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segunda-feira, dezembro 03, 2007

Man and woman arrested over transexual's death
Police have arrested a man and woman in connection with the strangling of a transexual.
Arrests Follow Transsexual's Murder
Police searching for the killer of a transsexual who was found strangled to death at home have arrested two people.
Transvestite murder: Man in court
An 18-year-old man is set to appear in court charged with the murder of a transvestite found strangled in her home, police said.

[UK] [Photography]
The outsiders
In the 1970s and 80s, Peter Hujar photographed New York and its underground elite - and was there when Aids began to take its toll. Musician Antony Hegarty pays tribute to an unsung master.

Excerpt: In September a Lithuanian transsexual won a case at the European Court of Human Rights over claims that he has been blocked from completing his gender transition. ... The seven judges also ruled that Lithuania must implement new legislation on gender reassignment within three months or pay damages.

'Ranbir makes me swoon'
Bobby Darling's case is that of a woman's soul trapped in the man's body. She (that's how Bobby prefers to be addressed) is desperately trying to break free, but there's still sometime before she actually goes for a sex change operation.

Transgenders come out, take up AIDS fight
According to the latest UN figures, nearly 2.5 million men and women are HIV positive.
But these figures have overlooked transgender people. And the very reason that they face social discrimination makes it difficult to spread awareness about the disease among them. But that hasn't stopped a determined few to take the initiative.

Lawsuit challenges gender law for schools
Citing fears of predators in bathrooms and teachers muzzled for promoting traditional families, a religious-liberties group filed a lawsuit yesterday challenging a new state law that changes the way "gender" is defined in schools.
California pro-family group sues Gov. Schwarzenegger over 'genderbender' bill
A non-profit legal organization has filed a federal lawsuit challenging what many say is a new definition of gender by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[USA] [News/Science/Healthcare]
More Young Americans Are Contracting HIV
In the 26 years since scientists first spotted AIDS in America, millions of dollars have been poured into outreach efforts aimed at keeping young people clear of HIV, the virus that causes the disease.

Transgender Woman In Trouble Again
A woman who was living as a man that got in trouble in Hamilton County earlier this year is facing new charges in west Tennessee.

Judge rejects motion to dismiss transgender discrimination case
A federal judge late Wednesday denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit charging that the Library of Congress engaged in sex discrimination by refusing to hire a transgender women as an anti-terrorism expert despite her recognized qualifications for the job.

The courage to make a life-altering change
"Always expect the unexpected" read the saying beside Steve Stanton's photo in the Ellenville High School yearbook, Class of 1977.

In a Progressive State, a City Where Gay Life Hangs by a Thread
Excerpt: Kira Henry, too, has felt fear. Ms. Henry, 20, who is transgender, is taking a cooking class. When she walks to school in the morning, she said, she tries to look straight ahead and meet the inevitable taunts and catcalls with a forced smile. But when the bottles and bricks fly, she said, she knows how to fight — or sprint in six-inch heels.
"If you beat me up or shoot me," she said, "I'm still going to be me."

[Commentary] Gender-based discrimination is a gay issue
Activists question civil rights law omission