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quinta-feira, dezembro 27, 2007

Controversy over law for transvestites - Kuwait gives own cells to `bisexual cons'
Security sources in Kuwait said the Interior Ministry has allocated certain cells in the country's central prison for convicts who are bisexual or the so-called "sexually undecided".

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Our Picks for Trans Young Adult Fiction
Five top novels for young adult -- and not-so-young adult -- readers looking for stories about the lives of young trans people

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"Teen Transsexual" on BBC America
All Richard Parker wants for his 18th birthday is to be Lucy Parker. Richard has spent his life dealing with gender identity issues and has long dreamed of the day when he can have surgery to become a real woman. Unable to get the surgery until he turns 18 and has proven to doctors that he is psychologically committed to life as a woman, Richard has spent the last two years living as Lucy. This is her story.
Premieres December 30th at 10pm et/pt. Part of BBC America Reveals.
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