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domingo, dezembro 16, 2007

So many victims
Excerpt: In Winnipeg, the bodies of 19 prostitutes -- 17 women and two transgendered men -- have turned up north and west of the city in the past 25 years.

Transgender murder suspect says he's innocent
A transgender man from Oregon who was once featured on "America's Most Wanted" after fleeing from police investigating his roommate's murder claims he's innocent.
America's Most Wanted Suspect Back In Oregon
A Portland murder suspect profiled on America's Most Wanted is back in Oregon, and he made his first appearance before a Multnomah County judge on Friday.

[USA] [Commentary]
Quick, call the doctor!
Excerpt: How about having your request for a special drug treatment needed to save your life rejected because it's "too expensive"? Yet your health plan covers sex-change operations that can run more than $35,000! And, more nightmarish, your plan also covers tattoo removal for a sex-change patient - at almost the same cost you need to save your life - so he might look more attractive in sleeveless dresses!