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quarta-feira, novembro 28, 2007

Transvestite murder appeal
DETECTIVES investigating the murder of a transvestite found strangled in her home released pictures of the victim today.
Photo: Strangled... Kellie Telesford

Let me lead a normal life
A WOMAN about to embark on the rest of her life as a man has appealed to the people of Bahrain for acceptance.
Bahraini Zainab Abdulhafed Rabie will leave for Thailand on Thursday for her final sex change operation.
Government will pay for sex change op
The Bahrain government will pay for a woman's sex change operation in Thailand, it emerged yesterday.
Zainab Abdulhafed Rabie will fly out on Thursday to undergo surgery next Sunday.
Gulf authorities to pay for gender reassignment
The Bahraini government has agreed to pay for a trans person to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Thailand.

LGBTs in Asia Face Criminalization
Excerpt: Just like access to health services particularly related to sexual and reproductive health, procedures related to legalizing sex changes need to be simplified.

Riverdale OKs runoff despite allegations of fraud
The Riverdale City Council voted unanimously Monday to move forward with a runoff election despite a pending lawsuit asking a judge to halt the race.
Riverdale runoff Dec. 4 despite transgender lawsuit
The Riverdale City Council voted unanimously Monday to approve holding its runoff election on Dec. 4 despite a pending lawsuit claiming openly transgender council member Michelle Bruce lied about her gender.

"Fighting transphobia"
Middle and high school students being trained on how to promote “gender identity activism” in schools

A step forward
A transgender woman was shot and robbed in Baltimore in October and police have yet to find the culprit. This crime highlights the violence transgender people face daily and provides extra incentive to attempts at the university to address transgender rights.

Breaking: Last Two Transgender Members On HRC's Business Council Resign
In Early October, Donna Rose resigned from the Human Rights Campaign's Board of Directors. That was bad news; the HRC's commitment to transgender inclusion and transgender equality were put into question when their only transgender board member resigned.

[Commentary] Bill does not offer enough protection