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sexta-feira, janeiro 18, 2008

Teen appears in court over transexual murder
A 17-year-old charged with the murder of transexual Kellie Telesford appeared in court yesterday.

E. Europe Still Anti-Gay Bloc
Excerpt: This [Hungarian] survey cited as typical "the case of a gay couple who were asked to leave a concert, because they were kissing, or the story of a secondary school student who was assaulted by one of his teachers because he is transsexual, " according to UK Gay News' reporting.

[Australia] [Books/People]
Phoenix rising
Local trans author Katherine Cummings, 73, has experienced highs and lows in her gender journey. She spoke with Katrina Fox.

[New Zealand]
Transgender report demands law change
The Human Rights Commission is calling for a simple amendment to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act that would allow trans people to obtain birth certificates and passports that reflect their gender identity and sex.
Discrimination against transgendered widespread: study
The Human Rights Commission is releasing what it says is a world first inquiry into discrimination against transgendered people.
New Zealanders may be able to change their sex on passports
New Zealanders may soon be able to change their sex on their passports and birth certificates without having to have costly sex change surgery.
A two-year inquiry by the Human Rights Commission has found that transgender people, who identify as having a different gender than their physical bodies, are discriminated against at school, at work, in accessing health services and in the community.

[New Zealand]
Constable's story puts face to study
On September 9, 2005, Christchurch Police Constable Stephen Lurajud became Constable Sarah Lurajud. The date is etched in her mind.
Senior Constable Sarah Lurajud is the only police officer in New Zealand to have a sex change. Photo / Simon Baker

Transgender movement at a crossroads
Recent developments in the transgender movement suggest an internal conflict between methods proven successful and misdirected anger that only gets in the way.

Trial by fire
Talk about hitting the ground running. Gunner Scott took the reigns of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) as the organization' s first paid director this week just as a controversy over MTPC's association with the Human Rights Campaign was attracting national attention.

[MD,USA] [News/Commentary]
Man uses women's facility at members-only health club
A "trial run" has been launched for a new law in a Maryland county that arguably would allow coed locker rooms in public accommodations, and women aren't pleased with the results.
Transgender bill facing new round of opposition
Reports that a man dressed as a woman entered a locker room at a Gaithersburg gym Monday have given new ammunition to a conservative group’s efforts to overturn a bill that extends anti-discrimination rights to transgendered people.

Transgender woman sues hospital
A transgender San Francisco woman is suing Seton Medical Center in Daly City for refusing to perform breast augmentation surgery.

Steps Toward Tolerance
Excerpt: The reason for his dedication to the transgender community: Lee Morento was born a female.
According to current statistics, about one in 12,000 females and one in 30,000 males are transgender.
Photograph By Phil Carter. Lee Maranto, Santa Cruz transsexual/transgender advocate.

Supplying a sanctuary
If behind every great man there is a great woman, the opposite may be true for Andrea Adams.
In June of 2006, Adams, a transgender woman, incorporated the nonprofit Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender education and awareness community center, The Bridge. Nineteen months later, the center's membership is growing and its name building in the North Country.

[USA] [Health/Fashion/Style]
Do My Breast Implants Have a Warranty?
A NAKED woman, her left arm strategically draped over her nipples,grins beatifically at readers in an advertisement for cosmetic surgery that equates breast implants with a more durable commodity: jewels.

[USA] [Commentary]
My transgender husband and you
Try for a moment to imagine an America where equal opportunity really does mean everyone — even people who are transgender. That was the legislative vision the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) was supposed to uphold. But then came the recent Congressional shenanigans that have threatened to leave transgender people in the lurch and out of the bill.

Pilot columnist takes aim at LGBT youth programs
Excerpt: O'Leary, who last year published a book called One Man, One Woman: A Catholic's Guide to Defending Marriage, deploys some of the most well-worn arguments used by anti-gay activists, claiming that homosexuality can be cured, that it is frequently caused by a childhood gender identity disorder, and that "an extremely high percentage" of gay adults were molested as children. It also claims that transgender identity is "problematic" because "no one can change their sex."

Sciortino transgender bill testimony heard
Soon after he started to transition between genders in 2003, Ethan St. Pierre was fired from his job as a security manager for a protection services company. Since then, St. Pierre, 46, of Haverhill, has been between jobs, which he says are hard to come by because the company keeps providing bad references for him. "I'm constantly out," he said. "My field is closed off to me. They think there's something wrong with me."