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segunda-feira, janeiro 07, 2008

Será 2008 o ano dos travestis lisboetas?
Trinta anos depois, os herdeiros de Guida Scarllaty e Lídia Barllof invadem a cidade. Bruno Horta explica porquê.

Long-Term Treatment of Transsexuals with Cross-Sex Hormones: Extensive Personal Experience
Transsexuals receive cross-sex hormone treatment. Its short-term use appears reasonably safe. Little is known about its long-term use. This report offers some perspectives.

[USA/Canada] [PR/Film]
She's a Boy I Knew
When Gwen Haworth decided to be true to her identity, her loved ones lost someone-their son, brother and husband-Steven. This sensitive documentary examines the emotional impact of her successful gender transformation on her nearest and dearest

Transgender woman sues area hospital
"God made you a man."
That's what Charlene Hastings said she was told when she called to inquire about breast enlargement surgery at Seton Medical Center, a Catholic hospital in Daly City.

[USA] [PR/ Commentary]
Concerning "Susan Stanton's Lonely Transformation"
Like many people in the transgender community, I was shocked and disappointed when I read the recent article in the St. Petersburg Times entitled "Susan Stanton's Lonely Transformation" . The St. Petersburg Times is an excellent newspaper and I consider Ms. Lane DeGregory to be a gifted writer and a personal friend so I am not sure how my words could have been so terribly misunderstood. Since the publication of this story, I have received hundreds of email messages from people all over the nation expressing their disappointment and anger for the hurtful and insensitive statements that have been attributed to me. Simply stated, this article is not an accurate representation of my beliefs concerning the transgender community or my experiences as a transgender person.