliar, violencia de género y la inclusión en la sociedad de las personas transexuales, tema muy controvertido y que exige una investigación profunda.

Mexican lawmakers now debating sex-change law
Left-wing lawmakers of the Mexico City Legislative Assembly have introduced a bill to make sex-change operations in public hospitals easier and would establish penalties for health care workers who oppose the procedure.

Campaña de prevención en la "zona roja" de Mar del Plata
Cerca de un centenar de transexuales, que trabajan en la denominada "zona roja" de Mar del Plata, recibieron preservativos y folletos explicativos sobre cómo prevenir el virus de inmunodeficiencia humana (VIH). Fue en cumplimiento de una campaña que la Provincia lleva a cabo en distintas localidades, con la colaboración de la Municipalidad de General Pueyrredon.

Not just a pretty face
Transgender people in Nepal will now have the opportunity to study to become hairdressers and beauticians under a new scheme funded by the Norwegian government.

Trapped in your own body
Barbara leans in, her hand fluttering nervously over the table.
"I always knew I wasn't homosexual," she says, a coy grin spreading across her face. "I'm very much a straight girl."

Trans gender woman bashed. Police accused of breaches.
Garrick Jacobson was unaware his girlfriend had a sex change, until the police told him he was "sleeping with a guy", a court heard yesterday.
"The officers were, like, paying me out," Jacobson recalled in a subsequent police interview.
"Just laughing their heads off, (saying) she's a bloke. You've been sleeping with a guy, ha ha ha."

OPI probes sex scandal claims
THE Office of Police Integrity is investigating claims some officers at a suburban station had improper relationships with transvestite prostitutes.

[Australia/New Zealand]
Beyer wins fans at Melbourne conference
New Zealand's most prominent transgender activist Georgina Beyer was a stand-out favourite at this week's Melbourne Outgames Human Rights Conference, with her speech receiving "rapturous applause", reports Melbourne's bNews.

Transsexual pleads guilty to threatening Butler Co. officials
A Butler County transsexual serving time for the castration death of her husband has pleaded guilty to charges related to threats against prosecutors and witnesses in her first trial.
Transgendered Woman Threatens Pennsylvania Authorities
Jail can't confine a transgendered woman serving time for the castration death of her husband.

Douglas County boy, 8, wants to live as a girl
The parents of an 8-year-old boy who wants to live and be treated as a girl have been working with the Douglas County School District to allow their child to attend school as a girl.
Boy wants to return to school as a girl
The issue of being transgender usually pops up with students in high school. However, a 3rd grade boy wants to dress as a girl and wants teachers and students to address him with a girl's name.
8-year-old boy returning to class as girl
An 8-year-old boy is preparing to return to his home school district in Colorado as a girl, so school officials are designating two school restrooms as unisex facilities, and preparing to counsel other students on the issue of transgenderism.

Tell Her The Truth about Crossdressing
There are many crossdressers that are sure that by hiding their dressing desires that they are "protecting" their wives and or girlfriends. But are they protecting the women they supposedly love, or themselves?

Transition from man to woman cost pilot her job, now she is fighting to regain her FAA medical certification
Ever since she can remember, Jamy Spradlin has wanted to fly planes.
And ever since she can remember, she's identified as a female.
Photo: Even growing up as a biological male in a small town in Illinois, Jamy Spradlin was sure of two things: She was different from the other boys, and she wanted to fly. - JOHN WRIGHT/Dallas Voice

Democrats reject transgender candidate's complaint
The state Democratic Party has thrown out a complaint that the Clayton County party sexually discriminated against a transgender Riverdale resident and former city council member.

Richmond becomes first openly transgender person to win Tennessee election
Marisa Richmond has become Tennessee's first openly transgender person to win an election in the history of the State of Tennessee.

Unusual perks: Goldman Sachs covers sex changes
Wall Street is typically considered a pretty conservative place to work. But the classic white-shoe investment bank is loosening things up by adding health benefits that cover sex-change operations.

Assault case called a hate crime
Investigators have categorized the case as a hate crime because the victim is transgender. The victim told officers two men attacked her and used slurs after they apparently became angry when they discovered she was anatomically male.

More Protection For Transsexuals
There are state statutes that prohibit discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation. Although the phrase "gender identity or expression" was included in the state's hate crime laws in 2004, the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition believes discrimination continues to occur, particularly when transsexuals are passed over for jobs or places to live.

Fooled john stabbed Bronx tranny
A transgendered prostitute was stabbed to death in the Bronx Saturday by a customer who was apparently surprised by the hooker's true sex, police sources said Saturday.
Transgender Hooker Murdered by Unhappy Customer
The Daily News reports that a Bronx prostitute was killed by a john who didn't realize the prostitute was a man dressed as a woman. Talib Stewart, also known as Nesha and Sanesha, was stabbed in a Belmont apartment building, and the 37-year-old killer was apprehended there as well.