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sexta-feira, dezembro 21, 2007

"No somos unos bichos raros"
Apuesta por visibilizar la transexualidad porque considera que es la única forma de normalizar lo que la gente opina sobre este colectivo, para que no piensen que son unos "bichos raros"

80% of Bulgarians Don't Accept Gay People
80% of Bulgarians have negative attitude to homosexual people, says data of 'Skala' agency survey.
The research, which examined the discriminative adjustments of Bulgarian nation, was conducted on September 10-30, this year, Darik Radio informed.

Transsexual job applicant can pursue Title VII sex bias claim
A federal district court in the District of Columbia concluded that a male-to-female transsexual job applicant could proceed with her Title VII sex bias claim against the Library of Congress, which allegedly withdrew its job offer for a terrorism research analyst position with the Congressional Research Service after the applicant disclosed that she was under a doctor's treatment for gender dysphoria and would be transitioning to a female before beginning work with the agency.

Trans Teen Takes School To Court
A U.S gay high school student who was refused admission to his prom because he was wearing a dress has filed a suit against his school, claiming they violated his civil rights.
Denied Access to Prom, He Sues
K.K. Logan of West Side High in Gary, Indiana, who identifies as "a gay bisexual male," according to a Court TV report, was stopped by his principal from going to his prom on December 12 because he showed up in a dress, even though he "had long expressed his sexual identity through clothing and makeup and was never punished for it." Lambda Legal is taking Principal Diana Rouse and the school board to court over the incident.

Gender Status and Single-Sex Dorms
Kourt Osborn started off at Southern Utah University living in a women's dormitory — not surprising given that Osborn checked "female"on the institution's application and enrollment forms. Now Osborn — who took time off for hormone and other treatments to become a man —wants to return and live in a men's dormitory.

Transgender people on the move to find neutral bathrooms
For transgender people, the choice between the men's room and the women's room often leaves them stuck in the middle with crossed legs and nowhere to go. They are faced with harassment from security guards, police officers and other restroom users for appearing to use the "wrong bathroom."

Lesbian runs for police union head
Excerpt: Delagnes's relationship with Theresa Sparks, the commission's transgender president, has been a chilly one, but predates her election and is no different than his no-love-lost attitude toward other commissioners with whom he has butted heads.

LGBT youth describe harassment, bullying
Excerpt: During the student forum, students from Brockton High said that while there are few out transgender students at the school, in at least one instance the administration, and particularly principal Susan Szachowicz, took steps to accommodate a trans student. One student said her ex-boyfriend was a female-to-male transman, and when he graduated last year Szachowicz allowed him to wear black robes along with the rest of the male graduates (females wore red robes) and to use his male name on his diploma. But she said there was a desperate need to educate the student body. Before her ex-boyfriend graduated she said students used to approach her and friends of the trans student and ask them, "Who is this freak?"

Transgender News in 2007
The year 2007 saw unprecedented coverage of issues related to transgenderism. On April 27, ABC's "20/20" aired "My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children," a touching account from Barbara Walters who sat down with children struggling with gender identity.

Documenting black transgender men
Kortney Ryan Ziegler is doing extremely important work. Earlier this year I posted a quote from her Chicago Reporter interview <>
discussing her "experiences as a black academic, lesbian, blogger, filmmaker and as a member of the first class in Northwestern University's African American studies doctoral program."