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sábado, novembro 24, 2007

A forty-year-old trans woman has been found dead at her home in south-east London, according to reports.
Kayiode Dexter Telesford, who had been living for several years under the name of Kellie Telesford, died of strangulation at her home on Leander Road in Thornton Heath.
A transexual has been found strangled at a home in Thornton Heath.
It is believed Kellie Telesford, whose body was found at a house in Leander Road, had been living as a woman for several years.

A DRAG queen has told how he suffered months of abuse from a `neighbour from hell'.

A former European pole vault medallist has decided to quit the sport, possibly to pursue a sex change operation.
Yvonne Buschbaum said that a persistent achilles tendon injury and a feeling that she was "emotionally in the wrong body" have contributed to her decision to end her career.

A transgender, Sonia Pavaya, will contest the Gujarat Assembly polls from Shahpur constituency in Ahmedabad which goes to polls in the second phase on December 16.

All I wanted from this country was to live as a man.