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domingo, novembro 18, 2007

[Pakistan] [Blog/Commentary]
Another Supreme Court
Excerpt: Shahzina Tariq and Shamail Raj’s appeal to the Supreme Court to dismiss the High Court decision sentencing them to jail for three years for perjury.

Transgender to campaign for gender justice in education
A 28-year-old transgender who was forced to grow up as a boy and who is now aspiring to be a television host in Tamil Nadu is campaigning for gender justice in education.

Remember Those Who Have Fallen
Nakia Ladelle Baker died in January in Tennessee as a result of blunt force trauma to the head. Keittirat Longnawa was beaten by nine youths in Thailand, who then slit her throat. In March, Moira Donaire was stabbed five times by a street vendor in Chile. The body of Michelle Carrasco was discovered in a pit in Chile, her face unrecognisable.

Students observe National Transgender Day of Rememberance
Students and local residents remembered victims of murders motivated by anti-transgender hatred during a service in the University Chapel yesterday evening.

Vigil stresses education, peace
The University of Wisconsin's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center held a candlelight vigil Thursday night to remember those who have died from anti-transgender violence.

Office honors transgender victims with ceremony
Lauren Adamski has been dating a transgender individual for three years.
Her partner appears masculine but has a feminine name. When her partner's name is called in public - when picking up a prescription, for example - people assume that it belongs to Adamski. Of course, the assumption is wrong and causes confusion and strange looks.

Day of Remembrance vigils
In addition to Boston, several other communities across the state will mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance next week.

Remembering the marginalized
To honor Transgender Day of Remembrance, HERO held a panel discussion on transgender issues followed by a screening of "Boys Don't Cry'" and a question-and-answer discussion session at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Jepson Wolff Auditorium.

Holland teen to be memorialized
The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance in metro Detroit today for those killed because of anti-transgender hatred will recognize a transgendered Holland youth who recently committed suicide, organizers say.

[OH, USA] [PR/Events]
Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil
Columbus, Ohio – Local and statewide organizations announce the 9th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil.

Transgender Day of Remembrance
This isn't a movie. A two hour feature where lipstick is applied, stereotypes glimmer in cheap sequins, and the violent death scene is cut away just before the first blow. No, transgender violence can't be described in a feature film.

Sultry Blond On ABC Show Is Hawaii Transgender
Local actress and transgender woman Candis Cayne is heating up the small screen on the ABC TV show "Dirty Sexy Money."

Montgomery County approves trans bias bill
Montgomery County has approved a law that bars discrimination against transgender residents and workers, overcoming objections raised by several conservative groups.
MontCo transgender bill challenged
A bill banning discrimination against transgender people in Montgomery County is facing a court challenge.

SF to issue ID cards to transgender people
San Francisco has tentatively approved a program to provide identification cards to illegal immigrants, transgender people and other residents who may be unable or unwilling to get a state-issued driver's license.

ENDA debate spices up Black Tie
[Commentary] Putting the T in LGBT
Trans activists mad over ENDA
[Commentary] Infighting: ENDA


  • At 20 novembro, 2007 22:49, Anonymous T. Trist said…

    In addition to memorializing the people lost to senseless hate and violence, I would like to honor the women and men who courageously live their lives in truth everyday.

    It makes me so angry that much of the hate and degredation against the GLBT community is embraced by religion!

    Everyone in our community should know that there's a documentary film soon to be released about two lesbian women who set out to fight against religious bigotry by posing as a straight couple in an evangelical church... and they have proof.

    You can see Faith of the Abomination movie trailer on YouTube, or go directly to


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