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domingo, dezembro 09, 2007

War in the wards as Cardinal issues hardline abortion code
Excerpt: The medical code bars doctors from offering any service which conflicts with Catholic teaching on the value of human life and on sexual ethics. This includes sex-change operations, providing contraception, abortion referrals and IVF treatment.

Transvestite Trouble (II): Leave Desiré Dubounet Alone!
While Terry Black fights off cancer and financial ruin, a different sort of crisis is facing Hungary's other top transvestite. Several readers have written in asking why we hadn't commented on a high-profile newspaper article recently published in the American press about Budapest resident Dr. Bill Nelson a.k.a. Desiré Dubonnet.

Transvestites protest fatal raid
Dozens of transvestites and activists staged a peaceful protest at City Hall on Wednesday, demanding the city administration investigate the death of a transvestite following a raid by public order officers.

Stanton tells her story and discusses ENDA in Oak Park
Susan Ashley Stanton, whose transition from male to female attracted national attention but got her fired last February from her 17-year job as city manager in Largo, Fla., spoke to a small audience at Unity Temple in Oak Park Dec. 2 about her experiences.

Congress drops hate crimes from military legislation
Excerpt: "This is a big win for the cause of religious freedom and freedom of speech," said Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). "For this victory, we owe a great debt of gratitude to the courageous members of the House who refused to bow to the pressure of political correctness and stood up for the constitutional principles of freedom of speech and freedom of religion."

Report Criticizes Care of Detainees
Excerpt: The survey was prompted by the death of a 23-year-old transgender inmate at a San Pedro facility. Victor Arellano, who had AIDS, was denied treatment and became gravely ill. He died on July 20.

Dr. Ruth gets explicit with CJP's health professionals
Excerpt: The event also included the presentation of the Lewis H. Millender Community of Excellence Award to Dr. Norman P. Spack, associate in Endocrinology, former clinical director of the Endocrine Division at Children's Hospital Boston and specialist in intersex disorders and gender identity formation.

Jonni and Angela Pettit: From husband to wife
Is it simply too simple to say that successful relationships are basedon the ability to support and celebrate change? Read on ...