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sexta-feira, janeiro 25, 2008

[UK] [PR/Health/Medicine ]
UK Doctors 'failing' children trapped in gender limbo
Gender disordered children as young as ten are being denied desperately needed hormonal drugs leading to bullying, violence and even suicide according to new research.

Transsexual trucker 'forced from job'
A transsexual truck driver was humiliated and forced out of a job when he started to dress as a woman, a tribunal heard yesterday.
Trans truck driver begins legal action against employers
A transsexual who claims she was hounded out of her job as a trucker after she began her transition from her former male gender is seeking thousands of pounds in damages from her former employer.
Transsexual trucker banned from using ladies toilets
A TRANSSEXUAL truck driver claims she was prevented from using ladies toilets after she "changed gender" and dressed as a woman.
Transsexual Trucker Sues Former Employer
A transsexual woman who claims that she was forced out of her job as as trucker after she began to transition is seeking thousands of dollars in compensation.

Pareja de transexuales confía en que la Iglesia y la ley les permitan casarse
Tras cambiar de sexo, Mario "N" contraerá matrimonio con Diana Laura, quien también se sometió a tratamiento para dejar de ser hombre. Mario, quien en el pasado vivia atrapado en el cuerpo de una mujer.

La acción legal , liderada por la Agrupación de Apoyo a la Disforia de Género (AADGE), busca una atención digna en el Hospital Carlos Van Buren de Valparaíso, así como sentar precedentes para garantizar una buena asistencia a la población transexual en todos los servicios públicos de salud.

Sex change op success for woman
A BAHRAINI woman, who has successfully undergone sex change surgery in Thailand, has been declared a man by doctors in Bangkok.

Piden derogar Ley que penaliza con la cárcel a transexuales en Kuwait
De acuerdo a la asociación de Human Rights Watch de New York, Kuwait "debe liberar inmediatamente a más de una docena de personas que han sido puestas en prisión en el mes de diciembre bajo el nuevo régimen de vestimenta de Kuwait".

Welfare Board for Transgenders
The Tamil Nadu Government has decided to establish a separate welfare board for Transgenders, Governor S S Barnala announced in the State Assembly today.

Transgenders conduct AIDS campaign in Coimbatore
A group of transgenders in Kinathukadavu village near Coimbatore have recently conducted a campaign through cultural programme to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Found dead at apartment block
A suspected transvestite in his 20s was found dead with injuries along an alley beside Likas Square building in Likas, early Tuesday.

[New Zealand]
HRC plans dialogue with Intersex NZers
Following the recent publication of the New Zealand's Human Rights Commission Transgender Inquiry, the commission believes Intersex people are another group in urgent need of their attention.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
HRC's Not Even Close To The King Legacy
"The Human Rights Campaign salutes the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His courageous leadership continues to inspire us in our work to fully realize his vision of fairness and justice for all people".

Trannyweb Celebrity Interview - Bennie Lee Ferguson
Trannyweb member Bennie Lee Ferguson has recently announced her candidacy as an independent for the office of President of the United States. Bennie will also be challenging Republican incumbent Michael O'Neal for the Kansas House of Representatives seat in Kansas District 104.

Chicago Judge Refuses to Waive Transgender Woman's Filing Fee in Name Change Petition
A transgender woman is currently asking the Illinois Supreme Court to order Will County Chief Judge to permit her to file a name change petition without filing costs. The woman, who is indigent, wishes to change her name to "reflect [her] identity." Her appeal to the Supreme Court asserts that the judge "told her the name change was 'something that she wanted, not something that she needed,'" and therefore denied her request.

Woman: I Was Attacked For Being Transgendered
Attacks against minorities are on the rise, but experts disagree when it comes to how much. Adam May reveals why state and federal statistics are different and why hundreds of local cases might go unreported.

Republican, transgender and running for Minnesota House in Brainerd
Chrissy Nakonsky announced her bid to represent District 12A in the Minnesota House of Representatives last week. Her candidacy is unusual in politics and almost unheard of in the area:
She's transgender and running for the Republican endorsement. Poverty and education top her list of campaign issues in a challenge against newly elected John Ward, DFL-Brainerd.